Greece vote No to reason, Yes to Socialist self destruction


Like a former champion fronting up at Wimbledon for another ill-fated campaign, Greece showed some vintage form as it delivered the latest scene of the now-showing Greek tragedy. Lets give it a name: “My big fat Greek socialist implosion”.

imageWhat is fascinatingly compelling about this ongoing tragedy-farce, is the ideological determination of the Greeks to antagonize creditors, undo previous progress, lie, cheat, make confusing referendums in order to blame the people when it all turns into a mess that will make the situation 12 months ago look, well, decidedly first world.

Most viewers from the sidelines can see Greece steering itself toward the iceberg full steam ahead. The mighty SS Socialist-Welfare is the happiest ship and will never be defeated. Hoho. Zorba, fire up the music.

Or, to stay true to the classics, the Greeks just vowed to tear out the eyes of whoever is responsible for their imploding economy, upcoming default, and junk bond status in debt markets. We yell from the audience, it’s your own fault you tax avoiding early retiring corrupt socialist welfare fools.

Well, at least there was one benefit to reading the Greek tragedies as part of a white privilege education: One would learn from the folly and unwitting delusion of the characters in the narrative, and hopefully develop enough self awareness and self preservation to avoid finding oneself in the same situation.

Unfortunately, I believe that those of the Green-Socialist-Unionist-Watermelon ilk will be celebrating on the deck of the SS Socialist-Welfare tonight, and scheming for former lighthouses like the ABC to lure others into perilous waters of various kinds.

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    As for a forum dedicated to the Greek crisis, I don’t know of any, but if we get information, we will pass it on.

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  • Chad Hernandez

    Unfortunately the writer of the article has a tenuous grasp of what is actually occurring/occurred in Greece. Also has a tenuous grasp on economics in general by the looks of things. Like a seriously shallow understanding of GDP ratios and debt restructuring. No prior research of literature on collective currency system with individual political systems (see: Milton Friedman). This article was actually just 5 paragraphs of ‘those dumb Greeks should’ve paid their taxes and worked harder’… really? That’s it? Give Tsipras a call and give him the good news.

    This writer is struggling with the idea that Greeks are voting in left-wing governments because, well… they are trying to wipe the debt… and even a dumbass can easily deduce that not a single step forward will be taken if the debt to gdp remains as is. Also, you should read about risk to reward, opportunity cost AND investment risk analysis. When Germany and EU loaned Greece money, they were never guaranteed repayment, just like when you buy stocks, you are not guaranteed profit. Germany now expects every cent plus interest and are holding a nation hostage due to the overwhelming thunder within their tabloid media propagating the same immature bullshit you wrote in this article.

    On one side you have people like you, on the other, Greeks fed up… when what is needed is reasonable people who see the entirety of the problem at hand. Why do you think the IMF distanced themselves from the last agreed upon deal?? Because they’ll be having the same discussion in 3 years times. Also, read about what Jurgen Habermass had to say about what just occurred:

    The outcome of the negotiations between Greece and the other eurozone member states, he said, did “not make sense in economic terms because of the toxic mixture of necessary structural reforms of state and economy with further neoliberal impositions that will completely discourage an exhausted Greek population and kill any impetus to growth.”

    Habermas added: “Forcing the Greek government to agree to an economically questionable, predominantly symbolic privatisation fund cannot be understood as anything other an act of punishment against a leftwing government.”

    But ye – its just those selfish Greeks, with their 40+% youth unemployment. Fucking imbecile.