Food for Thought – Multiculturalist Malcolm’s Mashugana Mindset

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Most folk who read my work know I’m no fan of Malcolm Turnbull and his liberal establishment cuckold cronies. In fact, ever since Malcolm mouthed off at Pauline Hanson as being not a welcome presence in the Australian political scene, I’ve pretty much written our pretentious PM off as a corrosive cosmopolitan creep.

When this diversity drag-queen reiterated his remarks back in late November of last year that Multiculturalism was more important than mining, I got the impression that the Greens Patron Saint was running the country.

But just in case you’re beginning to think comrade Turnbull’s multicultural masterplan is such a great idea, here’s a short smack-down from Stefan Molyneux as a rebuttal…

Food for thought.