Food for thought – The Communist cause a Caucasian cull

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

As we are seeing, the trendy Trots touting the “Kill all white people” mantra, are continuing to carry out subversive strategies around world.

Notably there has been concerted efforts by these proto-Marxists to stalk individual patriots and infiltrate nationalist organisations so as to discredit and disrupt what they call “counter-revolutionary” action.

These rent-a-radical programmes are being funded by globalist financiers like George Soros, the Ford foundation and the Rockefellers so as to wage an overt and covert offensive against White Westerners.

Their agenda is to activate a race-war that is reminiscent of the extermination of 65 million White Christians, as carried out in the last century by the Bolsheviks.

While opposition to their genocidal aims has been vastly assisted thanks to the internet, their tyrannical puppets have begun handing over centralised control of the Web to the United Nation’s global governance.

Food for thought.