Food For Thought – Gavin McInnes Quits Proud Boys And Claims “White Nationalists Don’t Exist”


Gavin McInnes, the alt-lite talking head who once co-founded VICE News, worked for Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media and is the Founder of The Proud Boys, “reluctantly” quit The Proud Boys on Wednesday, citing legal reasons brought to him by his lawyers and police.

I’m not going to fault Gavin on distancing himself from his multi-ethnic “pro-Western” fraternity of Proud Boys, but to have the hutzpah to claim “White Nationalists don’t exist” when White Nationalists established the bloody occident is just obnoxious.

NEWSFLASH: Not only do White Nationalists exist Gavin, but I’m one of them.

Heck, Gavin McInnes has interviewed plenty of White Nationalists on his show, such as Richard Spencer (National Policy Institute), Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) and Christopher Cantwell (Radical Agenda).

The only people who would say White Nationalists don’t exist are homosexual Jews like Milo Yiannopoulos (whom McInnes made out with in Orlando) and former executive chairman of Breitbart News Steve Bannon who has told ethno-nationalists to “go f-ck themselves”:

Food For Thought.

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  • Taipan

    “White Nationalists don’t exist” that statement is basically true in Europe. In Europe one is a Polish Nationalist, Swedish Nationalist, Bulgarian Nationalist etc. White Nationalists seem to be a feature in America and other settler nations.

    • Ryan

      True. Australia was originally marketed in this fashion. Hence McInnes is deliberately talking BS when he states this. Its cucky virtue signalling for his CivNat fans, thus swinging the overton window back towards the Cultural Marxists.

    • Bucky Redux

      I think that in the US, the “White Nationalists” rather refer to themselves as Patriots.
      They see their once proud Republic and Constitution being debased, swallowed up and destroyed by, most recently, 8 years of Obama NWO Marxist fuckery which continues to this day.

  • Ryan

    Bannon is looking to import his (((CivNat populism))) to Europe, so all those African and middle Eastern “New arrivals” can be brought into the fold. Fucking sick!

    • Jamie Blank

      I like your attitude Ryan. Not that I agree with some of what you write. You’ve got a good attitude nonetheless.

      • Ryan

        Well thanks Jamie, I’ll take that as a compliment.

    • Bumpstock

      Bannon has come out before and called himself a Christian Zionist, despite being a Catholic, who are supposed to believe in Replacement Theology, ergo, the current terror-state of Israel is a fake one. I don’t think people like Bannon or even Trump have the best interests of whites at heart, perhaps I think they are controlled opposition.

      • Noachideous

        Do some research on the nihilistic direction taken by the Episcopalian Church…..

        The Secured Ambition of that particular Church can only be to give effect to the noahidiotic replacement of its European congregation.

        De-Racination is a necessary precursor to the prostration that is Noahidiocy.

        It would appear to have fallen further into the multicultural mire in the 10 years since this below.

        The odds are that it will eventually begin to disintegrate, then cease to exist

        • Bucky Redux

          maybe it’s not New World Order, but Noahide World Order ?
          Under Obama, 30,000 guillotines, 500,000 body bags and huge amounts of ammunition were ordered. Why ?
          Answer : Christians and non Jews were to be guillotined and all body organs harvested.
          Any thoughts, Noachideous ?

          • Noachideous

            All I see and smell in judasism and the words that hemorrhage from its political orifii…. is the ugliness of deception …..and its lust for the stench of decomposing bodies….. of those not so easily deceived and who, as a rational and defiant consequence refuse to kneel so as to lick the feet of the jews who appear to imagine themselves as ….. the one and only ……. singular incarnation of the Divine.

            It is a puke religion .. that demands the subjugation or murder of other sentient entities as a symbolic, temporal testament to its macabre and demented interpretation of ….rat fucked ….. magnificence.

            The failure is not with the ‘goyim’ … but with the jews… who have …. and continue to deceive … imperfectly.

            The noahide world is the degenerate world of snitching and self regulating rat fukkery where each noahide sniveller attempts to feed the other to the maschine … first .. in order to survive just a little longer.

            UN dead noahide zombies.


  • Jamie Blank

    I like Gavin. His attitude is great.

    “White Nationalists don’t exist” – when your god is shown to be a false god, you’ll no longer believe in it. This is what leftist have attempted to do to Christianity with their attacks via science.

    Economic-nationalism is the future, not ethno-nationalism. People need something to believe in and look forward to, as you’d know religion often fills this void. Ethno-nationalism is not as effective as Economic-nationalism. Ethno-nationalism heads down similar paths to that of religious systems with rigid dogma. Economic-nationalism allows for a type of fluidity that is not provided in dogmatic systems.

    • Ryan

      Jamie the Jew I am happy to ship a plethora of brown bottom-end Bell Curve personages into your cuck (((economic nationalist))) society, and will gladly take all your unwanted White people. That way I get my ethno-state and you get your economic migrants who’ve been oppressed by Whitey.

      • Jamie Blank

        The bottom end bell curves are so stupid that they’re oppressing themselves… while they’re encouraged to breed. The best (final) solution for them is to infect them with an ideology analogous to feminism which rewards them for masturbating themselves into non-existence. Slavery is another option to civilly control these bottom enders, although, the economic gains they bring fights against their removal from existence.

        • Ryan

          Bottom enders are already enslaved via debt. I still fail to see how anti-racial “economic nationalism” incentivises eugenic breeding. I know some affluent folks who’re some of the most shit-tier examples of biological matter.

        • Bucky Redux

          I suggest we get together at Wannsee and have a conference about these superfluous bottom end peoples.
          The Useless Eaters Question, I call it.
          So Surely, we can come up with a final solution ?

    • Bucky Redux

      Economic-Nationalism, nah.
      World economies are so interlinked now,that it’s too late to go back to that model.
      Ethno State for me…Whites only, everyone else can fuck off back to MultiKulti paradise with the goatfuckers, pronto.

  • Taipan
    • Ryan

      Great video mate!

  • Bumpstock
  • Bucky Redux

    Gavin McInnes, so he quit when the going got a bit tough. Coward.
    Better he quits now if he hasn’t got the guts to fight tooth and nail for his convictions.
    His wife and kids were upset that the neighbours didn’t like them ! Jesus Christ.
    FBI scared the shit out of him by the sound of it. Soyboy.

  • fimbulwinter

    civic nationalist cucks be like “Yay! Western values with zero western people”

  • People have been pickled in bullshit for so long they no longer recognise the truth mate.

  • Bumpstock

    (((Ezra Levant))) owns Rebel Media? Controlled opposition?