Greatness from Gab: The Demographic War


Gab is an amazing place. Imagine an island which serves as the place of banishment to where all the most annoying, obnoxious and dangerous people of a society are sent, only to realise that they include some of the most creative, insightful and subversive among their number.

Gab is that island, a digital island.

When all the shitlords got permabanned in the Great Expulsion of 2017, they went to Gab. You want to know why Trump got elected? Go to Gab.

Outside of Facebook, Gab provides the biggest level of social media engagement for is The XYZ. The platform isn’t perfect, but hey, you go to war with the army you have. You can find The XYZ on Gab at

Gab will change you. Here is a taste.

And there are plenty more where that came from.

It’s your XYZ.

  • Ryan

    Ari Shekelstein has some ripper Gab posts!

  • McMansplainer

    Enlighten me more on gab please.

    I imagine it is good for networking.
    It may be interesting and have great memes and banter like /pol/
    It’s nice to be able to say whatever you want too.

    The above three points may be more than enough to justify its existence.

    – But in terms of spreading the message, isn’t it pointless because it’s an echo chamber?
    – I guess you might further someone on their red pill journey, but are you red-pilling new people?
    – It’s not really a public forum, because everyone is saying the same thing?

    – You aren’t pressuring or persuading those in power because they’re not there?

    What percentage of normies (centre/centre-right) are you getting there, roughly?

    Any centre-left people at all?

    • Mattys Modern Life

      There are Leftists there, just not as many as Twitter and Facebook.

      There’s not that many normies but that’s because most normies are still on Facebook and once you get on gab it’s countdown to seeing the matrix.

      • Razorback

        Gab is Great

    • Ryan

      Not an eco chamber, but many vigilant edgelords on there who will hound the f-ck out of Zio-cuck-boomers who want to virtue signal by anti-Nazi posting.

      Plenty of well articulate content creators on the site (I strongly recommend analysis from @JaredHowe, @Cantwell, @occdissent, @jackcorbin, @Yatzie).

      There’s plenty of conflicting angles of dissent, it’s just those of us who’re red-pilled up to the eye-balls and have been booted from the main social media sites are beginning to go for the proverbially jugular.

      If those in POWER are happy to deploy their black bloc criminal rioters upon us to maintain their affluence, then (((they))) will only be PERSUADED when their blood is spilled in my opinion.

  • Bucky Redux

    Gab may be better than some, but it is still held to ransom by the big boys when it comes to true free speech. The hosting platforms have them by the nuts.

    I don’t think it (free speech) exists on the internet anymore, to be honest.
    It is a far different beast than 20 years ago, sadly.

    Isn’t Gab created and run by Mossad anyway ? Honeypot of sorts ?

    • Ryan

      I recommend folks set up accounts on and as back-ups. Thankfully I had @ceefoo follow up my ban from Gab in June, which got the attention of some sterling shitlords….

      • Bucky Redux

        thank you kindly for the links

        • Ryan

          No problems mate

    • entropy

      Bucky is right on the money here. Any centralised moderation is censorship, however you look at it.

      The only future for free speech on the Internet is in peer-to-peer networks like BitChute, which is a p2p video hosting service.

      In normie language, p2p is when content is hosted by the users rather than a central server (e.g. bittorrent networks like the pirate bay).

  • Mattys Modern Life

    Gab will change you.


  • Jamie Blank

    Google needs to be broken up. Antitrust is the only way forward.