Food for thought – Socialist Soros funding destruction of the West

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For some time now it has been well understood that the socialist billionaire George Soros has been a primary figurehead behind the financing of colour revolutions, left-wing political parties, and various militant far-Left protest groups.

Recently, these facts were further verified after hackers leaked more than 2,500 files from Soros’ Open Society Foundations to WikiLeaks. These Leaks have provided insight as to how Soros has been constructing a global network to agitate aggressively for open border immigration into Western countries, while targeting groups and individuals critical of Islamist operations.

Here in Australia, Soros’ main branch of agitation is carried out via the Left-wing organisation GetUp! (who is a major agitator for their ABC). Sources have also suggested that Soros’ money is being funnelled into the coffers of militant groups such as Refugee Action Coalition (RAC), Socialist Alternative, ANTIFA and other radical Left-wing cadres.

Soros’ organisations are notably behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House, and George Soros himself has been providing foreign policy directives to Hillary Clinton directly.

Question is, how long will the West allow this modern day quisling to continue destroying us?

Food for thought.

  • Lorraine

    one billionaire cannot do it alone, he and his world order. He has helpers paid helpers or just plain stupids. My guess is mostly stupids like Get Up and their ilk, left of left thinks they are making the decision, when they are merely being led by the socialist mad man. Feel the Bern he is not alone. Pity he does not give all his money to the Blacks in America it may calm black lives matter, but I doubt it, stupid is in charge and I have seen one on TV screeching every word she utters, total nutter given voice by the leftie media…..The World is waking up to this control. this PC, we the conservative will win. we are the delcons. Malcolm’s the do not matter, the unwashed in the burbs……Soros will die one day and his madness with him….the Tasmanian Wood is as stupid he gives to the greens so we may all live under trees in the future

  • the rebbe

    its a testament to the weakness of this country that foreign actors can DIRECTLY influence our democratic process. No partisan political groups (Get Up!) should be able to receive overseas funding.

  • Yuri.A

    Interesting to note that The NY Times and the Washington Post are not reporting on the Soros leaks.

    There is so much that the MSM Lügenpresse does not report, so what hope has the average punter to really know what is going on ? (so, read XYZ on the net !! )
    Soros has been funding a vast array of projects since the seventies. More than $4 Billion over the years.
    He has fingers in lots of pies !
    Some of his interests seem contradictory and puzzling.
    Not a bad social engineering budget at all, if you get Soros to back you.
    All those billions…….

    • Ray

      I live in a small country town and it’s surprising how many older people here are well aware that the media suppresses information, distorts the truth and manipulates facts. I suspect that view can be carried across the country.

      Brexit (something that Soros opposed vehemently) is an example of the older generation being aware of the media bias and ignoring it. The same may well apply to the current US presidential race; the media (other than Breitbart) constantly reports Trumps as falling behind, when that simply isn’t the case.

      To address an other comment, foreign nationals have frequently weighed in on our politics to try and influence our voting patterns. That clown John Oliver comes to mind immediately and there are a number of others.

  • Ilona Bewsher

    Why didn’t Socialist Soros stay in Communist Hungary?

  • Bushkid

    A Billionaire Socialist – yeah, that makes sense………

    When he gives away all of his own money and lives in a tent I’ll maybe consider he’s really a socialist, not just a greedy, power hungry grub who wants to dictate to the rest of us how to live. Stuff him!

  • Archangel

    Two things puzzle me about Soros and his open-handedness here in Australia (see RAC, ANTIFA and Socialist Alternative). Firstly, how legal is it for a foreigner to pour millions of foreign money into another country to promote ideological change that might be morally and socially disastrous for that country. Who is prepared to challenge this free-flow of funds? Secondly, have we learned nothing from Ireland, where Atlantic Philanthropies (another aged billionaire – Chuck Feeney) did the same with similar organisations and over a period of some 10 years and 25million euros later obtained the result they wanted with the same-sex marriage referendum. This “liberalisation” has now morphed into “gender fluidity” more liquid than the Nile where people can simply choose, perfectly legally, to “become” a different gender and obtain a passport with no questions asked! They haven’t got to the stage of dual-gender citizenship yet, but I am sure that latest novelty will be mooted ere long! How many other countries are “For Sale” under these guide lines
    and why are the so-called leaders doing zilch about it? Answer – they are probably on the take too! Sad reflection.

  • Sissipus

    The real problem is the stupidity of the followers of this maggot.

  • Anthony Baldry

    Please who ever is looking into the e-mails on Soros look into the 1996 shooting at Port Arthur as Rebecca Peters Soros employee was very instrumental and had unlimited access to John Howard there has to be a connection

    • Yuri.A

      Looks like she is a Soros harpie.
      Works in International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
      Got guns banned in the UK, then Australia, now she has moved on to the U.S.
      IANSA is funded by Soros.
      Gun grabbers….identify all gun owners and seize their guns.
      Welcome to the New World Order.

    • DCM

      and that was a bad thing? I am so glad for Howard’s ban.

    • SouthWester

      I’m not saying there’s a “break out the tin foil hats” conspiracy around Port Arthur but until there is an inquest and royal commission into the event, I wont swallow the version of events as presented. Too many unanswered questions.
      Seems to me the laws were only to disarm law abiding civilians. Gun crime has not been significantly affected by the changes.

      • Justin Heywood

        “…Gun crime has not been significantly affected [by the gun buyback]”


        Australia had 13 mass shootings in the 18-year period from 1979 to 1996 but none in the succeeding 19 years (since Port Arthur). I’d say that’s ‘significant’.

        • Barry de Haas

          That’s strange, I’ve lived in Australia since 1952, and Port Arthour is the only mass shooting I can recall.
          My memory must be failing.

  • Brett

    Soros is a total scumbag, he seriously needs to STFU.

  • Steve B

    The Good Socialist’s Dictionary.
    Comrades! You buy this book, but not in filthy capitalist way. You wait till someone else buy, then you steal it like good socialist.
    Bigot: someone who does not agree with my views.
    Homophobe: someone who does not agree with my views.
    Islamophobe: someone who does not agree with my views.
    Racist: someone who does not agree with my views.
    Christian: bigoted and racist homophobic Islamophobe who should be silenced at every turn.
    Islam: a religion of ‘peace’ (whose vile ideologies we pretend not to notice) that we use as a model of righteousness in order to be able to call the mainstream xenophobic.
    Tolerance: a concept that ends with obscene demands.
    Mutual respect: a uni -directonal edict that allows you to agree with me or be silenced.
    Diversity: a wonderful kumbyah concept whereby anything goes (except for traditional time tested values).
    Racism: a wholly unsavoury pastime practiced exclusively by white people.
    Democracy: a fabulous way to gauge the will of the people. Only works however when I agree with that will.
    Hater: someone who refuses to trade their sensible way of thinking for progressive enlightenment.