Food For Thought – Detoxing From The Decadence Of Facebook

All hail our totalitarian Facebook overlords.  Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Following a very hu-White working Christmas and New Year, which has seen a new romantic interest enter my life, the sons of whores over at Facebook have finally got around to disabling my primary account.

Readers who have been following me for a while know that I am no friend of the platform, but thanks to its censorship I genuinely doubt the White fight will be stopping anytime soon.

Perhaps it was my New Year’s resolution post for a “Whiter brighter future”, or perhaps it was my critique of U.S.S.R style criminalisation of “Anti-Semitism” as being counter intuitive to White goyim interests, but we should expect nothing less from Comrade Cuckerberg by now.

Mark Zuckerberg (who has banished references to comments made by Facebook’s Former first President Sean Parker about the predatory nature of Zuck’s company exploiting dopamine vulnerability in human psychology) is a testament to his toxic tenacity to solicit smut as free speech while censoring political dissent that exposes certain greedy, manipulative, back-stabbing, hand wringing ways.

Oy vey, the goyim know. Better shut it down.

As Facebook’s algorithms are continuing to run interference with content from The Daily Stormer, Christopher Cantwell, Fash the Nation, The Right Stuff, Red Ice, Occidental Observer, and a host of other prominent Alt Right sources, the platform (as it always has) serves only to instil devotion to Brain AIDS.

Thus, your fellow Alt-Right fashy goy shitlord will not be re-enlisting on the black bloc forum of Facebook. Instead I’ll be dedicating more time to my encrypted chats via alternative forums.

Hail Victory and f-ck Facebook!

Damn, that’s some fine alternatives right there!
  • belt fed 7.62mm

    The demise of Facebook will be a wonderful day.

  • Ryan, good to see you back.
    I was wondering if one day you might group together, on a website, your excellent illustrations and memes ?
    They certainly deserve a wider audience.

    You’ll feel better for leaving Fakebook, I’m sure.
    Probably you’ll need a detox to rid yourself of the Zuckerburger virus.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      Thank-you brother Justin, it is good to be back and off jewbook. I’ve been inundated with nightshifts this last fortnight, whilst balancing my love life.

      Definitely interested in branching out with the content though!

  • Mattys Modern Life

    By becoming censorious and against free speech Facebook have essentially made themselves a useless platform.

    It serves no valuable function in society at all and needs to die.

  • Noachideous

    Australian De-Platforming ….. Terror Forming 26 … the Earth.
    Dr Ebola of the OHPI 48 leads the charge in the de-platforming and silencing of all who refuse to participate in his “religion”. Even to the extent of attempting to use and enlist Government in an unconstitutional and unlawful manner…… as a component in forcing his religion on others not quite so “cHoZen”.
    The initial gematria of OHPI summing to 48 exists for the same reason its is suspected that the product of FDB , or FightDemBack …. amounts to 48… The number 48 in senary is represented by 120, summing in esoteric terms to 60 or EL 5 12. Both are/were assets of a foreign Theocracy that is attempting to reduce Australian to the status of a raceless noahide, who have Nothing to discern them as being different from each other, as much as the noahide, reduced to a state of ignorant bestiality, has no incentive to discern the immutable Truth from FalseHood.
    Opposing this outcome according to Ebola, represent “hatred and bigotry” … at least.

    • Ryan Fletcher

      (((OHPI))) is an excellent example of kikery in action.

      • Noachideous

        That action is mostly of the Frenzied variety. Although it tries to pass itself of as a charity struggling for funds, the reality by its origins is that it has effectively unlimited funding. It believes it has a Divine right to target YT people for matters of race and religion in Oorstraelia, for religious non-compliance.
        My inactive Gab account has been making a few suss jewel oorstraelien ?(((freindz))) lately. It most likely amounts to the usual threatening,”we’re watching you” behaviour. Having already had the israeli art peddlers around my personal residence, again for the fact of religious non-compliance, itz nothing new, and such things should be viewed as a death threats, the punishment of religious non-compliance in the rabbinical texts. It happens with the full assent of the Australian Government, who are complicit in it.
        Being murdered by Uncle Bully jews is not the worst the jew can do to you. Being turned by jews so the one collaborates with jews in the destruction of his own racial kin … is the worst the jew can do to you. It amounts to pissing on the graves of ones Ancestors.
        Any activist in these matters should make a public “No Suicide” statement of intent, as such suicidal behaviour is an act of cowardice and dereliction of duty.
        Consider my statement so made here…. should there ever be any suspicious (((accidents))) so to speak……..

        • Ryan Fletcher

          Duly noted brother and thank-you for your comments!

          • Noachideous

            A lot of offers for reproductive ? SEX 48 will come through 2. It is suspected that this is a function of the fact that most, or at least a few, perhaps even two, Specie EL jewesses has been known to wants a Nasty Baby with a view to improving the overall gene pool.

            How else does one interpret what appears to be a pictorial menu presentation featuring a bevy of Yiddische beauties wielding automatic weapons and images of magazines, once empty ? …. filled full with live rounds.

            Perhaps “Live Load” ….. schpank me… Shoshanna wants a measure of the Goyische Goanna….. No ? or is it at least one of any number of the horrible, hairy backed Heebesses Oboler der at Jews Against Face jism ?

            Gurls…. we is not in the least bit interested here…. in the Boinking of yr ever ready Bagels, and find the thought of it as attractive as buggering Milo’s…..That is ….. minus, negative …….. Infinity fkn Zero.

          • Noachideous

            Thanks for having us…. really…….. In fact a public note of appreciation to any who’ve posted comments, Renegade, Stormers, Rabbitz, Whitelaw, UNA, APH even JH18@DT420xNC420 and the SlackArsed’Tards, then ….. Majority Rights peoples… ummmm ….. and apologies to those missed, and a special note of thanks to the one who is known in the world of goyische Wizardry as “Man of Thongs” … over there at ETP .


        • Let’s hope you don’t die young….. in a mysterious car/plane crash, pollonium in your coffee, have a sudden heart attack, overdose or accidentally hang yourself or place your head in the microwave by mistake, or get shot by muggers.

          All of these unusual fatalities brought to you by you know (((who))).

  • Xero

    Not on zio-book, never will be.

  • Noachideous
    The above…. for Mainstream Christians …. The catholic, protestant and other mundane churches have abandoned Racial Europeans to raceless noahidism and the tenders mercies of the jews. Examine the twitter accounts of Maurice Pinay for the evidence.
    The behaviour of the prevailing pope is nothing less than repellent. If the races are represented as branches on a Tree with different time lines, destinys and stages of development, then it appears to be the desire of those who covet global governance to hack off these identifiably different racial branches until only universal stump remains ….. and then to have that poisoned as well.
    Those needful things who covet celebrity and dominion over others are generally regarded as compensating for something or other, and in that, not suited to the role of sincere leadership…. THEY …have become life force feeders of one sort or another.

  • Cate., more and merrier every day. On ya mate.

  • Ryan Fletcher
  • Hayden Brennan

    my facebook feed has been much poorer the past couple of weeks.