A Grumpy Thought: The Selfish Generation


During my morning musings in the shower, alongside getting distracted by a fine specimen of a man in the mirror, I was reminded of a story that at first glance makes the reader have a chuckle. But as my mind unpacked it a little more I realised it was very anti-capitalist and very self involved… I shall paraphrase:

A guy is relaxing on the beach with a beer in hand and his fishing boat nearby. A bystander asks, “Why aren’t you working?” he replies, “Why would I have to?”

“So that you can get money to build a fleet of fishing boats to get more money so you can retire and drink beer on the beach by your fishing boat.”

At first I laughed at the silliness of the bystander, thinking, he’s already doing that, but now my mindset has changed to agree with the bystander. Here’s why.

If you have the means to grow something and be successful, you should. You will be hiring people and therefore feeding families, giving people the opportunity to fend for themselves. If you don’t need the money then you can be philanthropic and donate it. In increasing the size of the workforce you also increase other businesses in the area. Workers need food and goods, stores need greater stock to service the extra demand, and thus more workers who then in turn need these things.

In the end when you have tired from being a support for your people, you can retire knowing you have done something for them. Starting out lazy is of no benefit for anyone. Which is a life better spent, one that was pure leisure or one where a difference was made to others’ lives? Personally I would prefer to have made a difference.

In this day and age where the loudmouths of society are parasites on the world, expecting everything and giving nothing, make a difference! Go against the grain and build something and be a beacon of a great civilisation and life!

Remember, there are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

Drive safe!

  • 9x19parabellum

    well said.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Sorry Grumpy, but many a good deed is punished by unionism and bureaucratic interference. Not to mention high taxes and Green ideology.

    • “Thanks for taking risks and putting your family’s well-being on the line.

      Now hand over 30-50% of it.

      Here is your writ for a discrimination suit.”

  • entropy

    The world’s most selfish generation, the Boomers, won’t be a problem for much longer.

    We can’t stop paying them the pensions they demand even as they demand everyone else pay for their own retirements via Super, but maybe we can reclaim some of the homes they’ve denied their own children by manipulating the markets and selling out their country to foreign investors.

    • Ariane

      Boomers = rapaciously greedy / self entitled me me me generation that have fucked the world over, big-time.