Food for Thought – #Pray4MuslimBan

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Please let it never be said that I don’t have anything but impassioned adoration for Senator Pauline Hanson!

Immediately following the recent terror attacks outside the UK Parliament in London, Senator Pauline Hanson put together this video as a response. Her call to the public was to get the hashtag #Pray4MuslimBan trending.

Naturally, every regressive reptoid from Turnbull to Shorten slithered out to smear our beloved Senator by suggesting she was playing into the hands of the terrorists.

Pauline yesterday took it one step further, by stating to a number of MSN presstitutes that:

“Islam is a disease. we need to vaccinate ourselves against that.”

This got me thinking of an article I wrote in May of last year which outlined how Islamists hate vaccines. Perhaps if specially-produced Mossad/CIA vaccines were a condition of entry for all those submissive to Koranic dogma, we would have less of them coming in.

Food for thought.