Fraser Anning building grassroots support despite online shenanigans


It is possible that One Nation is spooked by Senator Fraser Anning’s plans to establish the Conservative National Party, as somebody has purchased the online domain names and, and redirected them to sign-up pages for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party.

Anning’s office has responded to these shenanigans in good humour, stating in a press release that they constitute “an apparent recognition of the truth and value of Senator Fraser Anning’s policies”, and that “the most sincere compliment you can receive from your political rivals is when they copy you.”

Last week online trolls attempted to discredit Senator Anning with the fake meme below, although The XYZ is unaware as to its origin:

Senator Anning’s office has informed The XYZ that this meme is fake and does not represent Senator Anning’s policy position.

Facebook has also removed a page for the Conservative National Party, and GoFundMe removed a page collecting donations, both on the spurious pretext of breaching so-called “community standards”.

The press release goes on to make more substantive criticisms of One Nation via a spokesman for Senator Anning:

“Everywhere Senator Anning goes, he meets former One Nation supporters who have become disillusioned with Pauline and now want to support him…

“She [Pauline Hanson] refuses to oppose indiscriminate non-European migration including black Sudanese and even appears to have flip-flopped on her previous opposition to Muslim immigration, shockingly even endorsing a Muslim candidate who supports Sharia law.

“When Senator Anning called for a restriction on non-European immigration in his maiden speech, Pauline said it was “straight out of Goebbel’s handbook.””

Put simply, it appears that the One Nation Party is attempting to mainstream its image on a civic nationalist platform, which leaves Fraser Anning as the only genuine ethnic nationalist, or as Adam Piggott has put it the only genuine right winger, in Federal parliament.

Meanwhile, despite a mainstream media blackout, Senator Anning has been quietly building grassroots support across the country, including a listening tour of regional Queensland.

Meetings have also been held for supporters of his new party in major centres, and this weekend the Senator will be in Melbourne. You can find details regarding this event here.

The XYZ will be in attendance, and we hope to speak to Senator Anning and his supporters. Given Melbourne’s reputation as a hive of scum and villainy, and particularly the terrorist far left’s history of disrupting conservative and nationalist events in Melbourne, there may also be some real life shenanigans.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Thank you for the link to the events – I’d hoped he’d be doing something where we can go and listen to him speak.
    What is even better is that he is doing country areas…. Everyone knows that if the Lefties turn up there and try to start violence, they’re going to get it in return and in spades.

    • Bumpstock reloaded

      Absolutely none at the Plough Inn at South Bank Tuesday night, seems they’re all spending their dole and Austudy getting out to Deebing Creek. If they had, they’d still be hosing Marxist off the pavement. There were some impressively huge blokes in attendance.

      • Repeal fake marriage

        Was it a good turnout?

        • Bumpstock reloaded

          About 100 people. Space was limited, the hall was packed. There was noise from the other bars so the man really needs to buy a portable PA system with microphone if he’s going to venues like this that dont supply it. I half expected it to be picketed being so close to a couple of unis and West End but not a single parasite turned up. Maybe they did earlier, and saw the lads they would have to content with and thought twice.

  • The Arcadia pulled out showing the usual corporate cowardice, under Daniel Andrews Victoria has a leftist hecklers veto.

    When is someone on the Right going to give the Left a taste of their own medicine?

    • Bucky Redux

      The pendulum must be close to reaching its arc to the left.
      Let’s hope its given some very forceful acceleration when it swings back to the far far right.
      This Lefty shit can’t go on forever.

    • Bumpstock reloaded

      “this weekend the Senator will be in Melbourne”

      One does not simply walk into Mordor.

      This will be something to watch. I hope the police are advised and he has some security. Also that TBC, UPF, SoO and Co will turn up to provide muscle.

      No doubt Antifa will start mob violence and the MSM will make Annings attendees look like the ones that initiated it if they defend themselves. Same story, you heard it here first.

  • Bumpstock reloaded
  • Anirtak76

    actually mate there are 6 so far we have found… and 3 still redirect to PHON. Stopped briefly yesterday around when the PHON site went down for a few hours then 3 started redirecting again. still no real answer from PHON… a few more details to add … skip to about 2:50 😀

  • Elizabeth Couchwoman

    We’ll be there! Looking forward to it 😀

  • I hope he continues as a Senator.

    Pointedly, I hope he lets people know to vote for him but to prepare for the worst. Because the experience of the UK and the USA shows us that there is definitely far worse to come. Ballarat and Bendigo will be turned into Muslim slums, it is only a matter of time.

    There is no solution at the ballot box.

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Breaking news – Fraser Anning has just been assaulted at his meeting in Melbourne. It was only an egg, but Fraser got a couple of good ones in after Patriots grabbed the little shit. I would have broken his nose if I was there. Was at the Brisbane meeting the other night with an eye out for this shit. His security needs to life his game, they’re not going to be satisfied with eggs.