What happened at the “Invasion Day” Protest and Australia Day Parade 2019 – Vlog


Melbourne recently held its annual Australia Day Parade and it was, as always, followed by the “Invasion Day” protest, this year calling for an end to the holiday.

I went along to document the day and produce this vlog, as well as meet up with David Hiscox and a few others.

Some in the media reported there being “tens of thousands” of people at the protest but I estimated barely 5-10 thousand, and it was about the same as most of it’s kind.

Happy Birthday to the nation and I hope you all had a great Australia Day!

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  • Bucky Redux

    True to type, the cowardly Lefties resorted to violence when asking you to stop filming them.
    They’re in a public place, you can video what you like.
    And you are right, they cannot be engaged in dialogue.

    I am more and more convinced that those that lean Left have a specific brain chemistry that pre-disposes them to this sort of irrational behaviour. (they’re nuts !)
    I have a relative who is Bi-Polar and she is a rabid feminist lefty who cannot be reasoned with in any way, shape or form.
    She literally froths at the mouth as she loses her grip.

    Lefties are insane, literally. Female Lefties are certified psychopaths.


    • Bumpstock

      I sympathise I have a relative who’s been a Marxist-feminist since early high school, but also is aspergic. Can you imagine that? An aspergic Marxist-feminist? Needless to say I avoid them at all costs. She was so deranged she was calling me a fascist when I was in primary school. Also have an in law also a feminist but into the whole white guilt for aboriginals thing. Very painful. He daughter ended up marrying one. Sick.

      “Female Lefties are certified psychopaths.”

      Absolutely. Nothing uglier than a female leftist. It was George Orwell in 1984 that said women made the best left wing fanatics.