Food For Thought – Don’t Kowtow To Commie Calls To Disavow


Thank God for Senator Fraser Anning’s political pitbull persona. The man doesn’t kowtow to communists calls to disavow roman salutes when the Sudanese (who make up 0.1% of Victoria) are responsible for more than 8% of the violent crime in this state.

Any fragile little parliamentary poonce calling Fraser Anning a “racist” needs a helicopter ride.

Never forget, communists are all about soliciting certain actions, words, phrases, mannerisms or subjects that cause an avid RWDS supporter to become distracted by reacting to their counter intentional agenda.

This is why the dissident Right needs to flatten any item, word, phrase, subject or area that causes counter intentional responses or reaction (i.e. reactions that get a rise out of you). As soon as you give serious oxygen to a commie’s cry of “racist”, “nazi” or whatever else they’re throwing around, you’ve succeeded in letting them win the battle.

This is why you have to invert their aversion, and love being hated by these freaks! Mockingly mirror the Bolshevik bastards batshit insanity and never apologise for it. Take it from the guy who authored the booklet Trading HEMP for Hitler (the title of which was expropriated from a barb thrown my way by the head honcho of the Australian ANTIFA) and got America’s top White Nationalist entertainer / pundit to do the audiobook.

Do you think if former Prime Minister John Howard had apologized to the aborigenes in his first term, when establishment Green Left scum baited him into it, he’d have become the second longest serving prime minister of Australia?

Food For Thought.

To obtain your FREE copy of Trading HEMP for Hitler link to the audiobook (as read by Political Pundit and Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell) or e-mail us at

  • Repeal fake marriage

    I like it! Never apologise (or back down) to commie perverts.

    • Ryan

      Hear hear mate! When they throw lemons at you turn those lemons into citrus mace and spray the fuckers in the eyes until they spew.

  • John Sheppard

    Posted this in another article, but this time more relevant to the topic! Definitely worth the read to understand the process of turning a free country into a communist country (or in the middle east, an islamic country).

    • Ryan

      Very apt piece mate! The looming evil of communism is on our doorstep, and we need to repel it with every fiber of our being!

      • Bucky Redux

        From the article John linked to:

        “Communism can be characterized by a single word: deception.
        Communists never disclose their real intentions. They are fraudsters
        who employ different identities, names and slogans, all for one goal:
        totalitarian enslavement.”

        It certainly describes the white ( Red ! ) anting that media organisations like the ABC have been orchestrating for decades. It’s a slow creep, Communism by a thousand cuts, as our society meekly surrenders to the Cultural Marxism bit by bit.

        ABC = Australian Bolshevik Communists.

        The fifth column ABC has, for many years, aired lots of programs discussing Marxism and Communism.

        • Ryan

          Absolutely, and this same process is replicated throughout all institutions, whether it be schooling, health, arts, commerce, corrections or government. We need to be always willing to double down against the communist cancer!

  • Bucky Redux
  • Jamie Blank

    One of your better articles Ryan.

    • Ryan

      Thanks Jamie

  • Ryan

    Get fucked Anthony Galloway! Any mouth-breather calling for Anning to repay this trip deserves to be culled like a rabid razorback!

  • Ryan

    Two notable things which John Howard and I have in common:
    1. We’ve both been called “Nazis”
    2. We were born on the 26th of July (same day and name of Castro’s movement that overthrew Batista).

    Death to the Bolsheviks!

    #communism #nazis #Nationalism #ausfam #auspol

    • Noachideous

      You’re making him uncomfortable there R …. He seems to know that you know what he’s been up to in leading his own kith and kin to a kosher …. slaughter house.

  • Jai_Normosone

    As is the way of the Left… the practice of labelling someone as something offensive to them is a way of controlling the discussion. As soon as you go on the defensive, they are in control.
    My practice, for many years, has been that if someone called me a name as a means of insult, I would give them a picture of what that really looked like.
    Now, and I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, is, should I be called a Nazi or Racist or something along those lines – male or female – the response will be a swift punch in the mouth (with the intention of loosening teeth and maybe breaking a nose).
    I’d like to see how smug they are at controlling the discussion when that happens.

    • Ryan

      Talking from experience the Far-Left in this country have been calling me a “Jung Facho” as far back as I was expressing milquetoast conservative sentiment. When they started calling me a “Nazi” and attempted to get me fired from my job and threatening my family with violence I doubled down and took up the moniker as a way of displaying no fear to their attempts to destroy me. While they’ve succeeded in having me blacklisted from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and all those other cucky platforms, they’ve only helped drive greater support to me IRL. I welcome their future attempts of gaslighting people against me, because not even killing this cartoonist is going to help them LOL