Food for Thought – Islamists Hate Vaccines

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Firstly, it should come as little surprise that Islamists hate vaccines. Seeing as these folk submit to a throw-back ideology that despises Western advances in education, research, medicine, law, commerce, science and innovation, should we really be surprised?

When I read reports such as this highlighting rampant sentiment amongst Islamist groups (reflective of some fringe hippie wingnuts espousing these views in the West also) that:

“polio vaccine is part of a Western (or U.S. or Jewish) conspiracy to sterilize all Muslims, or that Mossad or the CIA is orchestrating the campaign to kill Muslims outright,”

I get genuinely worried about the trajectory of public opinion in regards to the immunisation of children.

In contrast to countries under the thumb of radical Islamist rule, advanced nations like that of Israel see 95% of children get their recommended vaccinations.

Fact is, vaccines are a vitally important means to prevent or contribute to the prevention and control of preventable infections (and posting unsourced graphs, idiotic memes or articles from GreenMedInfo on social media is far from a rational rebuttal).

Food for thought.