Fraser Anning did nothing wrong!


Australian Senator Fraser Anning recently gave his maiden speech to Parliament. The reaction to this was as over the top as you can imagine.

Penny Wong, Adam Bandt, Tony Bourke, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, and the rest of the sycophantic elite piled on him, but was it all that bad?

I don’t think so, in fact I think the speech was a strong speech that really made a statement about Australian values, and that he said what many believe but are afraid to say.

The reaction proves just how out of touch the ALP, Liberals and Greens, as well as other major parties, really are. Not to mention the mainstream media.

Fraser Anning did nothing wrong!

If all goes to plan, we hope to have Senator Anning on a livestream tomorrow at 12 pm AEST. We will keep people posted. Find us at:

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  • 9x19parabellum

    Well said in your video mate.

    • Mattys Modern Life


  • Tamaveirene

    Fraser Anning seems an eminently sensible person. I saw his interview with (yuk) Mark Riley. He won. All this bonhomie over the Parliamentary Despatch Box between those two sleazes Turnbull and Shorten is truly stomach turning!

  • clemilf

    What I hear, is an adversity to the concept of democracy, much like the resistance of Trump’s democratic election. I have never heard a political party reqeting 1000000 a year pop growth.

  • Noachideous

    If an evidence base approach is taken, then the evidence suggests that White people worldwide are the subject of an attempted genocide by means of immigration of others.

    It is not satisfactory to wait for the outcome to prove the contention true, but that is what most YT people appear happy to do. And most YT people do it for not wanting to falsely accuse , to avoid the opprobrium of a seemingly complicit press and and for the fact that a good doxxing of the kosher kind might be in order.

    Kosher affiliated doxxers like JAF, FightDemBack and SlackBastard 38 …do it for reasons of religious imperative…. and it is probably unlawful to do so in Australia. Hence the “atheist” disguise. The religious symbolism suggests otherwise … JAF Eye Hand for ….. 10 16 58 for 26or17 58… then 42 58 for 1948.

    To circumvent the outcome and have White People survive as a viable race of people, just like others, YT people are going to need to oppose it as a race of people and act as a stoic and unapologetic ……racial block.

    A moratorium on all non-white immigration is in order …. right now.

    Then an engineered ratio-metric solution applied where the Australian population is returned to …… for the purpose of initiating a conversation and debate, say 90% YT and 10 % other.

    These numbers are good for it for the fact that the numbers 9 and 1 , by Sum and Product , represent a recurrent, circular calculation. 9+1 … 9×1 .. for 10 9 .. returning by sum to 19…

    Call it the Divine ….. ratio metric circle of Life.

    The ratio would ensure that the multicultural hordes derived of other homogeneous racial nations would never be sufficient in number to vote majority Whites into the genocidal grave as appears to be increasingly the case now.

    The deracinators and goy whisperers will wail as they do of chromophobia etc ad infinitum, but that is not the case. The racial nations of others are not threatened by YT people, because by and large, YT people are quite happy doing their own thing….. There are no YT specific religious incitements that demand YT people seek and assert dominion overs others.

    But there are attached to certain other minority groups, and the legislature proves excellejument leverage by which one’s religious will can be imposed on the majority European population in Australia.

    It is why THEY are there. To make the religion come true. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it.

  • I finally got organised and listened to the full speech on the Dingoes yesterday.

    It was marvellous.

    It would be nice to live in an Australia where the most successful Australians loved their country.