Is Multiculturalism DIVIDING Australia into Tribes?


Recently we’ve seen two stories that show us what happens in a Multicultural society; Multiculturalism just divides us against each other.

This is especially bad as those of us here should at least unite under one flag, but it seems some disagree.

If people choose to segregate into their own ethnic tribe that’s their choice, but is that really the direction we want as a nation?

This is inevitable given the last 40 years of political history in Australia.

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  • Stiffbastard

    Excessive multiculturalism divides; assimilation can not occur and opposing tribes form. Sprinkles here and there are ok. What has occurred in Europe is wrong and there will be severe repercussions over the next few decades.

    • Ron Mortimer

      It is always about numbers.A thousand moslems means that they will blend in, at least somewhat.Politicians won’t suck up to them and they would never dream of trying to impose sharia law on us.But 600000 of them feel strong enough to try it on.

      • thegentlemantroll

        Im willing to give up Bramble Cay and make it the exclusive domain for our fellow Muslim countrymen. Mainland access is forbidden.

        • Stiffbastard

          Let the have New Zealand.

          • Jai_Normosone

            No – no – NO!
            You’re all wrong!
            They need to be allowed to live in any city in any country in which they live.

            The cities just need to accommodate them by having an empty field with high soil berms around it and signs on all sides saying:
            “Islamic Suicide Bomb Testing Range”
            “Bring your wife; bring your kids; bring your friends. Test ’em here!”

  • Panadechi Santiago
    • Jai_Normosone

      Don’t knock the Star Trek future… There are no Muslims there.

  • Justin

    Eastern filth values are not compatible with western values. No inbred dog from the middle east should be allowed on our side of the world.

  • Maryanne

    Matty, multiculturalism has never worked anywhere. Even in Australia it hasn’t worked despite all the government-funded “Harmony Days” that annually brainwash our children from pre-school on.

    Migration only works when a government’s policy is assimilation. That was the policy with the post-WW2 migrants in Australia and that’s why it was successful: those migrants were all white Europeans of Christian heritage.

    Migrants came from the British Isles and from our ‘enemies’ lands alike. One of my sisters and I both married the sons of reffos – one a Pole and the other Hungarian. Interestingly all our European in-laws were adamant that migrants should assimilate.

    More interestingly, none of our central European in-laws would talk about WW2. My sister’s German father-in-law once muttered there was no point, and I now know why.

    The Pickering Post’s latest article is titled, “Have we just reached Peak Stupid?” Sadly, I don’t think so. When governments legislate that normal people must respect lunatics’ delusions we’re in a bad place.

    I’m willing to go to gaol for insisting that girls don’t have penises and that boys don’t have periods. Like JP I will never refer to a man by a feminine pronoun, or vice versa.

    I’m not a bigot. When my husband and I returned from Perth to Sydney on the Indian Pacific after the baptism of our latest grand-daughter we sat with a male to female trannie for dinner one night. Trying to pass as a woman he was simply over the top: way too much hair, too much make-up, too much bling. But he was great company!

  • Panadechi Santiago

    Homogeneity + High QI = Strength = Prosperity and development
    Multiculturalism is decadence and conflict.
    Russia and China will dominate this millennium

  • Jai_Normosone

    Answer: YES.
    It not multi-cultural Australia though – it is everywhere.

    A simple example is the number of dickheads that feel the need to go out and spend thousands on tattoos. They seek to be a part of the tribe of people who say, “Nice ink!” and “wow!” when the person wearing it did nothing more than pay someone else to use them as a canvas. They can’t even look at the art that they wear and they certainly cannot cash it in when money gets tight and they can’t feed their family.

    It’s a massive exercise in STUPID – but people continue to do it because they want to be a part of that tribe and that culture, but also want to be a stand-out in that tribe without actually doing anything of consequence within it to achieve greatness.

    These same people will slag off at the ‘stupidity’ of Donald Trump – yet fail to be introspective about their situation before opening their useless gobs. DJT may well come across as an idiot but his actions and work ethic have led him to have a very comfortable life – and this makes him far the intellectual superior of anyone covered in tatts.