Food for thought – PC assault on our Golliwogs

Golliwog and I. Photo by Ryan Fletcher
Golliwog and I. Photo by Ryan Fletcher

Once again the Golliwog, a traditional stuffed toy most would remember having been knitted as a gift by our Nannas, has been targeted by the perpetually offended.

Beechworth Sweet Co has fallen victim to one outraged PC idiot, who lodged a malicious complaint with the Advertising Standards Board after seeing the toy appear in the store’s television advertisement (calling it a “racist symbol”).

This however hasn’t been the first time the Golliwog has faced infantile objection by the outrage industry. For more than a decade now SJW douchebags have been levelling complaints over the sale of the Golliwog in Western based retail stores, and in some instances seeing them be seized by police (as if they were black tar heroin or something).

While most of us would find this complaint to be outrageously vexatious in nature, regressive Leftists who worship section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (which outlaws anything that could be faintly interpreted as intending to “offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate”) love to level these objections ad nauseam.

Comparable to the gender-obsessed hysteria of toys by the likes of Greens senator Larissa Waters, the Golliwog bashing by this “deeply shocked” douchebag fit’s the Left’s race-baiting agenda.

I recommend folk go out and buy a Golliwog, just to let these PC lot know their meddling in the marketplace is about as welcome as their presence in government.

Food for thought.