Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys VS Kaz “the Commie” Ross


Gavin McInnes is touring Australia soon, and Kaz Ross has a long-winded piece in The Conversation telling everyone how bad he is. She also doesn’t like the fact that non-Leftists exist.

It’s about what you’d expect – while noting some facts, it ignores facts that are highly relevant simply because they are inconvenient.

As such her arguments need to be comprehensively rebutted.

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  • James

    Love your work Matty.
    Agree all it’ll take is to overcome the fear and say what’s true. You’re right they’ll call us names anyway.
    A hard part is getting others to see through the caring lamb costume the communists wear and recognise what it’s hiding.
    Hard to pinpoint when it started. Some would point to the ’60s counter culture movement. Here in Tas to my memory the greenyism thing was the communists vehicle for a long time. I blame the Hawke gov’ and the high court at the time for the dams case ruling. It screwed Tasmania over, as well as the other states and gave a sense of legitimacy to the green movement. Tassie was industriously forging ahead till that point then it was like we’d hit a brick wall. (Infuriating thing was more recently Bob Brown admitted we should’ve built that dam.)
    “Caring for the Environment” is the excuse the commies use to get a say over your land and what you do.
    Hawke legitimised them. Made them seem like more than just stinking hippies. Then Keating did the nature conservation act and then came Howard and the take over of all land and property went on steroids. But the enviro thing’s run it’s course now. Not sure if that’s because they’re back to being seen as stinking hippies and other assorted rent seekers or if the job’s complete.
    Now it’s moved from control of your stuff to control of all thought with this sjw rubbish. The purpose hasn’t changed though. It’s still about smashing the foundations.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      The purpose is clear, to make people accept the clear abuse and criminality of their own government.

      Case in point: Dick Ears Daniel Andrews, the most criminal Premier in living memory is way ahead in the polls, both 2PP and preferred Premier.

      If that doesn’t make you lose all faith in Democracy nothing will.

      • James

        Brainwashed. A younger generation coming through now who can’t see any propblem with having to beg for and buy permissions, or with others having control over their stuff. They just shrug and think maybe it’s for the best. And they vote. To many older ones who should know better think the same way too.

        But what other than democracy? The strict limitations the American system put on the state and set down rights is about the best I can imagine to try to prevent the criminality. The way that system’s resisted strongly here’s perhaps an indication it’s what’s needed.
        Here they argue that system puts power in the hands of a judiciary instead of an elected government. Not sure that’s quite right but having power in the hands of a corrupt and criminal government can’t be better.

    • Bucky Redux

      I agree with your thoughts.

      The sixties happy & freedom loving hippies movement morphed into a long greasy haired Greeny movement in the 70’s and 80’s.
      It was an extension of bucking the system.

      Save the Franklin and Save the Whales.
      Solar power was on the horizon. Recycle your own shit for gardening.
      Sunbury Rock Festival/High School kids being pushed marijuana and lefty hippies handing out banned copies of The Little Red School Book.

      Now we have full blown Marxists and bitter feminists who have weaponised gender and race and all the other PC nonsense, aided and abetted by their comrades in the media.
      The ABC in particular.
      It’s sobering to see that the freedom loving anti establishment hippies of the 70’s have morphed into jackbooted totalitarian mindset dictators.

      Will be interesting to see how Victoria (Venezuela) fares in the next decade, as it goes full Commie. It’s sort of becoming like Qld was in the 70’s, a banana republic.

      What a fucked up world we live in.

      • James

        Thinking this must be what it was like for those living in soviet socialist influenced countries last century. Being lectured all the time by well meaning busybody morons who aren’t any good at anything themselves.

  • Jai_Normosone

    You must get sick of being told that you have created yet another excellent video 🙂

  • Jai_Normosone

    The thing about the left – and people who slag off at people who disagree with them – is that they are seeking to control that person and the discussion.

    Think about it….

    When someone screams “racist” at a ‘normal’ right-thinking person (aka: a mentally balanced person): Their first response is to go into defensive mode and say that they are not. At that very moment, the hate-filled person calling out the name has control of that situation.

    So – how do you counter it?

    1. When they scream a name. Shrug your shoulders and go “meh” or, even better, confuse them right where they stand and laugh and agree with them. In these situations, words are meaningless (as they have shown).
    2. When they come at you with a weapon – defend yourself. No screaming – no yelling – no lowering yourself to their position. Hit hard – hit fast – take out the closest one.

    The simple fact is that those of us who’ve worked more than a day in our lives, often for shit money, and know about slog – are not going to get anywhere with moonbats who refuse to consider discussion with you to find out what it going on, and also refuse to consider that if they choose to hit someone they disagree with, that person may well hit back.