Food For Thought – Some Reasons Why Adversity To Jews Exists


Long-time XYZers may recall that my earlier write-ups on this site had been generally pro-Zionist and pro-Jewish. However, as time has gone on, I’ve become deeply affected by “cohencidences” that have consistently and persistently forced my worldview to reject former conclusions I’d previously held.

Firstly, you have to keep in mind that Communism, the most horrific force of the last century, was ostensibly a Jewish phenomenon. From the author of The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx) to the founder of the Red Army (Lev Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky) Jews were vastly over-represented in its foundations and real world application:

It’s also important to note that in the current year this trend hasn’t diminished, as the Jewish community continues to be a disproportionately excessive presence in Far-Left political terror:

While some Jewish periodicals will acknowledge (so to speak) the hyperbolic hutzpah of their own B’nai B’rith lobbying groups:

It doesn’t deter philo-Semitic UN Globalists like Jordan Petersen from breaking with their “individualist” principles to collectively condemn those using triple parenthesis for the Pittsburgh shooting:

Food For Thought.

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  • Bucky Redux

    It’s okay to be White. Fuck the Globalists & NPC meat puppets.

    Jordan Peterson….. makes my skin crawl.
    It’s a visceral response to his somehow familiar creepiness, I guess. “Unheimlich”.

    Adversity to Jewry exists for a reason, as it has for countless centuries.
    Any reasonable scholarly time spent looking into the JQ will result in only one conclusion.
    The conclusion reached is not anti semitic, but purely logical.

    • Addelad

      Actually, to use the term “logic” – ironic in your hands – the centuries of anti-Jew hatred is to do with Christian crap about them killing Jesus and, more prosaically, hatred of “the Other.” It is the kind of hatred perhaps you felt when you first landed on Earth?

      • Bucky Redux

        Ad hominem attacks demonstrate a lack of “logical” thinking.

      • Bumpstock

        Oh dear, another Hebephile “conservative christian.”

  • clemilf

    Peterson wacks of with Hebe Hybristophilia with his home being decorated with soviet propaganda postas.

  • Bumpstock

    Hebephilia exists for a couple of reasons. Many people who subscribe to Christinsanity still believe they are still “God’s Chosen” (despite their concerted efforts against Christianity) and without them we would not have Jesus and all the fun stuff that came from that. Also a lot of cuckservatives such as Bolt subscribe to the notion that there is some kind of debt to them for things such as Rule of Law, etc and our supposed “Judaeo-Christian” hertiage (when in fact it is Greco-Roman). Another is that most people are just NPCs who still believe everything that has been pumped into them since birth that these people are just disliked because Hitler and go along with the Hollywood narrative, etc. Just keep redpilling people, one at a time.

    • Addelad

      Interesting – so your genius tells you that the inherited values of the Old Testament have nothing to do with the Western tradition. The “Roman” to which you refer picks up the “Greek” as well since, in terms of epistemology the Romans added little of value to that which they inherited from the Greeks.
      But to say that our fundamental values owe nothing to the Christian tradition, which in itself is an extension of Jewish values, is arrant nonsense.

      • Bucky Redux
        • Jai_Normosone

          You must have a library of these….
          Too bloody funny 🙂

      • Ryan

        To quote Eric Striker (((Addelad))):

        “Every Jewish organisation from the SPLC, ADL, World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, Simon Wiesenthal Center embodies a single party line: Violent racial supremacy for Israel, cosmopolitan open borders Liberalism for White countries,

        The Jews are not Western people, and in fact the unchallenged power wielded by the Jewish community is an existential threat to the occident and human rights. The West is Greek philosophy, Roman Statecraft, Germanic Engineering.

        The Jewish response to the Hellenic ideal is sexual debasement through Freud and Rilke, then to deconstruct it through Derrida. The Jewish response to Rome, is the suicidal, alienating individualism of Ayn Rand, and the money dictatorship of City of London and Wall Street. The Jewish response to Germanic engineering, debt ridden consumerism that broils the raceless, world capitalist market of Thomas Friedman’s dreams.”

    • Bucky Redux

      Unfortunately some “people” …..drones, will not accept the red pill.
      I call them drones, as that is what they essentially are.
      There is no Soul within. No awareness of self.

      The blue pill Firmware was locked in during the early years of their brainwashing, and nothing, no amount of inputs from external sources will change the firewalled machine code of the NPC.

  • Bumpstock
  • Taipan

    Jordan Peterson is the king of all cucks

  • thegentlemantroll

    The conclusion I reach is the Jews are not as stupid with money as secular westerners are, produce some damn funny comedians that our secular lefties can’t and have a survival instinct and strong community bond that we lack. Purely objectively: Israel as a nation is a smashing success and if we in Australia emulated them we wouldn’t be in our current mess. I believe this curiosity of left-wing Jews is pretty explainable by their heavy emphasis on literacy and education, and the education industry’s high conversion rate of students into lefties, no matter what background. But Ryan’s argument about disproportionate representation on the left also looks wobbly when you consider Andrew Breitbart and Larry Solov (breitbart), Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan (thedailywire), Matt Drudge, Avi Yemeni, Pamela Gellar, many others. Judaism, properly followed, is a pretty conservative faith. The left wing “Jews” often derided on the left I don’t consider Jewish by primary identity, I consider them socialists, whose true religion is godless Atheism. And I have a much harder time naming prominent right-wing Atheists, because godlessness encourages a person to beleive that they themselves are God and that they can perfect society and people themselves if they can only force them to think like they do and give up their pesky belief in God.

    • McMansplainer

      I disagree that Jews are funny. I find them more awkward than funny and given their over-representation in movies/TV, they don’t really do laughs that well. Not sure what shows/movies you are thinking of, but I am guessing Seinfeld, Scrubs, Bin Stiller movies etc.? Not saying that they are never funny, but it’s much more miss than hit imo.

      Interesting thoughts about “self-belief and will and a recognition of ones duty to preserve the future of their own people.”

      I think this is due to the corruption of Christianity by Liberalism. Russia and East Europe are mostly Orthodox or Catholic – not Protestant, which is telling you something.

      I am an atheist, but despite the corruption and abuses of the Catholic Church, I think the Reformation overall was a mistake, because it has slowly pushed all Christian sects toward Liberalism/Globohomogayplex.

      Protestantism is basically Christianity + Liberalism. It overemphasizes the individual, individual freedom and equality – as opposed to community, hierarchy and natural order as in the Catholic church. These are simplistic and exaggerated characterisations, but I hope you get the gist.

      That said, there is no salvation in Christianity, at all, for people from Western Europe and Anglosphere countries. Both Protestant and Catholic sects are too far corrupted with Liberalism and PC. The media, education industry and academia have indoctrinated the masses to mock and marginalise Christians. Even if they started to be symphathetic, only a weak, virtue-signally, casual/Sundays-only Christianity would take hold.

      We need something much more radical. We are talking about the survival of our race and it this point there is no chance of saving and revitalising it under Liberalism, Christcuckery and sham democracy. Chinese-like Ethnic-Nationalist-Communism (ENC) is one option and of all the radical options, the one I see as most feasible.

      If you’re a boomer, I may have just triggered you with my mention of ‘those God-damn commies’, but hear me out…

      Why do I think this is feasible? To clarify, I don’t think it is very feasible, but its more feasible than seeing a beneficial change under Liberalism. The following may sound subversive…

      For one, you can co-opt the language and propaganda of the Left, then racialise/patriotise it – like the Chinese have done. Fake Middle-class and Elite Leftists would be forced to ostracise RNCs further to the Left of them. They haven’t had to disown people to the Left of them for decades. They could no longer pretend to be the voice of equality, social justice or disenfranchised. They would lose their fake moral righteousness and be forced to take up right-wing talking points to disavow the ‘true socialists’. The gulf between the commoners and the Elites would be laid bare, no longer obfuscated as it is today.

      Two: with China’s growing influence this century, a China-friendly RNC regime could receive financial and ideological backing from China.

      Another alternative, and one which sounds friendlier to Western sensibilities, but sadly less feasible imo: adopt pre-Christian Greco-Roman morality like Stoicism that emphasises both personal responsibility and communal/public duty. The benefit of this morality is that it could work without metaphysics, emphasise natural order, and do away with bullshit notions undermining our Civilisation like the Christian notion of universal equality. It would still have equality before the law, rule of law and free speech – which is basically everything good about the West anyway.

      • thegentlemantroll

        I don’t think I can respond in full but to get to the point: a successful nation fuses a political system and a spiritual system that satisfies its people in both regards. In Australia we now have neither working for us.
        The political problem seems easier to solve in my view:
        The Chinese model is out for me: it will collapse and leave its people destitute eventually. Just give it time. Their whole economy is a house of cards. I much prefer the Swiss model of government, which has centuries of credibility behind it. Devolve power to local levels, encourage fire-arms for self defence, sound money, an entirely neutral foreign policy, and an impossibly strict immigration policy (no welfare, 10 years minimum before citizenship, citizenship must be approved by your local community). Sadly the Swiss have been pressured by the globalists to deviate from their own successful model in recent years so it’s best to look further back to see what I mean. With time, I would hope, the sheer superiority of such a political system would bear itself out and encourage people to elevate it above all else. But many people feel the need to attach a spiritual legitimacy to secular authority. It needs to be backed by god, and hopefully the same god everyone agrees upon. I think that problem takes much longer to sort out.

        • McMansplainer

          I’ll agree that we won’t perfectly understand each other without becoming tedious, so appreciate the brevity!

          I’m more concerned about demographic collapse than economic collapse. The Chinese are winning in both regards.

          On economics: I don’t see China having a serious collapse in the next 30 years and certainly not one that will leave their people destitute. Recessions definitely, slower growth absolutely, but nothing that will lead to starvation and nothing which they couldn’t recover from in 10-15 years at most.

          On demographics: We have to ignore birth rate in the unique case of China (re: former one child policy, etc. and remaining population controls). China is pursuing a eugenics program, has become more nationalistic, and has unified its population amazingly, and it is continuing to do so. Of course, they’ve done it through totalitarianism, but also through natural, traditional methods.

          Chinese Communism is spiritual in terms of obtaining eventual Utopia on Earth, ‘progress’, ‘manifest destiny’, and the sense they will become the greatest nation on Earth this century. Their space program is also spiritual in its aspirations.

          I may sound overly-sympathetic to the Chinese regime, but that’s because I am willing to accept totalitarianism/authoritarianism and ignore the fake claims/BS of both Liberalism/Socialism/Communism in order to the see my people flourish.

          I don’t really think China is Communist as Marx envisioned. All ideologies are bullshit, one just needs to ask: ‘who benefits’ and is there cost to me personally and the people I have affection for?

          • Panadechi Santiago

            Asia will dominate the world the next millennium, have the main, highest IQ homogeneity ..

          • Jai_Normosone

            And… not counting Thailand… will have the least occurrences of fluid-like gender horse-shit.

      • Addelad

        Brilliant stuff mate, who could find those bloody Zionists the Marx Bros funny?

        • McMansplainer

          The Marx Bros – how old are you?

          Do you really need to go that far back, to levels of slapstick that haven’t existed for decades, in order to ‘prove me wrong’? If so, you’ve only proven me right.

          The Brits did slapstick better anyhow.

      • Jai_Normosone

        You forgot Adam Sandler. Happy Gilmore was great! 🙂

        Woody Allen … not so funny….

        (apologies for this being all I could manage to reply to out of your post… :/ )

    • Bucky Redux

      Have a read of Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton, heavy going but worthwhile, if you havent read it.

  • Bumpstock

    Oh, BTW, your headline should have read –

    Food For Thought – Some Reasons Why Aversion/Animosity To Jews Exists 😉

    • Ryan

      Cheers mate!

  • Noachideous

    The evidence reveals that jewry know some things they’re not saying…… for strategic reasons ? It is part of the reason why the shrew is not to be trusted.

    GRACE and HATE amount to 34 … or 22 in decimal….. Overt GRACE … Covert … HATE ?

    Here’s the ADL ‘s VoldeMort in the US of A.

    ADL @ADL_National Our hearts are broken, but we are not defeated. We will combat hate by fighting 11 times harder with love and ACTION. We’re asking the community to take 11 minutes of action – not silence – to honor the 11 killed in Pittsburgh. We demand that #NeverIsNow:…

    Here’s the same numbers … here…. via a branch of the RSL.

    Remembrance Day in Australia commemorates the noble sacrifices of armed forces and civilians during times of war. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, one minute of silence is observed across the country to mark the cessation of hostilities on the Western front during WW1 after over four years of gruesome warfare.

    Who writes this stuff for the RSL ?

    Why ?

    The BnaiBrith’s Lillian Freiman was a PoPPy Pusher long before WW2.

    The number’s related to presentations of the PoPPies allude to… someone … knowing more than they’re saying.

    • Noachideous

      Some more on the number 54 seen about the place.

      Assume it a senary or 6 based number for it can be. If the 3×3 number square is populated with two colours, normally Black and White… then there will be 5 then 4 of each.

      Then convert in sequence until and what can be a decimal number ends the sequence .

      54 34 22 14 10 6

      Things to notice from the point of view of the Esoteric Workers Journal and symbolism as a quoted, numerical wink to others.

      There are 6 numbers in total. The sum of the first and last is 60 .. or 5 12 .. EL.
      The sum of all the numbers, not each individual number is 140 … then if senary for 36 sum 24 … 60 again

      Check the math … By +x of 34 66 is discovered … 1948, There are 22 letters in an alphabet of interest.

      The purpose of this is by symbolism …. allude to intelligent design. There was no benefit for YT people in the consequent outcome….. and probably again…by design.

      • Addelad

        Whenever I see your eponym, all I think is “Jesus Christ” – does that imply that you have real power? If so, no doubt it is a root of 1948.

        • Noachideous

          With Remembrance Day approaching it is worthwhile to go over the chronological geometry.

          WW1 is recorded as having a chronological centre at 19 16
          WW 2 is recorded as having a chronological centre at 19 42.

          42 and 16 are separated by 26 years .. There are 26 elements in the QB and 42 is the senary representation of 26.

          The jew claims 42 letters in the name of itz deity.

          The sum of 16 and 42 is …. 58 … Note that it is by +x of 42 58 that 1948 is discovered.

          Recall the 1948 Mirror.

          So it was all by design. What it means is that the entity made undead in 1948 was paid for with mostly … goyische …. Blood.

          Those in possession of that which is paid for by others are universally regarded as …. Thieves…..

          Any blubbering and wailing about ANZACS and Tommy Atkins types by jewry seen at these times is nothing more than jewplicitous …… Theatre …..

          The very presence of jewry at the AWM turns that place into a toilet.

          • Jai_Normosone

            The thing I dislike most about Australia Day & Remembrance Day “celebrations” is the faux national pride that people suddenly acquire – only to have it disappear in the between times – and especially when it becomes too hard in the face of media manipulation.

      • Noachideous

        In the context of overt grace and covert hate ……

        It came to mind to examine the word ……. SERPENT ……

        19 5 18 16 5 14 20 ….. Sum individually for 43.

        Sum each whole number for 97 ….. an apparently … symbolic … number seen about the place.

        Check the math… We’re not …….cHoZeN ……here …and sometimes …. err.

        Sum both numbers 97 + 43 for 140 … a senary number as above in relation to 54 …… for 60 or EL.

        The 43 Group appear to feelz THEY 58 have Divine mandate to kill any who refuse to participate in their religion…

        Read about the 43 group over at the SlackBastard …. 19 2 … 38 .. or plural .. 57 … There are 5 letters in slack and 7 in bastard.

        The fact is this .. the words of Judaism grant itz identees carte blanche to behave in precisely that manner toward others .. in the context of ensuring that religious imperatives and outcomes described at this stage in words …. are made manifest in the real world.

        It is that way for the fact that rabbinically codified texts deem that only ….jews ….constitute the singular purpose of the creation … and others … supernal refuse and left overs from the creation.

        Get the implication ?

    • Bucky Redux

      ‘There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.’

      Donald Rumsfeld.

      • Noachideous

        That slippery Elie Weasel said something similar in his book Night.
        But the Rabbi would never Lie …. Amirite ? …… @ndy ?

        ……About people you knew? “Yes, about people I might have known.” About things that happened? “Yes, about things that happened or could have happened.” But they did not? “No, not all of them did. In fact, some were invented from almost the beginning to almost the end.” The Rebbe leaned forward as if to measure me up and said with more sorrow than anger: That means you are writing lies! I did not answer immediately. The scolded child within me had nothing to say in his defense. Yet, I had to justify myself: “Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred.”……….

  • Addelad

    now I see your core logic and it explains why the hard left is so pro-Jewish…oh, hang on.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Marxism (Power and Social control through conflict) = Capitalism (Power and Social control through money) = Zionism = Power, Money and Control.
    Ethnic lineage is power (Homogeneity, Identity, Cohesion, Loyalty) and the ethnocentric power elite knows it, then diversity for you goy.

    • Bucky Redux

      The 13 Families. It’s all about the blood.Literally.
      “Diversity” for the mudblood Goyim serfs, yes !

  • Selfish Dave

    …Until you learn to define your terms, you won’t be able to do any serious thinking. You need to learn to discriminate, and not be confused by appearances. Start by defining JEW.
    …Forgive me for saying so, but there are at least two diametrically opposed types of humans who claim the prestigious title of Jew. I divide them into good Jews and bad Jews.
    …The first type of Jewishness has only one distinguishing characteristic, and it is mental, not physical. I would almost prefer to characterize it as an intellectual attitude. It’s called Chutzpah, and is derived from a carefully crafted belief system related to self-respect. Chutzpah encompasses both ethical and political (theological and non-theological) theories that, when carefully integrated, provide the Jewish people, and many of their Christian neighbors, with a comprehensive view of reality. As a philosophy, Good Judaism was essentially rational.
    …The second type of Jewishness is something of a mystery, and is the antithesis of traditional Jewish belief. It is the mind-set of the infamous “Anti-Semitic Jews,” for the most part secular individuals, who have abandoned all of the traditional beliefs and behavior of their forefathers. The anti-Semitic Jews are often pseudo intellectuals. Along with the theology of Judaism, they reject the ethics and the rest of the culture. These anti-semites with Jewish Names and Jewish backgrounds are largely guided by their feelings, or the emotions of others, rather than by reason, i.e., fact and logic. They invariably substitute a psychotherapist for the traditional Rabbi when seeking advice. Marx, Trotsky, virtually all of the socialists, and you can throw in Schumer, Schiff and Soros, they are all definitely in this class. Saul Alinsky too.
    …Is there anything else you need to know about the two types?

    • Jai_Normosone

      This is something I was wondering myself and can see the merit in your definitions.
      I don’t disagree with it either 🙂

  • Ryan

    Appreciate #Jmedia sharing my blog post via their site, Hopefully some #Jews in #Australia take the time to read it… #auspol #ausfam #DingoGab