Gay brigade hurl racist abuse at Anthony Mundine for criticising infinity bumsex


What do you do if you’re a raving queer and one of your spirit brutha allies goes full Muslim and demands you be thrown off roofs?

Mundine Out in Perth

Call for him to be executed, apparently.

FB comments 1

Or say he’s punch-drunk retarded…

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has a tiny dick…

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and needs to go back to the jungle.

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And be publicly flogged.

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Who does that type of thing, again?

Oh, that’s right.

Bondage KSA style

To gays.

These KKK-tier commenters are not from the local chapter of the White Australia Policy Restoration Front. They’re from a Facebook page called Equal Marriage Rights Australia, which has 325,000 likes.

And a logo which looks suspiciously like a nod to their Aboriginal allies.

EMRA Aboriginal map

Seems that Noble Savage/fairy drag queen nexus of leftist solidarity is looking a little shaky, in yet another example of intersectionality failing as the postmodern left eats itself (out).

The truth is, Aborigines, Muslims and gays have no common cause except a hatred of whites. They’ve been stirred up by campus Marxists and Soros-funded non-profits to believe they are part of some global underclass of the oppressed, victimised by evil whitey. Now opportunistic and deranged ones are using this revolutionary moment to get attention, money and fame.

Mundine’s been pretty good at that, so far.

hyh76tr54 photo
Are Mundine’s white bits privileged too?

Now he’s gone off script and started talking out of mosque. Malcolm X would not approve of such sloppiness, Anthony. You’ve got to wait until the moment is right before you force the infidels to convert, pay the jizya or die.

Muslim conquest
These neurosurgeons and accountants need welfare.

The anti-white-male alliance between the femmos, the gaybos, the Abos, the reffos and the muzzos was always going to be a temporary one.

Where do they think this all ends?

Sweden 2050


Mundine approves this message

  • OTRDefender
  • PaulMurrayCbr

    Oh incidentally, a word to all them Christian homosexuals: you know what the bible says happens to you in the afterlife, right? Christianity and Islam agree on most things (except pork, obviously), but christianity holds that the being thrown into a lake of boiling pitch happens later, whereas muslims believe that it’s their God-ordained duty do take care of business now. There’s really only one group of people that holds that you can do what you like in the privacy of your own home: it’s the group you are calling “islamophobes”.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Mundine and homosexualists. Both scrape the bottom of the barrel.

  • *chortles extensively*

  • belt fed 7.62mm

    The outrage against Anthony Mundine is less than the outrage against Margaret Court. I wonder if the Islam has anything to do with it.

    • Ron Mortimer

      Well spotted, belt fed. Anything is permissible against christians whereas moslems cause major problems for SJWs and the left generally.

      • belt fed 7.62mm

        We can deduce then that in the leftie vitim hierarchy, muslim converts are higher than women and gays.

        • Ron Mortimer

          I wish that they would publish an official victim hierarchy list with all the possible permutatons and combinations. We should all know right upfront if a white lesbian trumps a black moslem, if a disabled abbo female trumps a white trans anything. It’s so confusing as to who should be cheered and who should be booed. I might send an email to The Ministry of Truth suggesting such a list.

          • belt fed 7.62mm

            This is where postmodernism fails. The ultimate minority is the individual.

  • Manny

    So a section of the “left”, broadly-speaking as always, excoriates a Muslim aboriginal jock over SSM etc. and this is interpreted as “racism”?? And we know this because of the social media commentary. Very scientific XYZ, and about as accurate and meaningful as your Sep 25 story claim that 88% opposed gay marriage. Embarrassing.