Guess who made it onto Potatriots!


Potatriots is the channel of “Peter Grace” who loves to “take down” Nationalists with high quality content and well reasoned arguments.

Hah! Nah, that’s a joke, his content is terrible and this video is purely to make fun of it.

You can visit MattysModernLife at Minds, Patreon, BitChute and Gab.

  • Repeal fake marriage

    Peter Grace, show your face!
    ‘Till then you just a cowardly disgrace.
    You got no balls, you got no style,
    You just a steaming globohomo pile
    Of commie tax payer funded lard,
    A slithering, scurrying slimy spaztard.
    A bolshie bitch who gets very catty
    At speakers of the truth like XYZ’s Matty.

  • Bucky Redux
    • Mattys Modern Life

      Honestly, I have no idea but I wish I’d seen that before I made the video as it would have been a great addition!

  • Elizabeth Couchwoman

    Well Done on an awesome vid Matty 🙂
    I think that’s your best video yet! 😀

  • Jai_Normosone

    Thinking about what the clown-as-the-topic would say about the video and, while you (Matty) make great vids, I think you wasted several hours of your life on someone who really doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

    There’s always going to be fools who will refuse to see the reality of the world and want it and everyone else to worship them for being some kind of prophet. It is far better to relegate them, in your mind, to the position that they hold in reality, and pretend that they just don’t exist.

    Of course, I shall be attending the Deplorables tour should they ever manage to get these despicable and hate-mongering parasites a Visa to come and speak… Wait, Visas are already handed out like lollies from a white van to children if the person in question is an Imam or some member of the Alphabet Soup screeching hate at … people who have jobs and pay taxes. Those who seek to discuss ideas of a just and forthright planet seem to be more of a problem than anything.
    I wait for someone to get in my face and start screaming – as my medications may not hold back what will be heading their way.