Food For Thought – An Opening Esoteric Rant From Your Edgy Extremist


Well 2019 is off to a start and your humble Hitlerian hempster is already breathing in deep the hostile humour ahead of us.

With an apparent case of R2-45 exteriorisation being substituted with a “very sharp kitchen knife” at the Church of Scientology in Chatswood, and Forbes projecting a positive trajectory for cannabis in 2019, it looks like the psychic reverberations of Trading HEMP for Hitler are starting to surface.

Meanwhile Marxists seem to be failing to understand that the “malfunctioning of genes or brains on a mass scale” is thanks to their dysgenic push for bigger pedestals for trans-racial-non-binary- gender-fluid-pansexual-minor attracted persons (as they call for “more and better drugs”).

Clearly these communists have been burnt too many times by black acid. I can’t tell if calling impure LSD “black” is “White supremacist bigotry” but in all seriousness who gives a rats arse.

As I eagerly await more racy correspondence from Julie Nathan over at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) this year, I chuckle as to how Father Rod Bower has managed to piss-off Australia’s the Jewish community:

“Activist priest and Senate hopeful Rod Bower has been rebuked by Jewish groups for the “offensive” and “irresponsible” comparison of the processing of asylum-seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to the Holocaust.”

2019 is off to a funny start. Let’s keep it up goys!

Food For Thought.

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  • Bucky Redux

    What a sad NPC Julie Nathan must be, living a life built on lies and disinformation.
    So much of the Holocaust storyline has been debunked, yet the fabrications continue.
    How long in Australia until you are forbidden to deny the hoax ?

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Hah! When the Left eats itself we all win.

  • fimbulwinter

    These ECAJ reports are fun to read. I like to call it the “2018 best memes and most based people”.
    The gig is up.

  • Maryanne

    Ryan, today’s Sydney Telegraph (p. 18) reported that Tel Aviv University researchers claim that, “a quarter of the six million victims of the holocaust were murdered in just three months in Poland.” Yep, the “true scale of the program … was far worse than previously thought.” Apparently there was ‘a “phase of hyperintense killing” in August, September and October 1942 when more than 1.47 million Jews died in gas chambers.’

    That’s 15,000 people a day every day for three months. That’s the population of Kempsey, NSW ever day for three months. Or Warwick, Qld. Or Bairnsdale, Vic.

    Is it even technically possible to kill by gassing and cremating 15,000 people a day? Is it even feasible that the famously efficient Germans would waste so much manpower and precious energy in wartime?

    Don’t these ‘scholars’ know that the magik six million number has been debunked even by honest Jews?

    The most horrendous thing about this matter is that in some European countries I could be jailed for writing this, and you for posting it. And there’s a relentless push to make questioning the official ‘story’ an international crime.

    What sort of ‘truth’ needs such heavy-handed legal enforcement by governments?

  • Bumpstock

    “Oy Vey! Our Holy-hoax is trademarked, dontcha know? Poisecution, it’s!”

  • Minging

    Ryan is about as edgy as that midget Antifa dolt that smashed him on the head with his own flagpole and then cried like a bitch instead of fighting back!

    • Ryan

      LOL! Naaawww still got that sand in your vagina mamzer Minging, maybe (((Julie Nathan))) and your commie mates can flush it out for you. Run along princess

      • Minging

        hahahaha… I hate watching patriots cuck out under pressure… but you… you fucking loser getting smashed on the head with your own flagpole by a smelly little feral was priceless. Oh the crying… would you like me to post the video? And you were with that other black guy Tobie… such losers… so funny… post the vid Ryan or I will… crying cuck!

        • Ryan

          Poor Minging, you must get sore arms jerking off ANTIFA and the ECAJ all the time. It’s cute you think you’re a patriot though faggot. Not a single person willing to vouch for you, and people regularly accusing you of being a Jew LOL. PLEASE repost the video of me getting hit with a iron pipe by your mates though Minging!!! PLEASE POST IT!!!!!

        • Ryan
          • Minging

            Nah I’ve cuck-shamed you enough… most on here have seen the video of you getting bashed sense-less by that anaemic, raw-boned, Antifa feral. Or they can just google ”Ryan Fletcher bashed by emaciated Antifa cretin’. As for the rest of your jibe… I was fighting ‘real’ Anarchists in the backstreets of London before you were a twinkle in your mixed-race Daddy’s eyes. So all your recent faux-attention-grabbing-Antisemitic-conspiracy-ranting is exactly that… no more impressive than your whimpering on the ground, head in a pensioners arms in the video. I bid you adieu.

          • Ryan

            HA! What a Jewish faggot you are Minging. Claim to have the goods yet can’t produce it. Only thing your loser faggot arse likely did on the “backstreets of London” is give blowjobs to other bottom-boys like you. Your ANTIFA and ECAJ handlers must be autistically REEEEing at your shit-tier performance on here. So long princess

        • Ryan

          Here I’ll help you out Jewboy….