Food For Thought – Gaming Against Globohomo


Earlier this week the lying legacy globalist media was kvetching over an Atari-style computer game called Angry Goy II, which is currently being marketed to “White males who have had it with bullshit”:

Pro-White political pundit Christopher Cantwell, who is offering the game via his website, was revelling in the free publicity being generated by these blue check mark Bolsheviks on Twitter and Facebook:

For these anti-White talking heads to cry about an edgy computer game while their black bloc minions strike us with initiatory violence in real life, makes headlines like these self-fulfilling prophecy

As ‘So To Speak’ host Jared Howe would say “Our speech is violence, their violence is speech”. Hence the ANTIFA axiom of ‘hospitalise hateful humourists’ by sending them to the morgue before they hurt some degenerate’s feelings.

Perhaps XYZ should seriously start looking at launching Far Out 5: F-ck Off We’re Full Edition already?

Food For Thought.

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  • Repeal fake marriage

    Assassinating pixelated globohomos? I’m in. I’ll have the fully automatic baseball bat thank you.

  • fimbulwinter

    Fun game!

  • Ryan

    Appreciate #Jmedia sharing my blog post via their site, Hopefully some #Jews in #Australia take the time to read it #auspol #ausfam #DingoTwitter #DingoGab

  • So now Cantwell (and GAB) will sucker thousands of young gullibles into downloading a program onto their device?

    GAB is already handing over chat records, with no public mention of a warrant requiring it do so.

    Cantwell has cooperated with the FBI and doxed a leading AltRight figure who was (imo) correctly arguing against further public attendances/marches that would end in ZOG targeting and disaster for young American patriots.

    The FBI is now chasing people who attended Charlottesville even though the event occurred over a year ago, and they were attending a legitimate public event for which a permit had been granted. These people are being arrested and held in prison. Much time has been spent identifying them.

    You know those morons that worship celebrity? They’re not just people on the progressive side of things.

    • Ryan

      Firstly Cantwell didn’t dox Ricky Vaughn (aka Douglas Mackay) Paul Nehlen did, after it was discovered that this guy Mackay was seeking to mass dox /ourguys/ as well as instigate factional infighting. Fuck him!

      Cantwell’s cooperation with the FBI had to do with the fact he was under indictment and was supplying proof that he was not part of a “criminal conspiracy” which was being alleged, as well as identifying ANTIFAs who assaulted /ourguys/. He also has been one of the few public figures assisting /ourguys/ who’ve been locked up on decade long bullshit charges.

      • Minging

        ‘Our guys’ oh Fletcher you make me laugh… you’re a one-man army off your keyboard. Judging by your velcro top… there’s plenty of non white national in your genes, which only makes your ‘try-hard’, faux-load Yiddish all the more hilarious. You’re just a few notches up from the likes of Toby Cook and Shermon Burgess… the only difference being you can ‘draw’.

        • Ryan

          LOL… Minging you mamzer maggot, not sure if that Tel Aviv sun has given you heatstroke or you’re suffering from a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia (like the rest of your tribe) but you’re as incoherent as a meth addicted shemale. Maybe go swing a couple more chickens over your head and cheer “mazel tov” while the Rabbi gets his metzitzah b’peh on.