Hot Asian chick employed by ABC who has seen a lot of penises hates white people


How much money do you earn, dear XYZ reader? Any chance you could be getting a good salary off the public teat? If so, did it ever occur to you that the bulk of the that sweet treacle was stolen sourced from white men? Regardless, you should still call for the gassing of all European peoples:

The irony is that this ingrate is a high SMV NON-white female who knows how to talk the diversity talk. Those are some serious privilege points right there. Alex Lee is a columnist for Buzzfeed and is an ABC regular. Par for the course, really.

Alex Lee, former Playboy bunny.

Our boys are doing some good work – she is getting trolled relentlessly:

Here is some gold we found, with a quick google search, from Alex “Dong” Lee:

“I feel like I’ve seen a lot of sex on stage. My husband’s an actor, and I’ve seen so many penises on stage. And he’s like, ‘Meet this friend’ and I’m like, ‘Didn’t I see you in a play?’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, he got his dong out.’ I think the female perspective you don’t get as much.”

And to reinforce the hot Asian female privilege point, here is an amazing screenshot of a segment from the same article, detailing the experiences of one of the other hot Asian females in the porno/play she starred in:

The Sydney Morning Herald just called you a terrorist, redneck.

So, Lee’s colleague has family connections to publicly funded television, is getting a plug in a major newspaper, but still thinks she deserves a leg up.

To get to the heart of the matter, Lee was referencing an article in the New York Times which naturally gave a sympathetic hearing to Australia’s NKVD, sorry, the Australian Human Rights Commission:

“SYDNEY, Australia — Australia prides itself on its fairness and multiculturalism. But wander through Sydney’s corporate towers or Canberra’s halls of Parliament, and you’ll notice that Australia’s power structure is overwhelmingly white, nowhere near as diverse as the country at large.

“That gap between self-image and reality is the focus of a new report released early Wednesday by the Australian Human Rights Commission, which scrutinized the backgrounds of more than 2,400 senior leaders across business, government and academia.

“It found, in simple terms, that white Australians with European roots still run nearly everything.”

The “white people still run nearly everything” argument is a ploy, and it is two-pronged. Firstly, it is used to deflect from the fact that white people are in serious demographic decline across the West and are predicted to be minorities in their indigenous homelands within decades.

Secondly, once white people are in the minority, “affirmative action” will magically disappear. Nobody will know where it went. The new line will be that it is only fair that the people in power reflect the changed face of Australia. And then they will calmly explain that they will make it legal to peacefully take everything you have.

The point is that this country was built by white people. This hot Asian chick’s parents or whatever left a country that had gunpowder for like, ages, but never thought to use it to become a military powerhouse that could dominate the world; and her parents or whatever came to a country built by the people who actually figured out how to utilise gunpowder to its full potential, and who turned what had been a dry shithole into the the best country in the world; then she has the audacity to complain that the descendants of those gunpowder wielding giants who built this country still run the place, for now.

There is a good reason for the following expression:

Go back to where you came from.

Photo by Philip Nelson

  • Doug

    Whites have created countries that are not shitholes.

    Countries led by asians, blacks etc are all shitholes.

    Asians, blacks, etc migrate to white non-shithole countries to escape their Asian/black-led shithole.

    Asians and blacks then complain that the non-shithole they moved too isn’t led by asians and blacks, like the shithole they left.

    I think I’ve worked out why asians and blacks create shitholes – they are stupid. But then, whites have become stupid for letting them get away with it.

    • John Sheppard

      I wouldn’t go calling Japan a shithole, and having been to Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and China, they are all growing at a phenomenal rate bringing a lot of people out of poverty by the day. Yes there are still some shanty towns around those countries, but we aren’t without that (heard of Canberra?).

      I found it interesting in Vietnam how while they claim to be socialist, they are bringing more and more capitalist concepts into the country (e.g. private ownership, foreign investment, etc) which is bringing the benefits you would expect. I would happily live there actually, along with Japan.

      As for your comment on them being stupid, research the average IQ by country and you will note most are asian countries (I think the top 5 are Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Japan, depending on your source).

      Struggle to think of a country run by blacks which isn’t a shithole, apart from Wakanda 😉

      I believe it was Jordan Pietersen that suggested countries with an average IQ below 80-85 will always struggle, and most of those countries are in Africa.

      • China IS a shithole. My wife won’t send our eldest child there to stay with relatives as she’s afraid of kidnapping.

    • Razorback

      But then, whites have become stupid for letting them get away with it.
      A most logical conclusion

  • Noachideous

    Bubbles Dvir of the ADC … 14 3 … 42 .. by +x 42 58 … 1948 getz a mention here, as does a favourite accomplice and noahide knob goblin in the ethically tiny tattooine tyke of the AHRC.

    So who actually is the “rashist” … ? The selected minority individual who advocates for a shekel from the government funded pulpit for the complete disappearance of YT racial Nations … or the majority who seek the continuance of their own kind, and by intrinsic default… others not YT as well. What is the selection criteria of the AHRC … a deep seated disdain for YT racial nations in general …. but not his own. ?

    ….On the racicisms …… Do those who accuse recalcitrant YTs of the racicisms get the fact that the 888 246 sum 420 PoPPies of London’s Tower amount 42 thus 1948 …. and does it matter ?

    Bubbles Dvir can be assessed as knowing of the numbers and that to which it points , yet chooses to remain necessarily silent. It obviously matters to Bubbles…. alot ….. by the silence borne of courageously caring theatre.

    To those who accuse ‘difficult’ YTs who’ll not noahide of the racicisms and hatreds…….

    Give us your interpretation of itz meaning …and the location of the hatreds…. Perhaps enlist the services of Monash University’s “Bio-Ethics” department for assistance if you’re struggling with these concepts. Ask them as self ordained …. bio ethical experts ….. whether the placement of a beneficiary’s religious symbols over the memory of AngloSaxon war dead by those clandestine others who have benefited amounts to mockery of the dead… and would that be “bio-ethical” like.

    Then publish your findings in the comments here for us.

    • W. Hunter

      Fun fact: Film director Fei Mu’s 1948 film “Spring in a Small Town” was named the best Chinese-language film ever made, by the Hong Kong Film Association awards in 2005.

      • Noachideous

        Here’s one of the AHRC’s get YT creations below. The YT girl’s a bit of a looker where as the one not with the ratz nest hair do’s a fkn horror. On that basis alone, presuming the Fella wanted to get to suss out the first, you’d no want the manky other one with the mange in there.

        On closer inspection, the YT Girl appears with Child …… so yep ….. the Whitey Goy is indeed and can only be….. sufferink from the racicisms.

        Or perhaps itz ‘is Wifey…… Either way ….. he’s not popular.
        And yes …. we getz the fact that 1948 2005 …. 22 7 …. 22/7 amounts to SC/G … Pi… 3.14 or 42.

        • W. Hunter

          I hadn’t seen that You Tube video before.
          It’s offensive message further proves that the red to the core, Marxist AHRC needs to be gutted and shut down.

  • Grant Summers

    I long for the day when we all stand together and tell these white haters to go and get fucked.

  • W. Hunter

    Hot Asian chicks are over rated.

    • goat

      Take the make up off most “hot Asian chicks” and you may be in for a rude surprise.

  • If I ever bump into that thing I promise to be most ungentlemanly.

  • Noachideous
    A platform is granted by commercial media organisations usually for the fact that the media are in agreeance with the speaker.