Food For Thought – You Over Kosher Clown-World? #MeToo


You’ve only got to type “Trump” into the Google MSN “News” alerts to realise that headlines stacked against him fall only slightly short of allegations of torture against animals and babies.

If Feminism is cancer, Google is the bubonic plague.

Anywho, Trump has come out today stating what most of us fellas already know:

When you have some card-carrying Democrat Psych professor like Christine Blasey Ford who (according to her decade-long boyfriend who has spoken under penalty of perjury) never mentioned sexual assault, never mentioned Kavanaugh, know’s how to beat a polygraph and who cheated on him and committed fraud, then I can’t imagine why President Trump would infer something like this CNN:

With Julie Swetnick continuing to lie her soulless Socialist ass off:

As the organised Communist cabal pushes the hashtag #KillKavanaugh:

One can only wonder where Trump might go from here.

Food For Thought.

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  • Bucky Redux
  • Bucky Redux

    Not all the evil and guilty will be arrested and tried.
    So, it’s interesting to read the list of people resigning world wide:including Australia:
    No coincidences…..

    • Bikinis not Burkas

      Looks like a fake news site to me!

      The Australian Queensland Rail resignations were a result of the board voting massive bonus payments while disregarding massive underperformance!

      • Bucky Redux

        Look more at CEO resignations world wide, not the small fry.


    The fact that Ford, let alone (((Swetnick))) is unlikely to be prosecuted for her crimes indicates how weak and pathetic the GOP is even over someone as milquetoast as Kavanaugh.

    • Ryan

      Absolutely! The fact that Sessions and (((Rod Rosenstein))) are pursuing pro-White activists like the Rise Above Movement (RAM) while ostensibly giving cache blanche free license to violent communist rioters like ANTIFA shows that the GOP are f-cking useless. With confederate monuments being removed as quickly as statues of Lenin in the Ukraine, tech companies booting us from social media and payment processors, and minimal policy advancements I’m sceptical about President Trump’s capacity to wield power at this point


        Yup. For what it’s worth, while the Right Brand Clothing site only allows you to select the US as a billing address for the donation ‘stickers’, a Aussie credit card ran fine for me.

      • Bucky Redux

        But, is RR a white hat or a black hat ?
        I tend to think he is a black hat stooge.
        Mueller, I’m not sure.

        Ford and Swetnick and MSM shills will get their just desserts, I’m sure.
        But it all takes time.
        Sessions is dotting every i and crossing every t, to make sure that cases against these evil bastards are absolutely watertight.

        I don’t think power lies only with Trump.
        The US is in the trusty hands of the patriotic US Military, who are striving to save the Republic. This is a coup, a soft coup to prevent another Civil war.
        Trump is the store front spruiker for the normies.

        Many in the GOP are not standing for re election or are retiring.
        That speaks volumes in itself.

        I can’t wait for the 5 Eyes traitors to be outed.
        Including Australian traitors.
        Alexander Downer for one, and the dirty Brits, co-conspirators plotting to prevent Trump becoming President.

        Australia and UK recently pleaded with Trump not to declassify FISA, as it collapses the whole sordid mess of UK/Australian involvement.

        Trump has them by the balls, and is squeeeeeeeeezing hard !

        • Ryan

          I hope Trump squeeeeezes them til they pop mate!