Food for thought – Victoria’s Food Bowl set to go One Nation?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Well it appears The Australian has finally got around to reporting on the fertile ground for One Nation that is Shepparton.

Shepparton, having been my home for more than a decade, is starting to wise up to the fact that the Major political cartels have done a splendid job at stuffing up the area’s infrastructure and overall investment.

Not only that, but many folk I’ve spoken with aren’t exactly thrilled with being one of the largest regional resettlement hubs in Australia for “new arrivals”. In fact the myth of multiculturalism being a marvellous attribute for the region has been disputed in some circles (what with the Mayor being the President of the local Albanian Mosque).

Over the last couple of years the area has become a constant recruitment target for Metropolitan Marxists, as well as other Left of centre “Diversity” organisations.

With the state seat having been held by the Nationals since its formation in 1945, it was telling of the change that’s taken place when Labor/Green endorsed Independent Suzanna Sheed was elected at the 2014 state election.

If you consider the fact that the Shepparton-based seat of Murray had the highest Victorian voter support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation at the 2016 Federal Election (4,305 votes, 4.68%) you can bet your sweet bippy that Shepparton is shifting to the right real soon.

Food for thought.