How to be a REAL Man


Ever wondered how to be a real man? You aren’t alone. Society has demonised boys and removed male rite of passage rituals so now many don’t know what it means to be a man, or even masculine.

Men are the providers, the protectors and the leaders of the community. We need to stand up against the Matriarchy and be proud of who we are.

Men built civilisation, we can’t ever forget that.

Also discussing Sydney Watson and Avi Yemini’s recent March for Men in Melbourne.

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  • Jamie Blank

    Stand up to sexist feminism. The word “bullying” gives negative vibes towards men. We need a female equivalent that describes a bitch who is dishonest and stabs in the back.

  • MatrixTransform

    don’t need approval or permission.
    try and stop me

  • Dan Flynn

    ‘Society has demonised boys and removed male rite of passage rituals so now many don’t know what it means to be a man, or even masculine’

    Sound like a victim narrative if I’ve ever heard one. ‘Real men’ know who they are and they’re not put off balance by a few feminists. My advice would be to follow the advice you give to SJWs. Toughen up.

    • Mattys Modern Life

      Actually, real men don’t like seeing other men victimised and bullied by feminist thugs.

      Men ARE victimised in our society, it’s systematic and completely ignored by the mainstream due to the feminised Left.

      Men don’t even have reproductive rights, hell, men are forced to pay for the children of other men, that’s the biological equivalent of rape (not joking).

      The fact that the Left would dismiss genuine issues as the same as childish SJW’s says everything about the kind of person that becomes a Leftist.

      • fimbulwinter

        … 3/4 suicides, 99% of combat deaths, 90% workplace deaths, 70% homicides and 70% of the contributing tax units are men.

  • fimbulwinter

    Be a real bloke. Join your local Aussie nationalist outfit today!

  • Jai_Normosone

    I was starting to think that I was the only one who went on about this topic.

    Society has this idea that when you get to 18, you become a man. Even my mum said this to me way back then. I know now that it should be that when you get to 18, you need to start to act like a man and, if you manage to get there, then the title can be bestowed upon you. My father is a real man (he has atoned for his sins) and I learned many elements of how to act and how not to act to become a better person.

    Lisa Wilkinson may whine about “men” (males) being rapists yet she still hasn’t worked out that her stupid thought processes would have her be the victim of domestic violence since she has no common sense. Then again, her brainless husband deserves some violence inflicted on him for being the utter shitwit that he is (I was going to say that he deserves domestic violence but nobody really deserves that… except maybe the kind of turds who idolise ISIS.

    Jumping off a tower or having ants on your hands is not a sign of being a man. Running onto a football field is also not the sign of a true man (if anything, football players, especially rugby league players, are closeted gays and I may explain why one day).

    The sign of a man is one who lives with honour. He knows how to act – how to behave – how to treat those weaker than himself – how to stand up for those who need protection – how to be truthful & honest & take responsibility for his actions. Taking drugs and getting tattoos is so far from being the acts of a “real man” that it is pointless to go into detail (use the feminine argument here… “If you don’t know why tattoos make you a fashion-hungry, attention-seeking poofter, then I’m not going to tell you…”

    Additionally, going and bedding as many women as you can before you get married also does not qualify you for the title because you clearly had not learned the self-respect or self-discipline needed to be someone who should be destined to inherit the planet and hold it in trust for the next generation.

    I thoroughly agreed with the example (~4:40) of the kind of individual that is NOT a man. A few more examples of what is NOT a man includes those with selective-honour; dole-bludgers; Antifa(g) types; anyone who needs 3 loads of phlegm to pronounce their name (ie: generally anyone who practices Islam); clowns who wear trousers without a belt; and those who consider the ALP or the Greens or any union to be forthright and honourable institutions.