Fuck refugees


Anyone else old enough to remember this 1980’s schoolyard classic:

How do you kill an Ethiopian?

Throw a Rice Bubble off a cliff.

It was pretty funny when you were in grade four, and every time you watched It’s a Knockout! or Sale of the Century you’d be enjoying yourself until you had an image like this shoved in your face.

Where's my rice bubble?

The point of which was to make you feel guilty for being rich, make you give money to globalist non-profits and ultimately to flood your country with the people in the pictures.

The equivalent to the 1980’s starving Ethiopians in the current year is when Zuckerberg interrupts your social media right-wing echo chamber with shit like this.

Don't think, just give.

Now before you few females who still read XYZ (you gallant few) flame me in the comments for being a monster, ask yourself a few questions.

How ‘real’ is that image? What is the purpose of that image? How concerned with that crying infant are the people who captured, arranged, presented and paid for that image to be shown to you?

The problem with this shithole-world misery porn we get from orgs like Amnesty is that they provide no context, no real information and certainly no appreciation of the complexity of why shitholes exist and why our country isn’t one.

It’s just propaganda. And you know you’re being manipulated by some serious deep state propaganda whenever there’s a little child there to pull your heartstrings.

Like the testimony by Nayirah al-Sabah in front of the US Congressional Human Rights Caucus who cried about Iraqi soldiers during the 1990 invasion of Kuwait taking incubators out of hospitals and leaving the babies to “die on the floor”.

Her report was corroborated by Amnesty International at the time. The subsequent invasion of Iraq killed about 50 000 people.

It was bullshit; a propaganda campaign run out of the Kuwaiti embassy to create support for the war. She was the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter.

More recently, the death of Syrian boy Alan Kurdi on a Turkish beach in 2015 was used by Amnesty and the usual misery profiteers of the left to scold and berate us for causing such a horror through our bigotry. This bilge, from a piece by the Telegraph, is pretty standard.

Again, the context that the Marxists left out changed the narrative entirely. It turns out Abdullah Kurdi, Alan’s father, was the human smuggler leading the trip. The following year he was charged, along with two other men, for organising the human smuggling expedition. Didn’t see that on any Amnesty press releases though.

You won’t find any reference to that in the leftist media either, because the Marxists don’t care about poor little Alan. They just want to use his corpse as part of their ideological crusade against bigoted whites.

The people who work at the ground level in these non-profits like Amnesty are all low-info Marxist fanatics. I know, because I used to volunteer at one of their offices when I was a teenager (I blame those anorexic Ethiopians for that). The pink-haired porpoises who send out press releases and make social media posts for Amnesty are not smart people. They don’t know enough about the world to think critically about such topics. They’ve just drunk the neo-Marxist Kool Aid that white people are privileged and that our relative wealth and happiness exists because the brown world is poor and miserable.

It’s retarded, yep, but that’s how these SJW’s think.  Everything is a zero-sum game for them.

Those childless catladies never ask themselves who started the Syrian conflict which has killed thousands upon thousands of little kids. Who blew up their little bodies? Who decimated their neighbourhoods? Who levelled whole fucking cities with little children inside them?

That gay smirk.

That’s right, you porpoises. Your smiling Hip PoC Prez did it to advance a geopolitical agenda involving oil rights, pipelines and the neoconservative Great Game to crush Russia and maintain full spectrum dominance for the same globalist elite who control and fund organisations like Amnesty International.

But that’s too fucking hard to find out, so instead the SJW’s roll out the misery porn as though those incinerated babies are the fault of conservative whites.

Enough. Our Christian good nature and the misdirected maternal instinct of our women has been hacked by these elites for far too long.

White sharia
Sharia is going to be more fun for me that it will be for you, ladies.

Charles Dickens called it ‘telescopic philanthropy’, and rightly condemned it. And he was a socialist! Jesus told us to love our neighbour, and bringing in millions of strangers who were blown up by the same globalist elite oppressing us as part of a multi-decade plan to destroy Christian civilisation is not helping anyone.

We can send money voluntarily, sure. We can certainly fight to end the globalist tyranny which has created such horrors as the Syrian conflict. But enough with this ‘refugee’ psyop which has been perpetrated upon us since the Second World War. Enough bringing in incompatible, hostile races to disrupt and destroy the country our forefathers gave to us.

These people aren’t ‘refugees’. They’re low-agency invaders. If we’re going to be demographically replaced, let’s have some kind of worthwhile selection process. Like a war.

The approach the Marxists have taken, to great success, is to make us feel guilty for our fortunate birth. We don’t deserve to be so rich, so carefree, so civilised. It’s not fair! These people must be given what we have, since we don’t deserve it anyway, so that everyone can be equally miserable.

It’s the same strategy the early socialists used against the aristocratic families and royal houses of Europe. It’s unfair that some are born better off. Redistribution is in order. This time, though, the redistribution is of people, not lands. The result will be the same though. Civilisation will be degraded and destroyed, and everyone will end up equally miserable under the Big Sister bootheel of the neo-Marxist control freaks.

The people we bring will not become like us. They will make here like there.

There are people around the world who we should take, though. Top of the list is the Boers, who our cucked politicians sold out decades ago and who are about to become extinct in the same way the Rhodesians did.

The language of South Africa’s rainbow kang leaders is becoming more violent by the day.

There are also quite literally millions of white Europeans and Canadians with whom we share ancestral bonds looking for refuge away from the multiplying swarthy hordes. For those Australians who would like to see a return to a White Australia Policy but worry about atrocities should it be implemented, this is a workable solution to retain the white Australian demographic majority without anyone getting gassed.

Put Ahmed and Bongo on the first plane out, and let our fellow European refugees fly in. Just imagine the autistic screeching from the left. It’d be glorious.

The world is red in tooth and claw, and our ancestors handed to us an island of civility and decency in this ocean of human suffering. There is no opening the floodgates just a little. These shithole people already feel entitled to what we’ve got because of the anti-white programming they get at school and from TV.

They might not be smart enough to sustain civilisation, but they’re smart enough to know that they want its fruits.

Build the wall, bar the gates and sink the boats. It’s the only way to ensure that the whole world doesn’t become a shithole like Somalia.

Or Melbourne.

BTFO Bongo

Apologies for the swearing. This topic really pisses me off.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Moses, excellent article again. When I first discovered your writings, along with XYZ, nearly a couple of years ago, I did not know who to direct my profanity at. Indeed, at that time I knew something was exceedingly awry, but could not pinpoint the cause. Now, thanks to XYZ and writers such as yourself, Piggot and Rosas et.al, there is a defined target for my increasingly bad language. But this is not what will win the day. Christianity must shake off its self induced slumber and remilitarise in thought, word and deed. Just as Christ threw the money lenders out of the temple, Christianity must excise society’s ills. By violent means if necessary. I am certain that ‘turn the other cheek’ did not mean, ‘abandon all Godly morality and let perversion reign supreme’.

    • Addelad

      Spot on. In DH’s last sentence, I’d argue it is not “this topic” – it is THE topic.

    • Cate.

      Hey ‘Rerealfakemarriage’- bit of a side issue- did you see Bermuda repealed fake marriage?

      • Repeal fake marriage

        Yes indeed I did. Personally, I think this is the number one domestic issue that must be crushed without mercy in order to get society back on track. Internationally we have to completely stop incompatible immigration and start deporting the filth who reached our shores. Then hold politicians and ‘celebrities’ to account for both issues.

  • Michael Tavuzzi

    Spot on ! Every country has the right, and the duty to its future generations, to fight to preserve its national identity, its cultural heritage and its way of life. Charity begins at home!

  • Jai_Normosone

    Excellent article.
    Of course, the members of the Professionally Insulted will howl and wail at the title of the piece without even reading it (or having it read to them) – but the content is valid and certainly truthful… Something that the SJWs and Amnesty are not capable of achieving.

  • Sam Vimes

    The only slightly coherent argument I’m
    given re the European multicultural invasion is “aging western populations” – liberal friends like that one. When challenged with the counter point that western governments need not invite a multicultural dystopia, they could a) encourage policies for their populations to have more kids b) invite in other like-minded folks from say Italy, Spain etc or god forbid South African whites, they revert to type and point out there IS NO issue with multiculturalism … I remember pointing out on the morning of the Aylan Kurdi tragedy that it looks a helluva lot like propaganda to me, I was almost chased out of my office!

  • W. Hunter

    “Put Ahmed and Bongo on the first plane out, and let our fellow European
    refugees fly in. Just imagine the autistic screeching from the left.
    It’d be glorious.”

    If only we could get Elon Musk to start a free Space X shuttle service to transit all these savages to the Asteroid belt on a one way trip.
    Better still, given Space X flight records, the rockets would blow up on the launch pad.

    • belt fed 7.62mm

      No need. They have a habbit of spontaneously combusting when they get angry at cartoons of their “prophet”.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • belt fed 7.62mm

    Bloody well said and you don’t need to apologise for swearing. The left and all their dindu “refugees” can all go and get fucked!

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘…same globalist elite who control and fund organisations like Amnesty International’
    Did you just make that up David? I’d like to know exactly how you can justify this statement.

    • I’ve called you out before, kike.

      • Hyper Future Vision

        This has been another excellent article. The author is definitely on target.

        It’s interesting that Amnesty International was established by a Jew.

        It reminds me of the Weimar Republic years preceding Hitler’s rise to power and the odd coincidence of Jews being in positions of power within the subversive groups. I once read a book about this era where the author was forced to explain (repeatedly) that is was purely coincidence that the groups eventually defeated by the Freikorps were directly controlled by Jews.

        I wrote a comment a few weeks ago about the Jewish “Never again” mentality being extremely detrimental to western civilization. They will always fear extermination or forced emigration and will naturally take any measure to prevent this from happening. I honestly understand why they find this important.

        The problem is however this essentially makes them a millstone around a societies neck. They are so heavily embedded within our society that they can exert influence to shut down anything racist out of fear that if one racial/cultural group can be rejected, they would most likely follow.

        This isn’t natural for a society to be so limited in deciding it’s ultimate destiny. At the moment the basic logic is that if something isn’t working the society as a whole must simply tolerate the problem. Any deviation from this mindset will result in shuttening procedures being implemented.

        If you really think about it, racism is a strong and purely natural reaction; nature would not have allowed us to evolve this ability if it wasn’t useful. Most Jews expect us to simply stop using a part of our minds so that they can feel safe. They might as well expect their host societies be lobotomized.

        We were not evolved to be suppressed and thought controlled like this.


        • Noachideous

          The world that jew is attempting to create is as repellent to the ear as jewish deceit itself in many cases.

          Judaism is “religion” that demands jews seek and assert dominion over non-jews….. That is the true source of “Anti-Semitism” that the ADC and ADL wail about …… Though even this is questionable in the context of the “singular purpose of the creation” view point made by some of itz exemplars. And may be another step on the judas road to acceptance of a complete goyische genocide all together.

          While others not jew of a nationalist bent appear to have no issue with a multi-polar world of independent, identifiably different and self determinate racial nations ….. Judaism identifies in terms of a racial dipole…. jew and not jew.

          Hence the attempt by jew to manufacture a universal, goyische melange where one is not discernible from the other. The atomistic universal of the fucked up, UN compatible, raceless automaton.
          The perfect …. kneeling….. Noahide.


          It is described in this by Michael Higger

          • Hyper Future Vision

            You have an impressive knowledge of their religion.

            I consider Judaism a powerful memetic virus of the mind.

            I really don’t care too much for their religion apart from it’s biological and historical origins.

            I had a paragraph laden reply filled only with speculation on their genetics and the admixture of Jewish communities based in the west drafted but the subject is still quite controversial, genetic scientists in Israel are well aware of the minefield of determining Jewishness.

            The draft post can boiled down to this:

            I think most of the Jews living here are essentially European, if they were to undergo DNA ancestry testing they would find only a very small percentage of it originated a semitic region. Genetic admixture has affected them severely. The traits of semetic people are very obvious, you can tell if someone has ancestry from the middle east… I believe they have a deep seated inferiority complex about their origins and have intentionally assimilated as many of our traits as possible through means of selective breeding over thousands of years.

            Their religion allows them to be a part of the community of gods chosen people. They consider their moral compass to be superior for this reason hence they believe their subversive tactics to be morally justified.

            We need to somehow awaken them so that they can understand how irrational they are. They are holding us back from competing as nature intended with their bullshit and it must stop.

            I think that once quantum physics unveils the building blocks of nature it will unravel the true probabilistic nature of reality, in my mind it is only a matter of time until religion is considered an archaic form of memetic mind control.

            I essentially have a Christian mindset and morals, I can even acknowledge that the archaic thought control I speak of has also influenced me but learning about nature has allowed me to glimpse at the seemingly infinite complexity of reality.

            I only hope that I am still around when a true genius eventually makes sense of extent of this complexity and how nature has used it to painstakingly craft everything in existence.


  • Many of us have volunteered with this or that supposedly noble organisation when younger only to find that the truth is completely irrelevant and that all that matters is the campaign. After the initial disbelief phase it gets sickening to the point where one withdraws and from a distance realises the truth.

    These are all jewish run, established, funded or at the very least inspired and influenced organisations. Truth doesn’t matter them as a result. And neither do consequences to our society.

  • Roar!

  • Noachideous

    Refugeeism is another component in the ongoing attempt at YT genocide.
    Many of the comfortably numb people you’ll attempt to convince of an agenda bigger than their individuated selves will only ever see such things as a conspiracy theory.

    Some will Dog Whistle that those speaking in an uncomfortable and insensitive manner might even be Nutz.

    A metric that might be useful in assessing the matter of a covert ethnocidal or genocidal motivation behind Australia’s immigration policy is the metric of consent.

    White Australians were not consulted by any Government with the abandonment of the White Australia policy, and neither were indigenous Britons ……. with shared immigration outcomes over time not different to an apparent auto-genocide.

    Immigration and its demographic outcomes in Britain and occupied Germany are precisely the same. So much for “winning” the war and the poignant wailings of theatrical convenience about the ‘sacrifice’…. from the mouths of indifferent or complicit political filthe on ANZAC day.

    No AngloCeltic YT leader who could be said to sincerely represent the greater collective will of his people has ever advocated for the extermination of either the Briton or the occupied German.

    A society characterised by informed consent ?….. or another characterised by enforced ignorance …… The latter represents at least, Australia.

  • Peter Harris

    Rambling crap, put together by poor white trash, for the benefit of other poor white trash.