Fraser Anning’s CNP have published their party platform, and it’s awesome


Remember when you were a kid at the movies, how excited you’d get when, at the moment when evil seemed all-powerful and all hope seemed lost, the hero would find a last deep reservoir of strength to draw from, kill the villain, get the chick, save the world and restore your faith in a moral universe?

I do. And that’s pretty much what the rise of Fraser Anning looks like today. Arthur drawing Excalibur, Beowulf decapitating Grendel’s mother, Van Damme in Bloodsport using his ninja skills to destroy Li while he’s blinded and win the Kumite for the glory of his race and the honour of his sensei.

What a time to be alive.

Check it out.

The objects of Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party are to promote:i) the vision of Sir Henry Parkes…

Posted by Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party on Monday, January 14, 2019

You had me at “an English speaking, predominantly European Christian Commonwealth”, and it only got better from there. Focusing on assimilation and the family as the fundamental unit of society is a return to the commonsense approach we had before the cultural Marxists inverted our thinking as a means to destroy us. Restoring the sacrosanct rights of the individual to speech, property, firearms and private enterprise unfettered by Big Sister control freaks is a masterstroke of political genius.

If those objectives don’t resonate with you in your Anglo-Celtic Aussie bones, you need to cut the soy out of your diet.

The free-market fundamentalists are going to kvetch a little at the emphasis on collective bargaining and an end to usury (!), but they need to ask themselves whether their cult has served the interests of the working man in this country. Free market ideology has been great for everyone outside the West. It has been terrible for those of us who have seen the effects of deindustrialisation, outrageous asset inflation, the loss of work security and the use of debt to make ends meet. If you’re uneasy at anyone questioning free market ideology, Vox’s explanation of his transition away from that philosophy of rootless cosmopolitanism might get your noggin joggin.

Let’s leave the quibbles about economics, demographics and religion to the side for the moment, though. This is a time for us to purge those blackpills, sharpen our swords in Minecraft and prepare for battle. This fight is going to be hard and it’s going to be long.

But at least now, we’re fighting back.

Reclaim your birthright

  • Andrew Thompson

    Wew, the gays are safe at least

    • Bumpstock

      You prefer polytheism? I’m curious though, what denomination is Anning? Hopefully it’s a Replacement Theology church.

      • Andrew Thompson

        I mean, I’m an atheist, but I find polytheistic lore more compelling

        • Jamie Blank

          Poly eventually reaches the concepts held in shinto, at which point, enlightenment to mono can occur… Anything less than mono is a recipe for finding false gods. There is only one God, the Father, the Almighty, Maker of all that is, seen and unseen.

          • Andrew Thompson

            And that sounds like a meaningless existence for a god

            Existence without conflict and obstacles to overcome sounds disgusting

          • Jamie Blank

            It’s Grade A 100% pure self actualisation, ladies and gentlemen, disco shit, as pure as the driven snow.

    • Bumpstock

      “Wew, the gays are safe at least”

      For now………

    • Repeal fake marriage

      I don’t think the proponents of the gay agenda are though.

    • entropy

      Then maybe you’re not a leftist? Maybe that’s just the presumed default state for gays.

      What do you think of Milo?

      • Andrew Thompson

        Do not care for him

        I’m keynsian economically, but really I’m just more indifferent at this point as I find all parts of the political spectrum to be insufferable

        • entropy

          He was great before he sold out.

          Politicians are insufferable, but life is politics. You don’t seem stupid enough to be an anarchist, so that comes across as equivocation. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

          • Andrew Thompson

            I do stand for things, but at the same time I have no real drive as I find the struggle more valuable than actual victory

          • Andrew Thompson

            Eh, shit happens and I don’t have any real power to affect it

            And my views are all over the board so it’s not like I have any real group I can align with

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Like it, so long as the collective bargaining is voluntary and people can opt out and negotiate individual contracts then I don’t see an issue with it.

    Ending usury is fantastic, the finance industry is not a free-market and usury is not capitalism it’s usury and it’s backed by the State.

    Love the emphasis on individual rights including gun rights.

    He even stuck it to the gay marriage morons.

    This is the most propertarian platform of any party in the country, no wonder the establishment hate him.

    God bless Fraser Anning but this article is missing a link to where we can sign up!

    • Taipan

      Matty I would suggest free enterprise is a better term. A capitalist makes nothing he is an owner and his marxist minions are his drone zombies.

    • Al Cid

      What is it with usury? We now pay the lowest interest in the thirty years I’ve been here. Still not competitive when compared with Europe or the U.S., but it’s not too bad. Or is it?

    • John Sheppard

      Is it time for all like-minded conservatives to move to the same state so there are enough to elect a party like this to run said state? Thinking WA to get away from all the crazies on the east coast …

      • Minging

        WA is long gone… Freo and Perth are as close to Melbourne councils as you will get. The closest you’re going to get is if the push by Katter and Christensen to split QLD ever comes to fruition. I’ve just bought another investment property in Yepoon after my first in MacKay hoping for exactly that.

    • Taipan

      Anning has a bit of old school agrarian socialism thrown in!

  • Jamie Blank

    Until I see a real photo of Anning riding a horse bareback, shirtless, while firing a 303 at a wild beast… he’s still going to be a lefty…

  • Jamie Blank

    Carpet muncher sounds far more refined than lezzo.

  • Taipan

    This is the Fightback package we were meant to have.

  • Bucky Redux

    Mr. Anning has my total support.
    But just watch the establishment try to take him down, the hypocrites.

  • LadyMoonlight

    The Media and the Lefties are going to find a way to discredit and destroy him. Who wants to make a bet that within the next few months a woman, or more likely women, will make accusations against him for sexual harassment, or, problems with his finances and registering his party (happened to Pauline Hanson when they went for her jugular), or maybe even some beta, soy-boy male will make an accusation. As we all know, the accusations don’t have to have even a tiny grain of truth, they just have to be made.

  • John Sheppard

    I wonder where Cory Bernardi and his Australian Conservatives sit with regards to Anning? Cory is not one to say controversial things (which shouldn’t be controversial unless you are a lefty), however Anning just says it like he sees it. I am hoping AC will team up with Anning, but Anning maintain the plan he has listed above.

    All these right-wing parties are great, but without unity they are not going to get very far against the collective insanity of the likes of the greens and labor. And the liberals to some extent …

  • Takes me back to the fifties which at my age – over seventy, I remember well. Those were the days – conscription, Aboriginal Australians classified as fauna, domestic violence tolerated, but never spoken about, gays bashed, life expectancy ten years less than now, and child abuse by institutions tolerated. No wonder he got a total of 16 votes, one of which was his own.

    • The Expanding Man

      Let me see – housing was much more affordable, families could survive on only one salary (and Australians had the second highest standard of living in the world), women were, generally speaking, happier than they are today on every metric measurement, children were raised by their stay at home mothers in stable nuclear families (rather than by bored 19 year olds with hangovers in the child care sector) and as a result, had much less mental health problems than they do today.
      Societies were more cohesive, had greater social capital, more trust, more co-operation and volunteering than today.

      • women were, generally speaking, happier than they are today on every metric measurement,
        Care to provide the “metric measurement” – on this, or any of the other statements you made?

        • The Expanding Man

          What is your purpose in posting here? Answer that honestly.
          And be warned – we have sharp noses for bullshit on this site.

          • I have an ICD (Inbuilt Crap Detector). It gets plenty of use on this site.

        • The Expanding Man

          On reflection – I am prepared to accept that you are here on good faith. Go away and read Keith McDonald “Culture of Critique” and Robert Putnam “Bowling Alone” and then we can talk.

        • Jai_Normosone

          Ridiculous comment.
          You know full well that there is no metric for that and it cannot be proven. People see the world as it changes and reflect on what was and how things were felt to be before it got bastardised.

          How about you provide a metric on Aboriginals being regarded as fauna?
          You cannot.
          Nobody can.

          It appears that you also have conscription confused with National Service.

          The bashing of gays. Where is your metric for that? Are you stating some fact that it doesn’t happen anymore?

          Domestic violence tolerated? Bullshit! It never was! People just never spoke about it because it was believed to be a point of shame. Plenty of blokes got a flogging from others when it was found out that they hit a woman.

          Children abused in institutions is not and has not ever been “tolerated” – the issue is that it was not known by the wider community and there was always those who did know and chose to do nothing about it.
          Did you know about it and chose to ignore it?
          Did you know of domestic violence and chose to ignore it?
          How many people ignored these situations? Metrics please!

          It looks like your 70+ years doesn’t include the learning of as much information as you think it does and somehow believe that the world today is a much better place with the breakdown of the family unit and the acceptance of many degrading and immoral acts.

          • How about you provide a metric on Aboriginals being regarded as fauna?
            The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 gave the NSW Government control over Aboriginal heritage and landscape.

            It appears that you also have conscription confused with National Service.

            “National service” was a euphemism for conscription.

    • Bucky Redux

      Numbers, you’re back !

    • entropy

      Still, growing up as a gay aborigine who was bashed by his mother, at least you beat that life expectancy curve.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Conscription/national service should be mandatory. Abos classed as fauna never hurt a single aborigine. The only abos complaining are the white educated marxists. Domestic violence happens in any society, particularly ones that have lost their moral compass. Gays deserved it. They are a dangerous immorality that can infect and have infected contemporary society. Their day will come if they don’t repent. Child abuse by institutions were targeted by despicable homosexual oriented criminals. How does one stop that? Not by condoning perversion.

      • Conscription/national service should be mandatory
        Nothing to stop you from volunteering.