Food for thought – To draw or not to draw? That is the question

Graphic edited by Ryan Fletcher
Graphic edited by Ryan Fletcher

Most folk with a sense of humour would know cartoons are usually intended to provoke a response by visually taunting the topic in question.

However there are certain folk in this world who seem to have little to no sense of humour, and are triggered by the most trivial of taunting (so much so that they will issue death threats, physical assaults or even murder as a response).

For example ever since the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 editorial cartoons on 30th September 2005, (most of which depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad), merely drawing a cartoon of Muhammad has become a death sentence (just ask Charlie Hebdo or those artists exhibiting works at the Curtis Culwell Center attacks).

Hence why I am reluctant to draw Muhammad, but am happy to draw “The Revelator” Holy Harold.

But even those precious little snowflakes passing themselves off as “revolutionaries of the working-class” (while mummy and daddy pay their university fees for them) seem to struggle to suppress their rage anytime their hyper-offended psychosis flares up.

For example, back in April when I’d attended this modest protest (which saw me sent to hospital), the masked Lefties responsible for the attack subsequently justified their assault by pointing to this cartoon and poem I wrote (marked satire).

Though I’m aware it’s not going to be winning the Mary Gilmore Prize anytime soon, it’s hardly a rational justification for hospitalizing someone.

While some Leftist commentators say they’re scared because of cherry-picked public opinion, other conservative commentators are having to relocate their families because of death threats.

With some prominent politicians (eg. Pauline Hanson, Geert Wilders, Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen) requiring around the clock protection because of certain proto-Marxist Islamofascist zealots, is it any wonder why no-one cares about commie crocodile tears?

Food for thought.