Government commits to most powerful navy in history


The Australian Government has committed $70 billion to create Australia’s “most powerful navy in history”, and includes commissioning eight new submarines and 12 new warships, the Australian Newspaper reported.

The new defense ‘white paper’ will see a shift in focus to maritime power instead of lanHobart Class Destroyer impressiond forces, responding to the “pace and scale” of China’s recent military expansion.

The RAAF is also set for a boost to its capabilities, in addition to the acquisition of 72 F-35 ‘Joint Strike’ fighters, unmanned Triton maritime patrol drones will be purchased as well as the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) first armed drones.

Although the new defence white paper does not single out China as a potential threat, the expansion of Australia’s naval and air warfare capability is clearly in response to increasing tensions and territorial disputes in the region.

While this new direction in Australia’s defence will come at a cost to the ADF’s land forces, this significant boost to our nation’s naval and air power in seems to be a prudent and appropriate step in Australia’s defense planning future.

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Jeremy Morgan
Jeremy has worked as a kitchen hand, labourer and in policy development, and now prefers to focus his energies working with refugee and other disadvantaged communities. He enjoys boxing but isn't very good at it, and is a professional insomniac. Jeremy will know that he has "made it" when his opponents refer to him as a "pseudo-intellectual."