Food for Thought – There’s a War on for your Health


Today, while watching the Channel 7 evening news, I came across a report that communicated anecdotal evidence that honey assists in treating symptoms of hay-fever. This health claim reminded me of this video produced by Reason TV (which promotes free minds and free markets):

While I have written favourably about a particular naturopathic treatment (going so far as to run for public office in support of its legal inclusion into our health system) I have also criticised certain attacks on allopathic vaccines.

When I published this article earlier this year, I’d received substantive negative feedback from fringe hippie wingnuts. One lady named Chris, who took offence to my highlighting of Jihadi hatred of vaccines, combatively commented:

“How about I put you down on the same sentence as a paedophile”

Having developed a mental immunity (pun intended) to this sort of provocative bull-baiting, I find it easy to battle through the berating of precious little snowflakes who get triggered when their dogma is poked.

But if you are easily unnerved by such interactions, I’d suggest the best investment for your mental health is do what works best for you (whether that be naturopathic or allopathic) and keep your opinions to yourself.

Food for thought.