Food for Thought – Impeachment Impossible

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

(((Brad Sherman))), the Russian Jewish Democrat for California’s 30th congressional district, and Al Green the Democrat for Texas’s 9th congressional district (and former Houston President of the NAACP) formally introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump for firing that scumbag James Comey.

As utterances about impeaching God-Emperor Trump have been rattling around the regressive echo chamber since April 2016 (which was one month prior to Trump securing the Republican nomination and seven months prior to Trump winning the election), one would be right in assuming the charge lacks congruity.

With Hillary Clinton in the cross-hairs for Federal prosecution and the Trump-Russia Fake News kookspiracy having flatlined, one can almost smell the stench of desperation in this Democrat ruse.

With the stock market roaring, employment statistics soaring and the border wall MOARing the MAGA mantra to greater heights, I’d say the Democrat dullards have about as much chance getting Trump impeached as I have at colonising Mars in three years.

Food for thought.

  • There aren’t enough special prosecutors or FBI agents in the entire USA to investigate all illegal acts committed by criminal lefty Democrats in the last few years.
    Hillary’s illegal closet email server/voter fraud/illegal wiretaps by Bath House Barry/Pizzagate / Clinton Foundation/murder of Seth Rich, for example,etc, etc.
    Trump has nothing to worry about.

    Can’t Stump the Trump !

  • Ralphy

    Best President imho in my lifetime. That just for his Paris Treaty lob. Lots more good stuff to follow!

    His treatment of the MSM is exquisite too. Chris Uhlman’s psychobabble recently might be explained by a disagreeable side effect from a change in Chris’ current medication. If not he’s in serious strife negotiating the real world.

    • entropy

      I think most of Uhlman’s mental problems can be attributed to his employment at the ABC.

  • entropy

    The MSM isn’t just an enemy of the people, it’s an enemy of itself.

    Ever heard the parable The Boy who Cried Wolf? The liberal media is so invested in this dumbfuckery about Russia that it’s driving its own credibility over a cliff.

    Notwithstanding the usual lightweights who’ll believe anything that substantiates their conformation bias, people are starting to notice that none of the MSM’s breathless scaremongering ever manifests as an actionable scandal.

    By the time Trump is in his (now inevitable) second term, he’ll be able to party with Putin and grab pussies with impunity.

    • Ralphy

      I agree. Its campaign has gone past any effectiveness and is becoming comedic to the point of slapstick….but they still remain very dangerous yet and have the zombie-dead chanting their refrain.

      I hate the term paradigm shift because it just sounds wanky but Trump is generating many of them.

      His exposure of the MSM as total propagandists is long, long overdue and very welcome. If only the ABC would follow suit here in Oz with our own politicians being prepared to wield the budgetary axe. (0NP only one so far to my limited knowledge).

  • John Brown

    What a shame I’d like to invest in your Mars colony but the probability is too low for my investment benchmark.

  • Gregoryno6

    The best part of the Anti-Trump ‘resistance’ (ha ha ha) is that so much of it is centred in the Town of Make-Believe. Their oh so earnest videos were
    better entertainment than 99% of the crap they expect us to pay for!
    If Martin Sheen doesn’t round up some more friends for another celebrity PSA soon I’ll be going into withdrawals.