Interview with Leader of Lads Society Tom Sewell


Tom Sewell, the Leader of Lads Society, was kind enough to let me interview him about the founding philosophy of the club and its goals

What I really wanted to ask is: What is the Lads Society?

Without giving too much away, the mainstream media have not been honest in their assessment of this group.

I found out it’s is a community group for Australian men who want to have a sense of brotherhood and a desire to improve themselves. Watch the full interview to get a good understanding of their principles.

You can contact Lads society here:

  • Bumpstock

    “Without giving too much away, the mainstream media have not been honest in their assessment of this group”

    Duh. I know it was mostly Facebook driven, but I would love to see the orginal UPF rise again, somehow. That was inspiring.

    • Bumpstock
    • Minging

      We had much that feeling yesterday amongst the 400 plus of us (many original UPF members) at St Kilda beach. The horror and desperation on the feral’s faces on the left was self-evident as their language, in front of beach-going families, became more vile as the rally went by and they could do nothing about it.

      • Bumpstock

        See Zionist Scomos comments this morning. Conservative leader, pah! Yes, I was at Reclaim 1-3. Their language is vile and the cops stand there and do nothing.

  • Panadechi Santiago

    There is the concept of social node, it is defined that node is a space in which converge part of the connections of other real or abstract spaces that share their same characteristics and that in turn are also nodes. This applies to human beings with a common interest, there is an interaction of communication and information, which can be translated into Power.
    In summary, this system of grouping and social interaction is the one used by groups of interest and power, to achieve advantages and power, principal exponent of Zionism and Jews. Multiculturalism (forced diversity) was created to eliminate social cohesion in order to deliver advantages and power to Zionism,, as they do not want competition, to seek to undermine whites and demonize any organized group of whites. The most powerful social node is the Ethnic, Zionism seeks to destroy it. , since the ethnic lineage is Power = homegeneity, identity, loyalty, cohesion.
    They seek biological control and for that use Multiculturalism (Forced Diversity). For the Zionist power elite everything is reduced to Power, Money and Control.

    • Jamie Blank

      This is why kids shouldn’t smoke to much pot.

      • Panadechi Santiago

        Racial importance in identity ..

      • Bucky Redux

        Says the LSD user ??????

        • Jamie Blank

          LSD isn’t something that is done on a regular basis. It’s practically impossible to trip on a daily basis. After a heavy trip wears off, it’s almost unheard of for someone to immediately want to trip again.

          Microdosing is very likely to be an issue and it’s my personal belief that this is one of the core problems with the plague of leftists in Silicon Valley tech giants Google, Facebook, Intel, Twitter, etc, etc. It’s about use and abuse.

          A complex issue.

    • Bucky Redux
      • Bumpstock

        Substitute that map for Australia as well.

      • Noachideous

        Glad that Sneezy GreenSnotts ADL got a mention in your meme there Bucky.

        It provides another opportunity to prove with some evidentiary certainty that both the ADL and the ADC know that all AngloCelticSaxon Whitey ANZACS fought 2 World Wars for that which was required to be made undeaead in 1948…. for matters relating to symbolism.

        And also to reveal a methodology that seems to be behind these symbolic contrivances.

        For those new to this.

        There are 26 elements in the Cube … and in 6 based ..Yo … senary , this amounts to 42

        ADC …… 14 x 3 ….. 42 then ADL … 14 + 12 …. 26. The orthodox Chozen … let it go …. wear a Black QB as cranial headgear for symbolic reasons.

        There are reputedly 42 letters in the name of the deity that has Chozen the Chozen.

        Sum and Product … S & P appear to represent a mechanism of sorts that produces results not dissimilar and near equivalent to counting in decimal and senary in certain circumstances.

        42 and 58 … sum to 100 … Humans have 10 digits on their hands and their feets.

        By +x 42 and 58 is derived …. 6 13 then 8 40 …. 1948 ….

        ADL and ADC shrews won’t wail about the fact that Whitey people fought 2 World Wars for the benefit of that which was required to be made undead in 1948 ….. but will wail about any Racial European attempt to remain an identifiably different ….. RACE ….. of Whitey people who determine their own destiny independent of the religious imperatives of judasism or jewry.

        Why is that ?

  • Orbiter007

    Great work, loved this.