The Most Important Lessons of The Trump Era May Very Well Come From The Decisions & Reactions of Those Who Hate Him


Those who helped stir up fear by recklessly labelling Trump and all Trump voters as Nazis or white supremacists [], aligned themselves through the decision to do so, with those who are hell-bent on their own destruction.

Decisions like this aid in the downgrade of all that is best about the West.

As most of you know I’ve been calling this out since I made my thoughts on this public on August 10, 2016. I’ve had to leave forums because of that and I’ve been unfriended, blocked and ridiculed for challenging the wave of dissonance and hypocrisy in the hate Trump/ love trumps hate movement:

Why Trump is Not Hitler & Why Evangelical Americans Are Not German Christian Movement

Why Social Justice Warriors Are The Brethren of Iscariot, Not Christ

In an article published on January 1st of this year, called ‘About That Trump Autocracy‘, the WSJ calls us to not forget the serious lessons of 2017:

“Democratic institutional norms are worth defending, which is why we called out the Obama IRS for bias against the Tea Party. We’ll do the same if Mr. Trump exceeds his constitutional power. But the lesson of the past year is that progressives should have more faith in the American system — whether they’re in power or not. Losing an election isn’t the same as losing a democracy.”

I agree with this. We need to celebrate our healthy traditions, not walk blindly with mobs that seek to undermine or destroy them. All the evidence needed to show how different Conservatives, allies to Conservatives, and Leftist modern liberals react to losing an election can be seen in the Republican candidate Roy Moore’s recent loss in Alabama.

There were no riots. No over-the-top claims and subsequently expensive investigations into fears of foreign interference. Conservatives did not organise nationwide marches, fly Antifascist-fascist flags and shout out an insanely ignorant praise of Communism as part of their protest against losing the election or against [mostly] phantom Nazis. What we did see is a lot of introspection, regrouping and the need to present better candidates in the future.

Losing an election is not the same as losing a democracy. Kudos to the Wall Street Journal for stepping up and saying so. Conservatives and those allied to the current concerns of Conservatives know this because they understand Classical Liberalism. They also see how dangerous the Leftist cult of modern liberalism is to truth, society and healthy tradition.

The lessons of late 2016 right throughout 2017 should not be ignored. If we are to ask ourselves, “Would Jesus approve of Trump as President?” We must also ask, “Would the same Jesus approve of the spite and venom thrown Trump’s way?”

The most important lessons of the Trump era may very well come from the decisions and reactions of those who hate Trump. Those who fund and celebrate the spite and venom, all while carrying sharpie coloured posters that preach love trumps hate.

Charles Spurgeon:

“…some two faced men are hypocrites by nature; slippery as eels, and piebald like Squire Smoothey’s mate. Like a drunken man, they could not walk straight if they were to try… They are born of the breed of Judas. The double shuffle is their favourite game, and honesty their greatest hatred. Honey is on their tongues, but gall in their hearts.’ (The Complete John Ploughman, p.115).

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  • Craig

    Trump will be a one term president, he betrayed the base that elected him for so called conservative foreigner and domestic policies. Paul Ryan, McCain and other senators that are leaving the field will be replaced with democrats in the midterm elections, in other words so called conservatives are betraying the base that elected Trump, to concretely ensure no significant Nationalist populist economic, immigration or deportation polices will occur, between now and 2020.

    Consequently Trumps polls have bottomed out the more so he is perceived to be a conservative Bush era president. Which is what is happening with all the boomer tard level neoconism.

    President Trump will be remembered as a con artist, just as Obama is remembered by the democrats that were suckered into the great change scam of no more wars of interventionism.

    I can already see how the Democrats will win in 2020, when all those white votes go to the Dems or are no longer even motivated to vote. If the base is motivated to vote they will vote for a 3rd party candidate which will split the Republican vote.

    Such is life for the plebeians under the rule of greedy hostile globalist elites.

    • Tamaveirene

      I totally disagree with everything you have written here.

      • Craig

        You won’t like this prediction then.

        Due to the advisors, Trump has surrounded himself with and their horrid wormtongue advice.

        Being the USA plebeians worship celebrities as God, instead of Christ.

        This will ultimately deliver Opera Winfrey as the first female president of the USA, in 2020. I quote her now.


        “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and
        bred and marinated in it — in that prejudice and racism — and they just
        have to die!”

        Demographics dear Watson,demographics. If lower and middle class white voters don’t feel motivated in 2018, in 2020 by sheer demographics alone, it won’t matter. A fence partially built is not a wall, no mass deportations… Yet $65 billion war chest in attempt to maintain a unipolar world… For what?

        If only Trump would take Isreal’s lead… Build walls and deport.

        • entropy

          Oprah would have walked in any election over the past 20 years. But apparently she likes talking about change more than making it.

          If she runs and wins, it has nothing to do with Trump.

          • Craig

            Oprah enjoys fame, she wants to change the world in the image she see’s as utopian, and is being coaxed into it as we speak, by all her super fabulously famous friends. In fact Trumps rise would only encourage her more so.

            Oprah wouldn’t have had a chance in hell, till Trump the chaos king paved the way for Oprah…

          • entropy

            That’s your assessment? I’m struggling to believe you ever predicted a coin flip.

            Reagan was President. Arnie was Governor of California. Oprah had both the first black and first woman diversity boxes ticked and is a beloved and compassionate public figure.

            She would have destroyed Bush Jr. Maybe even Clinton.

          • Craig

            Trump the cuck of cucks, has done a Reagan… Difference is America and particularly the Republican party are running out of white people.

            Ironic or Karmicly it’ll be the alt white, who be the king makers by simply not voting, voting for the dems or 3rd party. Whether Oprah runs or not, so Democrats will win 2020. Atl white will do it just to spite the Cucky cucks.

            All the pedogate nonsense by the alt-lite and alt-west will be for nothing… There will be no Civic Nationalist Christianity revival.

            Like I said Trump will be the last civic Nationalist president of the USA.

            “And just minutes later, Larry went for it and asked him if he had a
            vice presidential candidate in mind. Trump hesitated briefly as if to
            ponder his answer and then stunned everyone including King – and no
            doubt Oprah herself. “Oprah. I love Oprah,” Trump said. “Oprah would
            always be my first choice. She’s a terrific woman. She is somebody that
            is very special. If she’d do it, she’d be fantastic. I mean, she’s
            popular, she’s brilliant, she’s a wonderful woman.” The following day
            the newspapers and TV news were filled with talk of Trump and Oprah.”


            When Oprah wins the masses will drool, “Oprah,Oprah, Oprah…”, just as they did with Obama.

    • Sadsak

      “Trump will be aone term president” How much are you willing to wager? I believe your assertion is uninformed balderdash.

      • Craig

        Sir, I’m absolutely flabbergasted you would think such.

        Do you think a movement in the US that openly admits they’re alt-right would not hold a swing vote on federal elections?

        10% of the population predominately white alt-right. Do you see a similarity with One Nation here?

        Rusted on, dye in the wool republican conservatives who preserve nothing do not decide elections. Swing voters do.

        I could expand.

        Sir, I think you mind is to concrete in it’s thinking to even comprehend.

    • entropy

      Trump will be remembered as a con artist? I doubt he’ll be remembered for acting the same as every other politician.

      Obviously, he will be remembered for single-handedly defeating the political establishment and establishment media despite their abrogation of responsibilities in uniting against him.

      Likely, he will also be remembered for securing a second term, notwithstanding the clairvoyance of amateur fortune tellers who constantly and unironically recalibrate their failed prophecies of impeachment.

      • Craig

        I like you atrophy, I very much enjoy reading you around the traps, bummer you’ve had to tone down your activities. Serious you’re brave mate. I’m just an average pleb dude with a wife and family, not a clairvoyant. Though I am passionate and self learned in psycho linguistics.

        I’ve never predicted impeachment.

        Trumps presidency will run it’s full course, he’s acting out the CIA and pentagons directive geo-politically so it seems he’s in it for the long run, being he’s playing the game of protecting the banks.

        Modern day politicians particularly leaders are more puppets and actors then real leaders, it’s a complex system.

        I predicted Trump would win 2 years out when it was only rumored he’d run as a candidate. I’m spewing I didn’t put $1000 on it at the time, I never changed my prediction. I also flushed out a few blogs, cause I told some, via email, it was interesting to see the splash that made back then. See mate timing is every thing, if you want your propaganda to play out. Think of it like a pebble, thrown into a pond that has ripple effects in the water.

        I predicted the federal hung parliament in 2010, 18 months out, I also coined Julair, she was also a con artist, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”. I also predicted Aboott would win in a land slide 3 years out. I predicted Newman would win in QLD. I also predicted his loss when 200000 Union and Bikies kicked up a stink, and were motivated to oust the LNP in QLD. These things truly aren’t hard to predict if you know the voters and the ideology running the policies and propaganda of the political parties. Plus having a pragmatic understanding of how policies actually affect voters on the ground helps. Rather then biasly believing the propaganda of the MSM.

        You’re right Trump will be remembered for the Choas he bought to the old political establishment. I wanted him to win so he would cause this chaos, not to MAGA, as that is impossible if Trump follows the directive of the CIA and pentagon. That aside the Democrats are diffidently going to fight fire with fire. Yet I will admit the future is still fluid so things could change. As it stands I put my bet on Oprah.

        I could explain much much more, meh, you won’t like what I have to say any way, as it will be a black pill you don’t want to swallow.

        • Craig

          Lols I also coined the word “cuckservative” on an obscure blog called “Mindweapons in Ragnarok”. In the comment section of course.

          I succinctly remember a commentator saying thanks he would use that, I know Matt Parrot was friends with the blog author. Voxday obviously liked the term and made it famous.

          So yeah, even a lowly pleb commentator can have an impact.

        • entropy

          I don’t know why you’re reading me your resume. I’m not hiring.

          Modern day politicians particularly leaders were more puppets and actors then real leaders. Until Trump. I was more interested in the chaos he would bring to the establishment media, and he’s delivered in spades. People are now woke to the fake news that should have been backing him the whole time in the interest of selling newspapers, but seems to have decided that its place is to lead society rather than serving it, or even reporting basic facts.

          • Craig

            I just wanted to rub it in that Oprah(if she runs, I still think she will) will beat Trump in 2020, is all. Which will create more chaos in a failing global Anglo Zionist Empire.

            Just checked the news, yep more trends backing me up…

            Just means the wormtongues will go from Orthdox Chabad to secular reform… Can’t be that bad can it?

            Not that the (((main stream media))) will say anything about that. You know reporting facts and such.

            Trumps mistake was over selling to his base, when he probably even knew he was going to under perform on his core promises. Not hard to predict…

          • entropy

            I agree she would probably beat Trump, but I’m not convinced she wants to run.

  • entropy

    The WSJ?

    Aren’t they Nazis?