Innocent Muslims and the Battle of Ideas


The internet is full of tidbits like this, rather typical after an Islamic terrorist attack. “Did you hear about the Muslim security guard who saved hundreds of innocent lives during last night’s attack in Paris? Neither did we…”

Allow me to respond to this. Does it prove Muslims are the good guys, or that they they are the villains, or that that they are a mix of both? Depending on your progressiveness, you can find an argument for all the above.

But, no one speaks in this language, and I am curious as to why. The Muslim stadium guard acted rationally and responsibly, in spite of the teachings of the Koran. The suicide bombers acted in a hateful, homicidal, delusional, sociopathic and suicidal manner – directly in accordance with the Koran.

What kills again and again is the hateful ideology, wrapped in religious immunity, that we call the Koran.

Why I object to Isalmic immigration is that the people carry with them the ideas and principles of this ideology. The majority of the adherents do not turn homicidal, but enough do to lead to attacks.

The politicians cannot react to the attacks by negating the root cause, which is the Koran and people with the Islamic ideology indoctrinated in their minds. No, perversely, politicians respond by attacking our personal civil liberties, and inviting in yet more people with Islamic ideology indoctrinated in their minds.

16196122166_b4db4fe098_Islam-europeWhat we see is that the population with Islamic ideology indoctrinated in their minds agitates for Sharia, and uses violence as political tool. They flee from authoritarian regimes only to agitate for Sharia authoritarian rule in the west. And the west meets them half way, by censoring free speech, enhancing the power of the government and curtailing civil liberties.

This latest Paris attack featured an attack on Rue de Voltaire. An attack on Voltaire is rather apt, as we are seeing the systemic wish from the growing influence of the Islamic mindset, to eradicate the achievements of Voltaire.

Voltaire envisioned a secular, tolerant society and emphasized progress through scientific advances and social and political reform, and through transcending the confines of religious dogma and superstition. The influence of these Enlightenment ideals would survive the reaction of the Romantic era and, following the Industrial Revolution, emerge in the twentieth century in a renewed rationalist challenge to the truth claims of revealed religion. His affirmation of civil rights and the principle of religious freedom would find expression in the U.S. Constitution and its guarantees of freedoms of speech, the press, and religion.

The Islamic State, the Koran, those who are indoctrinated with Islamic ideology, seek to roll back those achievements and send us back past the enlightenment, but will not stop there. They wish to send us back to the dark ages.

So, go ahead and discuss this with your friends. Muslims were victims, muslims performed acts of bravery. But Muslims killed indiscriminately in the name of Europe.

The progressives fought hard to bring Islamic migrants to Europe. They ought to be credited with bringing the realities of the Middle East to the heart of Europe.

Final word – the only solution is to exclude Islam from the West. Until that happens, buckle up, it’s going to be a blast. And it’s only going to keep rising to an explosive climax unless the migrant trail starts pushing 10,000 a day away from Europe and the West, away from the ideals that they wish to destroy.

Photo by Tim Green aka atoach