Food For Thought – Rose McGowan Supports #WalkoutOz


Rose McGowan, the former actress turned feminist “activist”, epitomises what we here at the XYZ like to refer to as brain AIDS. For example, take this “brave” bit of feminist “direct action” she levelled at a Barnes & Noble book signing back in February of this year (warning this video is cringey):

rose mcgowan 2-2-2018

Now while that is fresh in your head, take a look at what Rose dished up on The Project yesterday:

“Actress Rose McGowan is urging Australian women to walk out of work on Wednesday afternoon to demand pay parity.

“The #MeToo activist appeared on Ten’s The Project on Tuesday to lend her support to #WalkoutOz, a local campaign aimed at highlighting the gender pay gap. The campaign urges women to walk out of work at 3:50pm on Wednesday, because “women essentially work an extra 70 or so minutes a day free”, its organisers state.

“McGowan said she was alerted to the campaign by supporters within the Female Social Network, who taught her about the “pay inequalities and inequities in Australia”.

“Campaign organisers say at current rates women would need to work “another 62 earning days in the calendar year to achieve annual pay parity with men”.

As your XYZ has pointed out previously on many occasions, this gender pay gap rhetoric is bullsh-t. However it’s this very rhetoric that keeps millionaire McGowan (who’s net worth is reportedly around $7.5 million in 2018) front and centre as:

“…one of the more prominent figures in the #MeToo movement, describing her role as “a gatekeeper of pain”.

Give me a break Rose!

Food For Thought.

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  • Gary Slenders

    Boy, she is damaged goods.
    I agree that all women should walk out. Except, don’t come back!! #replacewithmerit

  • entropy

    Women should walk out of work at 3:50pm?

    I’m not sure what forcing women to stay at work an extra 20 minutes is supposed to prove.

    • Bucky Redux

      I am not convinced most females actually “work” at work.
      Arriving late, chatting, Twatting and Fuckbooking all day, several skim milk latte breaks, then leaving early to “pick up kids”…..etc. WTF ?

  • Ryan

    Feminism can turn an 8/10 into a -9 lol

  • Taipan

    “Feminism liberated women from the natural dignity of their sex and turned them into inferior men” – Francis Parker Yockey

  • Bikinis not Burkas

    Quran 33:33
    And stay in your houses. Bedizen not yourselves with the bedizenment of the Time of Ignorance. Be regular in prayer, and pay the poor-due, and obey Allah and His messenger. Allah’s wish is but to remove uncleanness far from you, O Folk of the Household, and cleanse you with a thorough cleansing.

    • fimbulwinter

      As evil as Islam is, they could teach us a thing or two about feminism.

      Quran 4:34
      Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

      • Bumpstock

        Well, Islam IS the most feminist religion, right Yassmin?

      • Nicholas B. Cobb

        Let’s just save some time and go right to the Striking…

  • Bikinis not Burkas
    • Bucky Redux

      ….a rusty razor blade is more usual……

    • Jamie Blank

      That’s the plan. She’ll convert and marry a paki pedo refo to avoid the red tape of immigration.

    • Jai_Normosone

      After the time where Harvey Weinstein and his ilk have done their bit, they’ll need shark line to stitch it up first.

  • She’s an actress. She doesn’t have to work, even when she’s “working”.

    If any Australian woman thinks that self promoting fraud has anything in common with her she’s truly silly. McGowan hit the wall in a job where you have to be young and beautiful (she has no natural beauty and her youth ended) and decided to see what she could do to draw more attention to herself.

    Ideally Australian women wouldn’t even be working. They’d be at home, living the best life possible by being active parents and grandparents. No stuck in an office filling in documents, or a sweatshop making crap or in a food servery smiling at rude customers.

    • Bumpstock

      “actors” are essentially highly paid prostitutes, divorced from reality.

  • Bumpstock
  • fimbulwinter

    Hitting the wall is bad enough for for the fairer (oops I mean superior) sex. Feminism + the wall is truly horrifying.

    P.S. I noticed you uploaded a 3GP video to this page – I must say, you have some serious sized balls to attend a feminist talk (as a white cis guy) and record such a satanic and sick individual!

    • Jamie Blank

      Same thing happened to Sinéad O’Connor.

  • Bumpstock
  • Bill Pasteurfield

    She’d have to be a dyke.

  • Nicholas B. Cobb

    I would straight up fire any woman that walks out of work early.