Greens, Labor: ‘It’s not ok to be white’


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I can remember when, as an Ipswich schoolboy, our Pauline burst on the scene in 1996 with her epic maiden speech to parliament.

Aborigines get too much welfare, there’s reverse-racism against whites by the politically-correct elite and we’re in danger of being swamped by Asians?

She was a woman before her time. A Cassandra destined to know what would befall her nation decades before it happened. An oracle.

Back then I hated her, because I’d been brainwashed by my Vatican II-style Catholic leftie teachers to hate anyone who criticised globohomoism and the tikkuning of the olam.

These days our Pauline tends to focus on the threat of us being Allah Snackbar’d, which is important, but she refuses to acknowledge who is behind the agenda for open borders, demographic replacement, constant Middle Eastern wars, cultural degradation and the relentless anti-white campaign across the West.

And, if in the current year someone doesn’t know, it’s only because they don’t want to know.

She does some neat trolls though, including her motion to the senate today to acknowledge that it’s ok to be white. Nice one.

The NPCs flipped their lids, of course. If you’re new to the NPC meme, here’s a primer.

It’s exactly how these people sound.

Projection, hysteria, logical fallacies, false equivalences, ad homines (feminas?)… all of them freaking out because a former chippie owner with a bogan accent out-positioned them and forced them to admit what really drives them.

They are a cult, and its central belief is that white, Christian civilisation is evil and deserves to be replaced. Everything else they believe follows on from that central premise. It is the organising doctrine of their religion.

Most Australians are not ready for white nationalism. There is still enough vestigial wealth left in the twilight of the multi-decade debt boom of the boomers for people to want to believe everything will be ok. Dark clouds are massing, however, and the weather is turning. The sunshine of the boom will become the tempest of the bust. Then everything will not be ok.

And then people who keep telling white people they are not ok will find themselves exposed, with few friends, and many enemies.

  • Bucky Redux

    Sigh. So many NPC’s….so little rope.

    PS: David, you can take the boy out of Ipswich, but not Ipswich out of the boy……… ;-0

  • Minging

    I’m wondering how long before Lucy Guchuhi is labelled Aunty Tomei…

  • At least we know where we stand, the elites are anti-White and it’s now official policy.

    • Bucky Redux

      Yes, they’ve been outed as race traitors.

  • fimbulwinter

    The state has declared that your life is of no worth if you are white. Well Bill shorten, your life is of no worth to us, kindly, get a brain tumor.

    • Bucky Redux

      I’ts more likely Bill will get breast cancer from his man boobs.

      • Jai_Normosone

        Well, he sure-as-hell isn’t going to get callouses on his hands from actually working. It amazes me that the Labor elite are all people who’ve never done a hard day of slog in their lives but the unions know that the morons will believe them when they say to vote for these bludgers.

  • Bucky Redux
    • Bikinis not Burkas

      My white Asian wife is better!

      • Taipan


      • Bucky Redux

        I dated an Asian girl once. Her name was Lo Slung Bum.

        • Jai_Normosone

          I know her! She has a sister called Bih Dik Suk.

    • fimbulwinter

      Are any of them single and wishing to make lots of white babies?

      • Bucky Redux

        Yes, they need multiple injections of baby batter.

    • Jai_Normosone

      Mmmmmm…. redhead….

  • Bikinis not Burkas
  • Andrew Thompson


  • The Gov members are already backtracking. They’re all rotten.

  • Bucky Redux

    They are inspirational girls, thankyou.

  • Jai_Normosone

    So, let me get this straight…
    Back in school days, we were taught that racism is bad because a person doesn’t have a choice on what colour skin they have and that we need to accept everyone regardless of what colour or creed they may be. Sounds fair enough.

    Now we have the situation that is near identical to the comparison (idiots) made between:
    – Islam murdering people now and the Crusades that saw people killed around 800 years ago.
    – Islam being bigoted against other religions when the Inquisitions did it 400 years ago.
    – The Koran containing passages of hate (throughout its entirety with the intention of being valid forever more) while the Bible has similar messages (but were directed at a minority of people in a particular location at a particular time).

    These same idiots – whose knowledge of history is based on what another idiot told them at a BBQ while themselves possessing virtually no knowledge of history – now believe, as fact, that the white man is the cause of all evil on the planet and should subsequently feel massive guilt for their lives as well as give every non-white a pass for their bad behaviour.

    That’s a special kind of stupid right there….

  • Noachideous

    NPC is as symbolically perfect as the 3Parentheses.

    PC .. 16 3 … By +x …. 1948…. NPC for ….. Noahide 1948. Formerly a sentient entity in its own right … The Noahide has become an UnDead ….. NPC.

    The Noahide imperative demands that recalcitrants be killed.

    With Its fear of death and its go along to get along attitude of cringing obeisance in any situation the noahide crawler is left with no other alternative other than to cede everything …. or be killed….

    The Noahide…. shameless……. has thus become … UnDead….. a kapo and informer living secretly amongst its own kind. Feeding its own racial kin to the machine first so that it may live the life of the sniveller that it is.

    In any concentration camp situation…… there are three kinds of inmates…. Those who attempt to tunnel free, those who see what’s going on, can’t participate for what ever reason yet as a matter of honour, remain silent…. and the Noahide kapo…. a worm infested lickspittle who sees and fully understands what’s going on … then turns its fellow inmate in for reasons best known to itself… and about which the other is left to speculate.

    The noahide……… is fkn …….. Filthe……

    • Bucky Redux
      • Noachideous

        THEY 58 in 3P are truly the Borg …

        If readers would like to know more about the noahide idiocy…. read here.

        Importantly … note this.

        The ten statements that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai carved in two
        stone tablets, are a summary of the 613 commandments. Amazingly, the ten
        statements on the two stone tablets consisted of 620 letters carved
        into them. 613 and 7 = 620.

        Recall the 62 k PoPPies presently used to mock the memory of AngloCeltic ANZACs …. and the 888 246 ……. in the Ancestral Homelands.

        Recall that 6 13 derives by the +x 42 58 …. 1948. Sum 7 to 1948 for. 1955.

        Recall that the gematria of JUDAS SATAN each derive 19 then 55 in individual and then direct gematria.

        Recall that the sum of 19 and 55 is 74…. Note that 74 is the Gematria.

        Then ……. consider who advocates for genocidal immigration imperatives…

        and perhaps……

        Re Consider your allegiances.

        • Noachideous

          By individual is meant this …. JUDAS … 10 21 4 1 19..
          Sum each number for 1+2+1+4+1+1+9 … for 19.
          Then direct …. 10+21+4+1+19 …. for 55

          • Noachideous

            Further…. the initial gematria of ‘hideous’ …. Esoteric Workers Journal is 38 balance 62.

            By +x of 38 62 is derived 11 8 then 24 12 for 19 36.
            The sum of each individual number is 19… Then sum of 19 and 36 is 55. Same as 19 55 for JUDAS SATAN.

            Total again is …… 74….. LUCIFER

            Consider….. your allegiances.

  • entropy

    Just shows how out of touch the political class is that they’d fall for such a simple troll.

    Vote independent.

    • Addelad

      The silly old saying “don’t vote, it only encourages them” resonates more now than ever. Who qualifies for our votes? Hanson, Bernardi – not really. Hundreds of thousands of voting slips marked “fuck the spineless algae pretending to represent ordinary Australians” might have shock value, but it’d have no more usefulness than the nice warm, but invisible feeling one might get from pissing in a dark suit.

      • entropy

        Informal votes don’t make the major parties lose market share. It doesn’t matter if independents are just as bad, the point is to punish the major parties until they decide to start representing the electorate.

      • Bucky Redux

        In the US, voting is not compulsory, and look at the mess their Republic is in.

        Some of them are now voting in the mid terms for the first time, after a lifetime of not voting and showing zero interest in how or who runs their country.
        They got what they deserved for their apathy !

        These cucks who take no interest in “keeping the bastards honest” are greatly responsible for the shit tier governments we end up with.

  • Jack Tar

    Good old Dave, taught me 10 years ago and still teaching me now. Love your work.

  • Adelina Flore

    But all will be forgotten by most come election time