Food For Thought – The Zionist Effect Of The NZ Shooting


Following on from my initial impression of the Baruch Goldstein style shootings in New Zealand carried out by Brenton Tarrant, some readers queried my branding Brenton a “Zionist”. Some citing this question/answer made by Tarrant on page 19 of his manifesto “The Great Replacement”:

Are you a Fed/shill/mossad agent/false-flag/patsy/infiltrator/antifa/glow in the dark etc?

No, but the next person to attack could be, so a healthy scepticism is a good thing. Just do not allow your scepticism to turn to paranoia and keep you from supporting those that want the best for you.

Let’s invoke a little bit of scepticism here. Brenton Tarrant, who donned a black sun symbol like an Israeli backed Azov Battalion soldier (and who killed like one), carried out a well-executed terrorist operation that has saturated the 24 hour Western news cycle.

Meanwhile Israel’s plan to reoccupy Gaza after a targeted bombing campaign of 100 locations in Gaza during the time of the NZ shooting, was ostensibly swept under the rug by the MSN. Coincidence?

And then there’s this little bit of information which has come to light:

Tarrant’s manifesto (The Great Replacement) repeatedly praised the Zionist Anders Behring Breivik, who too produced a manifesto entitled 2083 A European Declaration of Independence which repeatedly praised Israel. The Great Replacement took valid White Nationalist viewpoints (while down playing the JQ) and marrying it up with terrorist violence, which would only further disenfranchise Whites via disarmament, deplatforming, arbitrary arrest and detention.

Australian internet providers have also taken down sites like 4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak and for “hosting footage of Christchurch attacks”.

BitChute, a platform marketed on “free speech”, has banned the footage. Meanwhile Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (which made the full footage of the shooting available for download hours after the incident) have been allowed to stay active.

Funny how sites like get shutdown following the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting but Facebook, Twitter and YouTube get a pass when they livestream the footage.

It seems Tarrant’s actions serve to benefit a certain ruthless cosmopolitan elite over the interests of the White people. Am I wrong?

Food For Thought

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  • It makes sense that Israel might want to distract the West from their bombing of Gaza but do they really want to destabilise us and push us to civil war?

    Who would protect Israel then?

    They need us more than we need them, I’m seeing a lot of paranoid people around claiming it was a false flag and that the guy was mossad, one post even says his mother is a Jew.

    Let’s say that’s true, he’s part Ashkenazim (he didn’t mention it in his manifesto but who knows), he’s still mostly White genetically and likely a DNA test would show he’s almost entirely White (yes even with a Jewish mother, she herself could be only a fraction ‘Jewish’ genetically).

    He flat out said he has no problem with Jews so long as they live in Israel.

    “A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek
    to subvert or harm my people.”

    This individual could legitimately think he’s doing what’s best for both Whites AND Jews.

    The establishment cracking down on Nationalists now will only grow our support.

    • Stiffbastard

      Israel was prepared and patient. They waited for a news event that would be bigger than any operation they’d undertake. They’re not stupid and they’re not the instigators of NZ. They just wait for an opportunity to occur and then they take advantage.

      • Bucky Redux

        These “news events”….are staged distractions.

        Here’s another one that seems “coincidental”, you know, crazed attacker tries to immolate 50 kids in bus……

        Note how this sort of berserker attack seems increasingly rare in the US now, as the Deep State gets its wings severely clipped.

        • Stiffbastard

          I doubt they’re “staged”. It makes perfect sense to fly under the radar and avoid the western lefty media bias.

          It’s rather obvious that they prepare operations in advance and have squads ready to carry them out when an unrelated diversion occurs, as they always do, albeit at random and unpredictable times.

          • Bucky Redux

            I’m waiting to see when “they” roll out Ruth Bader Ginsberg,the US Supreme Court judge.
            She is reportedly dead, but her death and funeral will be announced when “they” need a distraction.
            Same as they did with Poppy Bush, may he roast in Hell along with his Devil worshipping wife, the dark daughter of satanist Aleister Crowley.

    • Ryan

      Haven’t heard the theory about Brenton being a Jew. As far as I’m concerned he’s just another high-time preference gaslit goy spree killer providing shlomo a scapegoat.

      This shooting reminds me of the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre by Baruch Goldstein in Hebron though.

      Coupled with the Breivik factor, the Israel trip and such my Cohencidence detector is going off. Now NZ is handing down 10 year prison sentences for anyone in possession of the 16:55min footage.

      I imagine (((Julie Nathan))) is doing all she can to have folks like us implicated, shutdown and locked-up

      • Bucky Redux

        Speaking of the footage, various expert people on the net have picked it apart.

        I’ve seen a slomo version of the footage where the alleged “shooter” is firing at various targets just outside the gates.
        The spent cartridges being ejected from the rifle do not ever hit the ground.
        They dissolve and literally disappear into thin air.
        It’s the type of thing you would see in a low budget video game: non realistic.

        I know that “the video has been edited” claim can be made to debunk this video anomaly, but it strikes me as a “holy shit” epiphany.
        Which ties into TPTB going full tilt to scrub the video from the net and hand out severe draconian punishment to anyone in possession of the “evidence”.

        If the video is not available, it cannot be debunked .Of course it helps to put the fear of God into any potential viewers, that you might go to the Big House for 10 years.

        There are various other glaring anomalies with the video, just sayin’.
        PS: Never take off your tinfoil hat.

        • clemilf

          Explained by the shitty 720p GoPro compression algo combined with whatever processing facebuch was adding +/- he had his motivational soundtrack streaming- some of the shots were quite graphic….

        • The “disappearing bullets” thing is nonsense, you can see the bullets bounce off the ground and roll to a stop, it’s just that the footage is blurred and hard to see due to the low quality.

          The stranger thing is where there is a clip already planted in the hallway and he walks past it then goes back and picks it up.

          This seems crazy until you realise he could easily have thrown the clip there himself earlier.

          The footage is real, the act is real, the manifesto is real.

          • Taipan

            According to Richard Di Natale the manifesto was written by Andrew Bolt and Pauline Hanson.

          • Jai_Normosone

            According to Richard Di Natale, Sarah Hansen Young is a pious member of the Senate and an honourable woman.
            His credibility was shot to shit ages ago…

          • Bucky Redux

            I’ve slowed it down and watched it over and over.
            The shells are clearly absorbed into the front wall adjacent to the footpath, or simply dissolve in mid arc as they are ejected.

            Yes, the clip found in the hallway was odd.
            Also, he leaves the back hatch of his car open, exposing the extra weapon and fuel canisters.
            Why would he leave the hatch open, exposing his arsenal ?
            Why didn’t he simply sling the extra weapon over his shoulder ?
            Was he simply stupid ?

            I am assuming that the spare rifle in the rear of the car is the one a bystander grabbed and returned fire, according to reports.
            Anyway, I am an amateur, better people than me have debunked the whole episode.
            Perhaps we will never know the entire truth.

          • Ryan

            I’m waiting to find out more about possible military background. If the footage is genuine this guy didn’t appear to be an amateur at killing. It’s possible, like Breivik, he’d taken a heavy dose of SSRIs to numb the nerves, but I suspect he may possibly have training and/or experience from alien antagonists.

          • nurse crackerass

            More likely he trained and practiced it. I haven’t watched it (watching the girl in morocco having her head cut off screaming for her mother was plenty).
            He probably did at least one dry run and maybe on that very place. Wasn’t he greeted as a brother? Maybe he went there before with gopro to scope it out and playback the footage to see what it would look like for the audience.

            SSRIs won’t numb those kind of nerves.

            Those with apparent military background say he made plenty of errors and body count would be much higher if he was properly trained.

            Trying to shoot out his windscreen seems irrational and is there an explanation for this? That is going to bring a lot of attention and as he said, he had planned 3 targets. Also, screens are laminated and won’t shatter as they did in the 1970s or on film.

            It is extremely unlikely it is not legit footage given the real nature of the injuries and deaths. Tilting at windmills. Any lost casings are most likely explained by footage quality.

          • Jai_Normosone

            “Clip”??? Do you mean a magazine?
            The only ‘clip’ you commonly find in a firearm is in a revolver.
            (Just being a pedantic prick 🙂 )

        • Stiffbastard

          Other than a small audio edit, it appears real. I’ve yet to see an unedited version.

          • Jai_Normosone

            If you do find an unedited version, I’d be interested to see it.
            Purely from an objective aspect, of course…. Not to glorify the deaths of innocents (and I mean ‘innocents’ to indicate the women & children, not ‘innocents’ as what is depicted in Islam).

    • Noachideous

      Any mention of Xerxes isreal is likely to get a liker like this one @disqus_2vXokEaZbP replete with the usual drivel regards a sexual opportunity.

      “spеnd а pаssiоnаtе night оr еlsе find а ….. very hairy ? ….. lаdy fоr infrеquеnt mееtings yоu will bе thе likеlihооd оf hеrе.” Yaaaayyyyy !

      What is it ? … A Demon ? the Mostsad, Prime Ministerial office staff, Shadow PM and Shade BuBBles Dvir ? It must be meant to frighten readers of the XYZ into an impotent silence by way of declaring that ‘We’re watching you’…

      Who cares whether they’re watching….. really. Fear is how THEY move others or an entire people in the direction of collective suicide.

      The worst THEY 58 can do is not murder you. Its wot establishment jewry incite and would like to do best, like Tiggers Bounce…… Known liars are predisposed to Murder as the final recourse to silence forensic investigation. SEX 48. The texts of the religion demand murder for those who not kneel like noahides … properly, or in ways that displease.

      The worst that Xerxes isreal can do to any Whitey person is to have one turn into a Judas Noahide, or an Ephialtes who advocates for and reveals pathways to immigration into European derived racial nations at auto-genocidal magnitudes.

      And there are many of them ….. in the mainstream media, government….who must necessarily remain silent on the requirement make undead ….. 1948.

  • Taipan

    Mossad agent or not, let’s turn the narrative around on the Leftist Establishment. They’re saying that he’s the product of sites like XYZ, The Unshackled, even Sky News. Let us hammer home that condemning and shutting down everyone to the right of the ABC/Fairfax is only going to help radicalise more white people and potentially see another Christchurch. We didn’t want this. They didn’t give us a say and now they’re tightening the screws even harder.

    • Video incoming.

      • Taipan

        Be disappointed if there wasn’t! 🙂

    • Jai_Normosone

      Any objective person can see that there is no radicalising material on XYZ.
      *oops* Made the idiot mistake of thinking the media and the Left could be objective.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    The power elite thought that whitey man was checkmate. They are analyzing and planning how to counteract this whitey man goy move on the globalist chessboard.

  • Bucky Redux

    It has been ventured that the real target of this “reverse diversity incident” was in fact 4 Chan and in particular, 8 Chan.
    8 Chan is the free speech conduit that Q has chosen to get red pills to the masses.
    It must be pure coincidence that the chans have been blocked by various internet providers in NZ and Australia.
    Even ZeroHedge has been blocked, I’ve heard. Probably because it drops an occasional gem.
    Anyway, remember, stay on task, all anomalies in the official story are a pure coincidence, and the bad man was a deranged eco-warrior right wing nazi anti immigrant holocauster, literally Hitler and Pol Pot rolled into one with a smidge of Stalin for some extra zing.

    • clemilf

      Don’t forget he couldn’t drive for shit hanging a 6 point turn in his subaru, and had the nastiest case of short man syndrome EVER.

      • Jai_Normosone

        He was either a shitty driver or he had Ford steering gear under the Subaru… 🙂

    • Those sites should be back up in the next few weeks, you can still view with a VPN.

  • entropy

    Watch the left leveraging this tragedy to ban guns and restrict free speech while simultaneously getting hysterical about anyone who even mentions the real issues.

    Shameless hypocrites who never live up to the standards they expect from others.

    • Stiffbastard

      Watch the women put on the hijab and submit to Islam.

      On a somewhat positive note, dildo wearing poofs at the Mardi gras street parade will disappear.

      • Jai_Normosone

        “dildo wearing poofs at the Mardi gras street parade will disappear.”

        Are you sure about that? Or are you talking about when the country drops all laws and allows itself to be ruled by the Sharia?

    • Demon Ted

      What are the real issues

      • entropy

        How about you tell me what you think the real issues are and I’ll consider engaging with someone I don’t know asking a drive-by question.

        • Demon Ted

          Wages, environment, inequality for a start

          • entropy

            Sounds like you agree with my post. Not sure why you couldn’t just say so, unless you’re okay with leveraging murder to restrict guns and free speech.

            Vague answer, though. Was the shooter trying to rectify the ‘inequality’ in the demographics of terrorists?

          • Demon Ted

            I dont know why people want these guns, but banning them wont make a crack of difference to someone with access to these weapons wanting to do this. The point I am trying to make is where is the ‘outrage’ to the points I made above? I hope that is a bit clearer.

          • entropy

            Hunting, target shooting, pest control, home defence. As insurance against corrupt government.

            Your points need to be more specific. Noone is trying to ban wages or the environment.

            And equality is inversely proportional to freedom. What freedoms do you propose surrendering for whose vision of equality?

          • Demon Ted

            I think you should explain YOURself.

          • entropy

            And we’ve established you’re not one of the world’s deepest thinkers.

            The points I’ve made are clear and I don’t respond to bait.

          • Demon Ted

            Obviosly you do- stick to your school debating team

          • Jai_Normosone

            OK… rather than me answering you on why someone in NZ would want a small-bore semi-automatic rifle – how about you have a think about it and come up with a possible reason?

            Don’t think purely from the perspective of someone living in inner suburbs in the cities. Not everyone lives there.

            If you’re able to comprehend and build an idea out of this, you may begin to comprehend the meaning of ‘objectivity’ and start to question why the media and such a high proportion of the population cannot grasp it.

          • Jai_Normosone

            They’re also going to have a harder time of collecting guns from New Zealanders…. I respect the place because they aren’t mindless sheep who line up to give away freedoms when the government decides to take them away.

          • Jai_Normosone

            Wages? As in “inequality of wages of women”?
            That topic is a complete load of horse-shit. There is no inequality of wages for women because the various Awards cover what they get.
            The only inequality in wage comes at the Executive level where, I would suggest, that women are less shameless in what they negotiate as a package and don’t demand tens of millions of dollars for running a company into the ground.

            If inequality between the sexes is an issue: Islam is the greatest perpetrator of crimes against females of all ages.

          • entropy

            He wasn’t specific. I don’t think he’s very bright. He also probably doesn’t realise that one of the main drivers of wage suppression is immigration.

  • James

    I suspect the guy’s motivations were his own. What I find interesting are the reactions to it.

    • Ryan

      I’m convinced this guy was gaslit by our enemies. The manifesto, while lacking the length and depth of Breivik’s, artfully scrambles and confuses a broader public reaction while simultaneously allowing ZOG to gain further ground.

      • Bucky Redux

        One of the darker uses of Fartbook and Twatter is that algorithms supposedly identify posters that are psychologically compromised, by examining their posts.
        These weak minded individuals can then be radicalised, brainwashed and turned into weaponised individuals.
        MK Ultra fuckery and so on.

        Islam itself has radicalised many such young people, and they do not have anywhere close to the resources that government funded agencies or the military would have.
        The Mosque in question in NZ produced a couple of brainwashed mules.
        The rabbit hole just goes deeper, the more you burrow.

      • James

        You may be right Ryan just as we know so many young blokes are taken in and radicalized in mosques but it’s still an individuals choice to cross that line and act out.
        A lot of unnatural pressure being put on young men today. Pressure to conform. Pressure to not be themselves.

  • SKP

    * 28 year old from Grafton NSW Australia
    * Travels the world and to some dubious places
    * Australian winds up in New Zealand (two birds, one stone) to carry out an attack on Muslims in a mosque
    * Just happens to acquire an arsenal of heavily modified weaponry covered in pro white slogans (just for affect)
    * Methodically, calmly and without hesitation or anxiety murders 50 people in cold blood like trained a mercenary. Eg, changing empty clips in the cover of the hallway, etc
    * Takes every opportunity to use right wing memes before, during and after the attack
    * Supposedly was a red pilled regular user of half chan and full chan /pol/ boards yet NEVER mentions the actual architects behind the mass immigration into white countries that he’s supposedly so pissed off about in his manifesto.
    * Mossad operatives were unintentionally discovered in Christchurch during the New Zealand earthquake

    Yeah, right!! This has absolutely nothing to do with an organised and controlled attack.
    How long will it be before this guy gets suicided in Prison?

  • Noachideous

    If the media comes a knocking, and when THEY 58, call you Far Right …. I’m telling them ….Not Far Right but …….Farrrrr Out ! … Man …

    Is it accident or a form of occultic symbolism that WS 23 19 for White Supremacist amounts to that favorite of kosher favourites ….. 42. …. Security Watch ?

    I’m thinking of marrying into the Tribe so as to become eligible for all the privileges,perks and benefits accrued as a member of the singularly Divine …… jewhiss clan. It can only happen in the proper and permanent sense by way of and for the matrilineal fact of the siring of at least 4.2 yodelling Yidlet kvetchers of the mechanistic …. Borg variety.

    The only problem is in having this thing for hairy, no ……… very, hairy , ostensibly FeMale 6 13 ….. size 19 ……Hippopottamic … Heebesses ……and while not in the least or at all fascistic here, THEY 58 are all inevitably of the hihgly hirsute …. antifa persuasion..

    So it probably cannot possibly happen. Another whimsical dream denied .. by the jews.

    • NZ attack happened on Pi Day America time (14/3)
      Norweigian attack happened on 22/7 (another Pi)
      NZ attack happened on 13:40 NZ time (third Pi)
      Attacks want to demonize and disarm white religious Christians and call them terrorists serving a ruling left wing government agenda, same like ISIS demonizes religious Muslims.

  • NZ attack happened on Pi Day America time (14/3)
    Norweigian attack happened on 22/7 (another Pi)
    NZ attack happened on 13:40 NZ time (third Pi)
    Attacks want to demonize and disarm white religious Christians and call them terrorists, same like ISIS demonizes religious Muslims.