Guess who made it onto Potatriots!


Potatriots is the channel of “Peter Grace” who loves to “take down” Nationalists with high quality content and well reasoned arguments.

Hah! Nah, that’s a joke, his content is terrible and this video is purely to make fun of it.

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  • Repeal fake marriage

    Peter Grace, show your face!
    ‘Till then you just a cowardly disgrace.
    You got no balls, you got no style,
    You just a steaming globohomo pile
    Of commie tax payer funded lard,
    A slithering, scurrying slimy spaztard.
    A bolshie bitch who gets very catty
    At speakers of the truth like XYZ’s Matty.

  • Bucky Redux
    • Mattys Modern Life

      Honestly, I have no idea but I wish I’d seen that before I made the video as it would have been a great addition!

  • Elizabeth Couchwoman

    Well Done on an awesome vid Matty 🙂
    I think that’s your best video yet! 😀