Food For Thought – Expelling Subversion


XYZers, allow me to start off this write-up with a Jeopardy style ‘answer as a question’ to the statement:

The feminist daughter of “a Yiddish-speaking jewelry store worker and socialist trade union activist” who’s “Federal employee” job title changes with her subversion, as she frames Republicans for crimes they didn’t commit, on behalf of the DNC…

And people wonder why Poland do stuff like this:

Consider the fact that tens of millions of White Christians were exterminated by a certain “proletariat dictatorship” overseen by an 85% Jewish administration.

Reflect too on these wise words put forth by American author and advocate Tom Kawczynski as to how we push back against /our/ “shared enemies”:

Food For Thought.

Trading HEMP for Hitler is a booklet about a former functionally physiocratic agent of the British Empire and dedicated Shabbos Goy with an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from Sequoia University turned pan-Aryan zealot, praising kek five times per day while studying for his Doctorate in Zionology at /pol/ University. To redeem your FREE e-booklet copy email a request to

  • Addelad

    Funnily enough, the crazed anti-Jewish theme of this post would have gone down well in Stalinist USSR – so much for the “85% Jewish administration” nonsense written above. A cursory awareness of 20th Century Russian history should be enough to treat this kind of commentary with the risible disdain it deserves.

  • fimbulwinter

    Another wall hitting #metoo bitch who wants her 15 minutes of fame and some free shekels.

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Doesn’t the 1st amendment of the U.S.A. give them freedom of speech even if it is a lie?

      • Ryan

        Jews are the masters of the big lie. Anytime anyone else gives it a go the Jews project the notion of the big lie upon them. If USA had any balls they’d start hanging these (((subversives))) for treason like they used to do.

        • Bucky Redux

          Sound advice: Always do the opposite of what a Jew tells you.

  • Bucky Redux

    Subversion comes in many forms.

    The US Congress/Senate/House of Reps is riddled with members who have dual citizenship with……..Israel. Great many of them are deeply corrupt Democrats.

    Look at the pain they are inflicting on the US at present.
    The USA is Israels pimp slapped bitch, hopefully that will change very soon.

  • sadsak

    Why is she(Ford) not being prosicuted because she was an adult(18) at this so called rapefest conducted by teens?

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • clemilf

    Glad to be a Genital….

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Which one of 53?