Food for thought – How the “dark heart” constitutionalist cut Clinton’s throat

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Over the last week I have immensely enjoyed reading responses from teary Trotsky toddlers who’re wrestling with the question:

How did Donald “literally Hitler” Trump beat us?

For these precious little snowflakes, Hillary Clinton’s monumental loss has been bewildering. She had endorsements coming from Obama, foreign world leaders, the Hollywood elite, the mainstream media, Bernie Sanders, all former living U.S. presidents and various establishment power-brokers.

Hillary, who was bankrolled by multi-national banks, mega-corporations, Muslim-majority nations, internet companies, George Soros, Warren Buffet and a myriad of PACs (soliciting donations through front-groups), had pretty much tried to rig every available route to the White House. But as we know she failed miserably.

Ironically, one of the primary voices of dissent that helped bring about her demise was the vigilant veteran independent media operator Alex Jones, who Clinton characterised as a “dark-heart conspiracy theorist”. Jones, and his team at Infowars, acted as both the stone being launched from Donald Trump’s sling at the globalist Goliath’s head, and the sword which continues to hack away at its condescendingly corrupt neck.

Hillary’s perpetually offended minions have been further perplexed as to how Alex Jones (someone who has long been mocked by their Machiavellian Marxist media machine as a “kook bankrolled by supplements”) could be taken seriously.

Jones and his team had not changed their narrative or strategy, which deconstructed the assault from mentally-ill loyalists of the globalists. In fact the outright batsh-t lunacy being carried out by Hillary’s perpetually offended minions were what fulfilled Infowars prophetic broadcasting and help drive the Trump train to victory.

What further reinforced the integrity of Infowars above that of the globalist mainstream media (whose consumer base was less than 6% of Americans by the end of the campaign), is that Jones himself would go head-to-head with opponents on the street (something I couldn’t see Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner doing for their media outlets).

Ultimately, Infowars’ call for a constitutional revival of less government, lower taxes and freedom from tyranny (i.e., political correctness and world government) resonated more with blue-collar Americans than the tripe being solicited by the bogus “working-class warriors” (who, in reality, were largely impulsive idiots who’d never worked a day in their life and merely invoked “the worker” as a means to hoodwink voters).

Food for thought.


  • Salome

    I don’t think I’m alone in thinking this, but I’ve been musing on Hillary’s post-loss behaviour. I’ll ignore the unproven allegations of a meltdown and concentrate on what we know for sure–she didn’t make a concession speech on the night, and she has since said that the loss threw her into such a depression that she thought she’d never again leave the house. That’s not the attitude of someone who’s played for the highest prize and come second. It’s the attitude of someone who was making a bid for survival and lost. She knows she’s lost more than merely the presidency for this term, and I think what she knows is that the whole Clinton-Soros machine has lost its hold on power. Things were so cosy until Trump came along.

    • Skoboe

      Except Soros’ main interest in it all is political instability, even if just for a day…he is a currency trader who would have made billions in the few days after Brexit and Trumps win. He funds these radical groups under the banner of altruism, but in reality they are just doing his dirty work and ultimately swelling his coffers further. When will the penny drop with these clowns?

  • Hayden Brennan

    keep sticking it to them Ryan

  • Trog

    Nailed it!