Food for thought – The misfit march to amplify animosity

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Previously I’ve commented on a particular posse of pariahs called ANTIFA, who’re a particularly nasty bunch of paid-assailants leeching off the Soros subversion machine and various trades hall affiliated sponsors.

Only today I’ve heard of yet another attack being levelled against a patriotic Australian at their home by these masked “black bloc” wearing cowards, who threatened to harm and destroy the property of the individuals inside.

These useful idiots of the open border “kill whitey” cult, spend their dole-collecting days doing everything humanly possible to ruin the reputations, personal lives, and psyches of young and old who think Australia should be for Australians (which admittedly is a controversial concept for these quislings).

They proclaim they’re the “voice of the working-class”, yet appear to be very good at getting working-class Australians axed from their jobs (while vandalising businesses and property with swastikas and anarcho-punk symbols).

Crying foul anytime “reactionaries” hit back against them and their Green Left comrades, these impulsive low IQ degenerates appear perplexed as to why their force attracts a counterforce.

With their list of “enemies” growing by the day, and their deplorable antics directly contributing to the return of Pauline Hanson to the parliament I feel rather bemused at their self-imposed butthurt.

Food for thought.

  • Trog

    Beating people up, smashing things, threatening people, sacking workers, trashing businesses all eminently justifiable tactics for those having difficulty with foam-free, intelligible speech. Two year olds have been cornering this market for years.

    I can see Trigglypuff leading the charge, as if she fell, maximum structural devastation!

    Can’t wait for Aunty to have an expose/doco on this group of malcontents. In for a long wait I’m thinking except as a side bar to Pauline Hanson Shock Horror Episode12.

    ( PS love the mono!!!) 🙂

  • Karen Dwyer

    “Particular posse of pariahs” – ok, it doesn’t take much to hook me in, so long as there is a nice little piece of alliteration. :-)))))))

    But I’m glad you put in the link; that was a very interesting previous article that I’d missed. Thanks.

  • Phill S

    The Left are shooting themselves in the foot. The more they marginalise mainstream Australians the smaller their elitist group gets. More and more people are flocking to the likes of Hanson and Trump BECAUSE of leftist ideology. People are starting to reject the Left’s oppressive policies. Pauline Hanson is not a symptom of racism, it’s a result of people being pushed too far.

  • Johann

    Hmmm, Brownshirts anyone ?
    These self forming groups like ANTIFA seem like a modern day type of Sturm Abteilung, these thugs had an interesting evolution. From protecting Hitler and Nazi meetings, they became a very well organised group that intimidated many into silence.

    ANTIFA remind me of the Skinhead groups in Australia of the 70’s and 80’s who used to target Vietnamese immigrants and homosexuals using public toilets for trysts.
    It is ironic that ANTIFA is anti fascist, yet they employ the very elements of fascist violence to silence opponents. Extraordinary.

    What inspires (wrong word to use) youngsters to join these hate groups ?

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    On the 8th of December 2014 I attended an anti Mosque rally outside Penrith Council Chambers where the proponents had enlisted you guessed it ANTIFA with only 1 fat ugly Muslim women in attendance.
    I wish I could post a picture of their banner which had the words “No pride in Genocide” written across its’ 5 meter length with the crossed circle over the Southern Cross and the Swastika, (mixed messages here).
    What these uneducated indoctrinated youngsters haven’t researched is Muslim history.
    By placing the crossed circle over the Southern Cross they are saying that Australian values and freedom are no good.
    By placing the crossed circle over the Swastika they have shown their ignorance of the relationship betweem Hitler and the Muslims.
    Muslims are linked to genocide everywhere their number grow large enough!
    Afghanistan was once a Buddhist country.
    Pakistan was once Hindu and Sikh.

    By partnering with Islam you bring about the genocide of your own country.

    Resist Islam with every ounce of energy you have.

  • NiggerGoy

    Work? Oh goy you don’t want to do that, become a NEET, besides trading your labour for money just empowers the capitalist patriarchy pig-dogs and enslaves the worker goys goy!