Food for Thought – As Regressives Riot, Pinochet Praise Soars

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Let’s recap the regressive Left’s total disconnection from reality and their nosedive into utter notoriety.

Firstly, they’ve spent the last eighteen months or more committing violence in order to receive blood money from DNC hedge-fund handlers.

Secondly, once realising that their riotous agitation contributed to their landslide loss of the U.S. Presidency, they decided to accept more globalist blood money and riot further. After God-Emperor Trump won and gained votes in the Greens recount and won the Electoral College vote, Coprophilic communists went utterly mental at the inauguration to the tune of $50/hr with a monthly retainer of $2,500.

Thirdly, when cultural Libertarian provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos (the homosexual Jew in an interracial relationship) was violently shut down by lunatic Leftist rioters for “being a Nazi,” their credibility had well and truly dissipated.

As they now continue to prevent ambulances with critically ill patients from being able to reach hospital, while calling for the extermination of White Western civilisation, interweb praise for Pinochet’s “Helicopter Rides” garnered greater support.

If these rejects keep up the rioting, junta jesting may just become junta justice.

Food for thought.