Islamic terrorism is being used to create a police state


The first response of the conservative right every time one of these poor dindu nuffin mental health victims goes all Allah Snackbar in a Sydney or Melbourne street is to wonder how stupid our government must be for letting them all in.

Somehow the puppet politicians always end up looking stupid.

They’re not stupid. They may be corrupt, they may be incompetent, but they’re not stupid. The ‘policymakers’ who tell the politicians how things will be done, at least, are not dumb. They are the permanent bureaucratic elite, the palace eunuchs who surround the throne and advise the king. Change the king and they remain. The king is dead, long live the king!

We’ve taken to calling them the ‘deep state’ in recent years, which is as good a term as any really. Most of these people have ties to the intelligence agencies, academia, multinational corporations and the mainstream media. They have various factions and rivalries, but they see themselves as a ruling elite. They have little loyalty to the people of this nation, and rather see themselves as members of a global ruling class which has more in common with similar deep state elites in other countries than with the great unwashed of their own. They are globalists, and for them life is about power and having power is about only one thing: gaining more power.

Unlike politicians, they don’t have to worry about optics. If an unhinged Muslim goes full Quran in downtown Melbourne, that’s not a crisis for them. It’s an opportunity to expand their power.

It’s order out of chaos, baby. All these inexplicably angry Wahhabists created by our Middle Eastern bestie Saudi Arabia and radicalised by the actions of our governments in the region just keep going crazy, what to do? It’s an impossible problem. So we need Judge Dredd.

See the logic?


It’s almost like the spooks have an incentive to create these nutjobs and allow the attacks to happen. For once we create these Judge Dredd-style military forces in our cities and create an Australian KGB to monitor all the ‘threats’, we won’t be able to disband them. Power, once granted, is never given back. We’ll be stuck with a permanent police state then.

And do any of us think that this monstrous state machine will concern itself primarily with Muslims, and not with nationalists, gun rights activists, dissidents and various other threats to the globalists’ power?

No, I don’t either. Add in AI, robot drones and the panopticon surveillance grid, and we’re not far away from the Hunger Games coming to a town near you. But you, dear XYZ reader, won’t be watching. You’ll be running.

For the technocratic control freaks of the globalist deep state, that’s the plan. They think it will bring order. Instead it will only bring chaos, destruction and tyranny.

In order to bring it in, they need Islamic extremism to spread. They need people afraid and looking for security. They need mass immigration.

The globalist overclass see themselves as a Spartan elite destined to rule over a helot population. For this to occur, whites must be demographically replaced and Islamic enclaves created in all Western nations to justify the AI-enabled technocratic tyranny of the New World Order. The model for the society of the future has already been created: Israel.

Constant warfare, walls, terror and militarised police. That is where the agenda of our deep state social engineers is taking us. We make it too easy for them by never questioning official narratives, reacting the way they want and feeding the dialectic they are using to manipulate and distract us. If we are to avoid the dystopian future they have planned for us, we must be willing to take unpopular and unprecedented steps.

There must be a complete halt to all Islamic immigration, if not all immigration altogether. Fuck off, we’re full, so sorry.

There must also be deportations of refugees and any person who has been identified as a risk to national security who was not born here. Enough of this ‘watchlist’ bullshit. Deport them. If they were born here, put them in re-education camps like the Chinese do.

Terrorist attacks in China last weekend: 0.

We must also be honest enough to finally face who engineered the ‘war on terror‘ and mass immigration in the first place. We must begin to notice which group is behind the anti-white ideology of organisations like Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Here is George Soros’ son Alex explaining to a New York Times reporter what motivates his father.

We can’t even begin fixing these problems if we can’t begin to identify them. Our destruction isn’t coming from nowhere. It’s being carried out deliberately. It is an ideological and a spiritual war being carried out openly by a group of people who have been our racial enemies for centuries. And they’re winning.

When discussing political propaganda, it is a mainstay to mention Joseph Goebbels’ quote about the Big Lie.

When this is taught to students, it is framed as though Goebbels was talking about the propaganda techniques of the German National Socialist Workers’ Party. This is a lie. He wasn’t. He was talking about the techniques used by the mainstream media of the day, which the Germans called the lugenpresse.

That term has been revived in recent years as an English translation: FAKE NEWS. And, just like in Goebbels’ time, the ideology it pushes is international socialism and the destruction of European civilisation.

  • MatrixTransform

    Dear Ann Aly,

    you gotta ask yourself why a bloke would wanna protect somebody that wont protect them?

    Listening to the ‘news’ on 3AW yesterday. and there was a piece about Angus McAlpin the latest Greens hero for Footscray.

    The radio played some bint spouting gibberish about Toxic Male Culture … pissed me off.
    I think the gist of it was that somehow McAlpin was special because he had ‘recanted’ and now no longer espouses the ‘values’ he formerly held when he was more toxic that he is now.
    He got better?

    See here’s the thing womenz. You need this toxic male to do things:
    Block the hole in the bricks where the bees are swarming.
    Put the bins out in the dark.
    Face down danger when it appears in yr face.

    If you think a police force of 5’6″ womenz with pistols can do the job youre a fool.

    I’m not convinced you dumb moles have thought it through.

    The moment Hillary named ‘deporables’, I called the election. I wish I had put $1000 on that bet, I coulda bought a jetski with the winnings.

    So go on Greens, Labour, Ann Aly … and assorted other wankers you keep telling me what’s wrong with the dick between my legs … and what colour it is, and the apparent poison in my head.

    Go on, keep acting like you can subdue me, replace me, control me … tame me.

    You cant.

    Best not to kick the dog … the bastard bites.

    Just sayin …

    Just sayin’ a week before the Victorian Election

    • fimbulwinter

      Spot on comment mate. As they say, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      • MatrixTransform

        This gem.
        I just laughed my arse off all the way through.
        The comment heard in the closing … gold

        • fimbulwinter

          “Strong and Independent” feminists empowered to take on a bouncer. Gender equality in (current_year)

          • Bucky Redux

            Those females were being oppressed by evil white males. (sarc!)

          • fimbulwinter

            They need to be FGM enriched by Muslim males.

        • Bucky Redux

          Shining examples of womanhood, those bints !
          The Security guards were very restrained, given they were under violent attack by three drunken Harpies.

    • Bucky Redux

      Good stuff !

  • fimbulwinter

    (((Jamie blank))) got anything to say about the author being a lefty troll?

    • Bucky Redux

      I heard that “Jamie” is actually Slack Bastard……….

      • fimbulwinter

        I reckon so to. What a fag!

      • Jamie Blank

        No. I’m not. While I know a few people who are close to that turd burgler, these people know me well enough to keep me away. I have spent many years moving past some interesting circles of leftists. I could fool nearly all of them, although, once deep enough, it became increasingly difficult to fool them. I guess I stood out, in the same way that your leftist trolling (naive or otherwise) stands out to me. If it were possible to define the left as a structural hierarchy, then the circles I’ve moved through were well above and beyond the turd burgling slackbastard, who is not much more than a “yes man” as opposed to the anarchist he claims.

        I’m not the threat. Christians pose more of a threat than Jews, although, this threat is benign. Muzzies and wild packs of sand noggers are the real threat. This has been clear for generations.

        How best to determine the threat level is to look to how China deals with threats from the abrahamic faiths. China is nearly spot on. China isolates and locks down Muslims. China monitors and restricts the size of Christian gatherings. They tolerate Jews. China laughs at the “white left”.

        The question you need to ask yourself is: are you 白左?

        • Bucky Redux

          Why did you choose to spend so much time with Leftists ? You seem to be irrationally obsessed with that part of the political spectrum.
          Is everyone a crazy leftist, except you ?

        • Jai_Normosone

          I don’t agree with your comments about Christians vs Jews as I think that there might be more of a historical element to that rather than what is happening in present day.

          You are dead on the money though regarding the Chinese and how they treat Muslims. The best one I heard was when three attacked a market and killed about 34 people – so the Chinese rounded up 50 at random and used them as the example of payback.

          There needs to be more of that.

    • Jamie Blank

      Keep posting. The more you post, the more data I have on you.

      Its very apparent that you are a lefty troll. What isn’t yet apparent to me is if:

      a) you are naive and you yourself have been trolled by the left to do their work in moving the overton window left.

      b) you are aware that you are trolling the overton window to the left.

      So, yes, keep posting and soon enough you and your cohort will make yourselves clear. Syntax and grammar give away more than most know.

      • fimbulwinter

        You’re not the first to make threats about doxxing and you’re certainly not scaring anyone. Go back to your gay book fair slackbastard!

        • Jamie Blank

          Doxxing? I don’t care who you are. It’s what you are that I’m on about, your abstract type.

          • fimbulwinter

            Ok, what am I then?

          • Jamie Blank

            A) leftist troll
            B) naive tool of a leftist troll

          • (((Fimbulwinter))) is a big Leftie troll and (((infiltrator))) of lads, known to frequent White Nationalist clubs and say things in support of a White ethnostate.

            Bloody commies.

      • Bucky Redux

        Hi SlackBastard.
        Say hi to ASIO when they drop in again.

        • entropy

          Think he’s more a Mossad kind of guy.

          • Jamie Blank

            Sorry. I knocked those agencies back. A fancy passport looses it’s appeal rather quickly, it’s like a plastic toy in MacDonald’s happy set. Such a spooky life is not enticing to me. Im far more interested in having a basic life… Which is why I moved to Northern Australia seeking refuge from the hoardes of leftists down south.

          • Bucky Redux

            Stop drinking those Darwin stubbies, maybe sniff petrol like the rest of the NT inhabitants. It might clear the fogged stupor from your sconce.

          • Jamie Blank


  • Bucky Redux

    Great article, David.

    I think Australia is pretty much descending into a Police State/Big Brother society.
    The worse aspects of an Orwellian 1984 are with us already.
    Probably about 10/15 years behind the fucked dystopian UK, as it stands.

    Police and Intelligence agencies are self serving and are always seeking to enlarge their deep state powers and influence. Just look at the diabolical positions of the CIA/FBI in the US.

    Australian Nationwide Facial recognition detection is one of their latest pushes into our private lives. ANPR technology in police vehicles and roads track and record your movements.
    All in the name of keeeping us “safe”.

    Keep the sheep scared and on edge, keep them nervously looking over their shoulder as they walk through the CBD or attend an outdoor concert or go shopping.
    Throw in the occasional Port Arthur FF or a random knife attack to bolster the narative.

    MSM is all clickbait horror/terror articles to keep anxiety high.
    Keep everyone angry, all the time. Tabloid and radio shockjocks rule.
    “The Wolf is at the door and wants to devour you”.

    If you do transgress your self policed speech or thought, in any way, you will be tried by the social media tyrants, and a guilty sentence will be passed forthwith.
    Waleed Aly will pronounce sentence on live TV.

    Disarm all citizens by enacting new laws for our “safety”.

    Record citizen internet use and monitor their SMS and phone calls, for “safety”
    Keep those records for 2 years at least. Just in case.
    And if ASIO/ASD cannot legally spy on you, they’ll simply get a 5Eyes partner country to do it and just swap the info, to circumvent our national security legislation and protections.

    Government will backdoor your smart phone, just to check the contents, for your “safety”.

    All Government data bases are now linked: tax/medical/overseas travel…everything.
    You don’t need to opt out of My Health Record, it’s of no use opting out anyway as the Government already knows your entire Medicare history.
    The Government pretty much knows everything about you already.

    Don’t be a whistle blower if you are a Journalist, you risk breaching the new security legislation.
    Citizen journalists take note, there is leverage in there to frame you.

    But, I feel much “safer” knowing all of us are manipulated and herded into the sheep pens that will keep us safe. It’s for our own good. Big Brother Government knows best.

    • Daniel Watts

      In regards to the My Health Record opt out. It is worth opting out so that hackers or personal info miners cannot gather all one’s personal info from a single database.

      • Bucky Redux

        I have opted out. The Government has a very poor record in web security. The database will be a juicy hacker target.

    • fimbulwinter

      Its definitely heading that way. People really need to look at England and take serious warning.

      Will Q put a spanner in the works? Not convinced just yet.

      • Bucky Redux

        Lots of shit going down in the US, but you wont read about it in the local MSM.
        The Aussie MSM attack dogs just keep dishing up negative shit about Trump.

    • Jai_Normosone

      “I think Australia is pretty much descending into a Police State/Big Brother society.
      The worse aspects of an Orwellian 1984 are with us already.”

      It’s already here.
      We have already been disarmed and we, the people, are still considered to be convicts and peasants who exist purely to work to pay taxes so that these deadshits can live in their Ivory Towers and play at being God.

  • DeadSF

    I wonder if our country will get to the point of Indonesia, where he relocate all the Muslims to the own little zip be to placate and control them.

    • Bucky Redux

      Tasmania ?

      • Jamie Blank

        Flinders Island and others in the Furneaux Group would be suitable. They’ve been used in this capacity before.

      • James

        No Bucky!!!

        Anyway they tried it before with a delivery of sudanese or somalis or whatever they were. Most left pretty quickly. Too cold for ’em.
        One of the propaganda outlets did interview one of them to ask why they left. He was polite and remarked it was all very clean n green but he’d prefer it was a little less “green” and had more jobs. Actually, couldn’t fault him for that thought.

  • Ryan

    Ripper write-up David!

  • entropy

    The narrative of female victimhood surrounding domestic violence is a classic example of women refusing to act like equal human beings. They want all the benefits of equality with none of the responsibility.

    The data shows that women perpetrate DV at compatible rates, they just lose most of the fights.

    If a man picks a fight with a bigger, stronger man and gets bashed, most people call that justice. When a woman does it, those same people call it a crime.

    • Dan Flynn

      Domestic Violence (DV) encapsulates much more than just ‘fights’ between men and women. It refers to a pattern of abusive behavior.

      • entropy

        Very good point. And women, the primary perpetrators of emotional abuse, only ever seem to mention physical abuse. Odd.

        An interesting finding of DV studies, which I’m sure you’re aware of given your profession, is that sufferers of both physical and emotional abuse rated the emotional abuse as more harmful.

        Then, of course, there’s the fact that lesbian relationships are consistently found to be the most abusive.

        Really makes you wonder, as a rational human being capable of critical thinking, about the narrative of women as victims. Doesn’t it, Dan.

        • Dan Flynn

          Are you relying on the ‘Dunedin study’ to back up all your assertions or is there another source of information around domestic violence that has thus far eluded me?
          I would much appreciate it if you could share, that way I could properly address your points.

          • entropy

            I’m surprised that Wikipedia has ‘eluded’ you for so long (it’s almost like you haven’t been looking) but you can take your pick from the any of the studies cited in its article about psychological/emotional abuse.

            “A 2007 study of Spanish college students aged 18–27 found that psychological aggression (as measured by the Conflict Tactics Scale) is so pervasive in dating relationships that it can be regarded as a normalized element of dating, and that women are substantially more likely to exhibit psychological aggression.[15] Similar findings have been reported in other studies.[16] Strauss et al. found that female intimate partners in heterosexual relationships were more likely than males to use psychological aggression, including threats to hit or throw an object.[17] A study of young adults by Giordano et al. found that females in intimate heterosexual relationships were more likely than males to threaten to use a knife or gun against their partner.[18]
            “Numerous studies done between the 1980 and 1994 report that lesbian relationships have higher overall rates of interpersonal aggression (including psychological aggression/emotional abuse) than heterosexual or gay male relationships.[1][19][20][21][22][23] Furthermore, women who have been involved with both men and women reported higher rates of abuse from their female partners.[24]”

          • Dan Flynn

            Well I guess a five minute Wikipedia search always outstrips 12 years of experience.
            I never said women don’t perpetrate emotional abuse against male partners and I’m not saying it’s OK when they do.

            My point is a simple one E. Men rape, murder and threaten women all the time, not all men for sure, but it happens a lot and I see the impacts every day. An average of 50 women are murdered by their current or former intimate partner each year!

            Physical abuse always entails emotional abuse so I simply cannot accept you physical vs emotional abuse theory. You simply cannot physically assault someone (especially a women) without them being traumatized and we know that trauma lasts for much longer than cuts or bruises. This is especially true when women live in fear of being assaulted again. Living in fear is a terrible thing. I would much rather live with an asshole as opposed to a violent asshole. You?

          • entropy

            I’m sure your 12 years of social work outstrips the cumulative centuries of study by the researchers cited in that article. Next you’ll be telling me the article on gravity is wrong because you’ve been living with it your whole life.

            Perhaps your time would be better spent correcting the article? Although you would have to cite better sources than personal anecdotes.

            Your assumptions and assertions directly contradict the research in this field. Now you’re falling back on the myth that men perpetrate more physical violence. Not only is this untrue in romantic relationships, but women perpetrate the majority of physical violence against children. Doesn’t that count as DV? Only the suffering of equal, adult women ‘trapped’ in their own consensual relationships?

            In 2017, 2349 men died from suicide, often related to emotional abuse perpetrated by women. Makes 50 look like the tiny number that it is.

          • Dan Flynn

            E, you googled ‘psychological abuse’ and now you’re an expert. Thanks for nothing internet! You talk about ‘research in this field’ like you’ve just finished the literature review in you PHD thesis on domestic violence. You are cherry picking studies on intimate partner psychological abuse and conflating this with domestic violence. They are not the same. My wife could be a real bitch but dragging her across the room by her hair in front of the children has a unique set of problems.

            I will readily admit that women perpetrate psychological abuse against men, as I did in my last point. However making the unbelievable assumption that this could somehow explain 2349 males suicides is utterly ridiculous and surprising coming from someone as intelligent as you.

            I would agree that women perpetrate much of the physical violence against children but you’re assertion that they perpetrate the majority is untrue, although admittedly figures do differ:

            The problem is E, you lack a basic empathy for women and continue to search for information that supports you view while ignoring so many other sources of information.

          • entropy

            You know nothing about my credentials because I choose not to share personal information on the Internet, yet my refutation of your arguments and knowledge of landmark studies you’ve never even heard of, like Dunedin, should indicate that I have far more expertise in this area than your obvious confirmation bias allows you to apprehend.

            Furthermore, your personal judgements and reliance on argument from authority fallacies do not substitute for your inability to debate the facts.

            I didn’t claim that all male suicides result from emotional abuse, only that it is certainly a factor that is not as easily (or willingly) quantified as outcomes like homicide.

            You accuse me of cherry picking, refuse to discuss the academic studies I provide, then go on to cherry pick your own figures sourced from governments proven to be infected by feminist interests.

            Since you want to make personal judgments, my criticisms of women come from the inconsistency between their actions and their rhetoric about equality, while your paternalistic infantilisation of them comes from your own misogynistic view that they’re weak and require your chivalry to protect them from their own free choices.

          • Dan Flynn

            Fuck I would love to talk about this in person one day E, this medium is far too limited. I would obliterate all your points within an hour.
            If you ever visit Melbourne –

          • entropy

            This medium has benefits as well as limitations. I don’t expect to enlighten you, but I believe readers will learn from your mistakes and the world will be a better place.

            To obliterate my arguments you would first have to consider them, and you’ve shown little interest in that.

          • Dan Flynn

            Ha! Me not consider you’re arguments? Nice joke there E, what the fuck have I been doing talking with you for the past two years?!

          • Jai_Normosone

            My problem with this whole Domestic Violence schtick that is going through the media and being constantly sprouted by politicians and talking heads is that they constantly manage to avoid the #1 cause that it exists in the world today (there are other causes but this is the big one).


            25 million people in Australia; 320 million in the USA; 30 million in Canada; 50 million in each of the UK, Germany, France; and then some smaller numbers in the rest of Europe. Compare that to the global number of 1.5 billion people where you could safely say that 50% are male and then a safe figure of half that again being firm believers in the Sharia where the value of a woman is half of that of a male (I say “male” because there are no “men” that follow Islam).

            Compare that to the populations of those countries where a great proportion of the people recognise that beating up/killing family members (especially ones weaker than yourself) is not only written in doctrine but it is also expected – and assisted – by other family members!

            Of the “50 women a week” that are beaten and abused – how many of them are the result of: 1) alcohol & drugs, 2) refusal to shut their mouth in light of a lack of situational awareness, or 3) doctrine.

            There are bigger issues at play in the world today and importing people who are not only prone to the teachings that say it’s OK to beat women but steadfastly refuse to give them up – shows that the entire topic is being hijacked by talking heads as a means of distracting people from the fact that none of them are doing their goddamn jobs as public figures.

          • Dan Flynn

            Some further reading…
            From the recent Royal Commission into family violence:
            It’s quite a read so I’ll save you some time:

            ‘Family violence disproportionately affects women and children, and the majority of perpetrators are men’

            Summary report here:

          • Bucky Redux

            Dan : grasping at straws…”some further reading”….
            avoid direct rebuttals at all costs.

          • Bucky Redux

            Dan wont answer my question on women aborting babies, he is full of shit.
            Expect NPC lefty hypocrite responses from Dan.

        • Bucky Redux

          I think that emotional violence has far more lasting negative effects than physical harm.
          Females are adept at inflicting the former.

          • Dan Flynn

            Bucky, tell that to the 50 Australian women murdered annually by their intimate or former intimate male partner.

          • Bucky Redux

            Dan, do you identify as female ?
            Serious question.

          • Dan Flynn

            Well Bucky, I did dress up as a women at a party in my early twenties and did get many comments about how good I looked. However, for now at least, I do consider myself of the male species. Why do you ask?

          • Bucky Redux

            You have answered my query, thanks.

          • Bucky Redux

            Can you please give me the stats on how many unborn babies are wilfully aborted/murdered by their mothers every year ?

          • Jai_Normosone

            Take it easy. I’m not defending Dan but if you ask a serious question, wait for the answer instead of resorting to insult.
            If Dan doesn’t have the answer, he should just say so.
            I don’t know Dan but at least he was clean about saying he was a Counsellor. That’s much better than being a bleeding-heart Magistrate who thinks they’re on the bench to perform social work rather than dole out the judgement of the law.

          • Bucky Redux

            Dan has been lurking here for years and often pops his head above the trenches with lefty SJW touchy feely NPC socialist claptrap. (Socialworker)

          • Jai_Normosone

            I think the stats in the USA are the blacks make up 14% of the population while being 46% of those who have abortions.
            Or is that people in prison… I can never remember (or bother to tell the difference 🙂 )

          • Bucky Redux

            Hey Dan, answer my question about aborted babies,or is that a bridge too far for you ?

          • Jai_Normosone

            As I heard in a comment many years ago: “Girls learn the ways and means of manipulation and coercion at the knee of their mothers.”

          • Bucky Redux

            They also use their endowed physical “trinkets” to lure boys into a honeytrap and then change their minds and yell RAPE !

      • Bucky Redux

        Dan. How does your moral compass function when addressing violence to the unborn?
        Does your compass spin wildly ?
        Men don’t kill babies. Women kill babies.
        Defenceless babies.
        Or do you consider females murdering innocent unborn babies not as bad as male inflicted violence on women ?

        • Dan Flynn

          I wouldn’t wish abortion on my worst enemy. I’m no fan of it. I think it’s a tragedy really. I think women who have abortions often regret it, especially if they have trouble with fertility later in life. If I had an abortion (if I was a women) it would haunt me later in life, imaging what the child would have been like.
          However I understand that women should be able to make a choice about whether to progress with a pregnancy. It’s their bodies.

          • Bucky Redux

            So you admit, you condone a female decision to murder another living human being ?
            That makes you a willing accomplice to murder.
            That is completely at odds regarding your stance on male inflicted violence on females.
            Can’t have it both ways.

            You word in your reply: “progress with a pregnancy”.
            No, it’s called abortion, foeticide, or plainly speaking it’s called murdering a baby in cold blood.
            Next you’ll be saying it’s the unborn baby inflicting violence on its mother !
            Dissembling is your speciality.

          • Dan Flynn

            Okay Bucky.

          • Bucky Redux

            Typical lefty.

          • Once the statistics are looked at, we will find that women are biggest murderers of all.

    • Repeal fake marriage

      Females love the slaughter in the womb but we won’t mention that because rights and stuff.

      • Bucky Redux

        Females in general don’t consider babies to be live human beings, that’s why they have aborted/murdered millions of them over the last few decades alone.
        Babies are just a mere inconvenience to some females.

        • Jai_Normosone

          I’d say you’re half right… not all females consider a baby to be a parasite living off them. The last sentence is bang on the money though.

  • James

    More of the same.
    Government agencies grab every opportunity to get more funding.
    High intensity news reporting ripens the atmosphere for it.
    It’s how “government” grows.
    The one thing that’s never asked for is reversal of the stupid policy changes that gave rise to the problems in the first place.

  • Bucky Redux

    Seems that talking about abortion and the rights of the unborn triggers you.
    Unable to respond coherently to my questions, you just avoid them.
    It outs you quite comprehensively.
    Social Worker hypocrisy glows in the dark.

  • Bucky Redux

    SlackBastard, time for your meds, mate.
    Maybe talk to your doc about upping the doseage.

  • Jai_Normosone

    Bloody brilliant article, David. Well done!