Former Digger wins the battle of Canning by-election


Andrew Hastie has pulled off a victory to retain the Western Australian seat of Canning for the Liberal Party, defeating Labor candidate Matt Keogh and glamorous academic and Greens hopeful Vanessa Rauland.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 10.23.27 PMAndrew Hastie has managed the win only days after Malcolm Turnbull’s ousting of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

Are you happy with the result in the Canning by-election?

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  • Da Pigg

    On this, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, would have preferred to see more primary votes for the Pirate Party candidate in order to register disgust at Macolm Turnbull’s pirating of the Liberal Party.

  • Your alphabetical opposites were declaring a win for Hastie as a tick for Turnbull before the polls even opened today. And Julie Bishop made sure the cameras found her at Andrew Hastie’s side. The word ‘lamprey’ comes to mind.

  • JayBee

    The ALP/Fairfax slandering of Hastie (cutting off Taliban hands, religious nutterdom slurs) backfired and the feedback indicated a Hastie win despite the concerted campaign from the left.

    I believe that the swing away from the Libs would have been less than the 5% recorded today, if it were not for Turnbull’s disgusting coup against Abbott.

  • Beth Hammond

    A win is a win. I tend to agree with JayBee, I feel that the win would have been stronger if TA was still at the helm. Decrease in % maybe the backlash from disgruntled Lib voters.