Food For Thought – No Speech For Bold Men

Meme by Ryan Fletcher.

It appears Australia’s High Court has made it clear that cases pertaining to free speech for White Australians will not be heard in the highest court of the land. Nine News reports:

Far-right activist Blair Cottrell has had his bid to fight for “free speech” in the High Court knocked back but will continue his campaign in Victoria’s County Court.

Cottrell, who has links to a number of far-right organisations including the United Patriots Front, appeared in the country court appealing his conviction for inciting hatred, contempt and ridicule of Muslims after making a video beheading a dummy in protest of a Bendigo mosque.

After news that his High Court application had been dismissed, Cottrell’s lawyer John Bolton said he would argue in the County Court that there is “no such class of persons as Muslims” that could be offended by the video, given the variety among the Islamic faith.
Blair was noted as having said in the article:

“It’s being drawn out deliberately, I think, probably to see how much money we’ve got,” “I’m not going to give up.”

As someone who featured in an Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) 2018 Report, I find Blair’s tenacity to be a source of strength as the Rights of White Australians are thrown to the wind.

Considering the cultural enrichment of our immigration, at what point will normie Australian’s awaken from their globalist induced comas and start standing up in defiance of this cancer?

Food For Thought.

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  • Stiffbastard

    They’re making him push it through the entire system. Good luck.

  • fimbulwinter

    Who would have thunk it. The High Court, the institution charged with defending the Australian Constitution has been infiltrated by marxists.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Could be an honest decision, Blair seems to think they are just telling the county court they do have the jurisdiction to answer the case. We will have to wait for the result to make our conclusions.

      • fimbulwinter

        Whatever the result, a precedent will be set. This could cement in blasphemy laws.

    • Al Cid

      That was a long time ago. And then some.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    The county court just needs to uphold the previous decisions of the High Court.

    This looks a lot like a runaround designed to drain his resolve and wallet, all the more reason to keep fighting.

    The system will not relinquish control quietly or easily, they are anti-White to the core.

    • Stiffbastard

      It’s a time/power thing. For the people pulling the strings it’s not convenient to have a final decision made today. If the rag heads were to start blowing shit up every day in the name of their ideology, then this case *might* be rippled through the courts quickly. As the rag heads aren’t being overly obnoxious yet, the string pullers feel that they’ve got power over the muzrats and don’t want to suppress them, as this would mean a loss of their own power.

      This isn’t all about suppression of one individual. It’s about “them” attempting to build systems which allow “them” to control the rag heads. “They” are being seduced by Islam from the other end, ie, the political control end. While “they” will never be in control of a caliphate, this is what “they” dream of. “They” are not seduced by the wearing a rag on the head aspect; “they” are being seduced by the “this is how you can have political control” aspect. What you are witnessing here is the takeover of our political/bureaucratic system by Islam.

    • thegentlemantroll

      I’ll say it plainly: I really don’t understand our court system. Rulings appear inconsistent and often motivated by left-wing ideology. And for something that supposedly serves the public there seems to be a lot of hidden fees that have crept up over the years.

      Its another case of the unaccountable bureaucrats layering on red tape to choke money out of the rest of us. The judges, lawyers and administrators are all having coffee and drinks at the same bar at the end of the day.

    • Jai_Normosone

      I bet if Blair C were to offer to pay for services to the Courts with small, pre-pubescent children instead of cash, they’d find a way to hear his case (and rule in favour).

  • Bucky Redux

    Their Honours of the High Court obviously have no time for mere mortals.
    The Justices are probably rampant Lefties more concerned about making up their own laws rather than upholding the laws of Australia.

    If the High Court Beavis & Buttheads can’t show any leadership, I’m not really surprised.
    Australia is pretty much a barnacled rudderless ship, adrift with various picaroon dullards taking turns at the Helm.

  • fimbulwinter
  • Panadechi Santiago

    Obligatory by law white man. New Zionist world mantra. You must pray every day Goy.
    All races must be mixed except the Jews, and the one who opposes is racist, except the Jews.

  • Taipan
  • test test test