Israel did 9/11


Originally published August 27, 2017.

There are certain topics that you’re just not meant to write about if you want to maintain a respectable readership. The holocaust, the moon landing, UFO’s, chemtrails and secret lizard men. You just don’t go there if you want to remain credible.

9/11 is on that list, I know. It’s a topic that makes many people shut down because so many claims have been made about it, many of them quite outrageous, that most people are now over it.

But 9/11 matters. A lot. Our entire foreign policy over the last 15 years has been driven by that one event. We have neoconservative shills in our MSM who advocate constantly for more wars in the Middle East, the implementation of a police state here at home and now World War III against Russia over Syria.

Israel 911 Netanyahu photo
Photo courtesy of IZ Quotes

Without 9/11 there is no widespread terrorism, no migrant crisis, no ISIS, no creeping totalitarianism here at home. It has bred nothing but suffering, fear and death.

We’ve never gotten to the bottom of exactly what happened, why and by whom that day. But like many of the problems Western civilization is facing today, once we start the journey of looking into the events of that Tuesday morning in Lower Manhattan, all roads lead to Tel Aviv.

Let’s forget the usual talking points that 9/11 ‘truthers’ focus on.

Forget that 1 and 2 World Trade Centres were built to be virtually indestructible, with reinforced steel cores that melted and left a smouldering mass which burned for at least three months after the attack.

Forget that this destruction was achieved with two aluminium planes and that steel beams melt at 1,525C.

Forget that it is standard operating procedure to scramble jet fighters in the US whenever a jetliner goes off course or radio contact is lost, and that between September 2000 and June 2001, interceptors were scrambled 67 times. On the morning of 9/11, the hijackers were able to fly the planes for more than half an hour off-course while NORAD stood down.

Forget that the third building which came down that day in New York, WTC 7, was not hit by a plane, was 110 metres from WTC 1 and has been identified by leading demolitions experts as a textbook controlled demolition.

This interview of Dutch controlled demolition expert, Danny Jowenko, first appeared on Danish television in 2006. He died in a single-car accident on a straight road in 2011. But forget about that.

Forget too that none of the official narrative makes sense. Why would 19 boozy Saudi fundamentalists hang out at strip-joints just prior to the attack? Why would they choose to do pilot training in the US, where detection would be much more likely? How did they pull off a feat of aviation skill which expert pilots have been unable to replicate on flight simulators since?

Why have al Qaeda attacks since demonstrated none of the Bond villain-tier genius of 9/11?

And how could the most sophisticated attack in world history have been masterminded by a former CIA asset from a family connected to the Bushes sitting in a cave in Afghanistan next to a goat with nothing but a laptop?

Forget all that.

9/11 was a crime that has certainly never been properly investigated. 2996 people were murdered that day, and in the wars that have resulted in the Middle East hundreds of thousands have died and millions have been displaced. It has led to the destruction of the region, and now an invasion of Europe by millions of fighting-age men. The United States and Russia are now eyeball-to-eyeball in Syria, and this could precipitate World War III.

9/11 matters. A lot.

So instead let’s conduct this like a cold case investigation and see where the evidence leads us. Let’s focus on five key areas like any good investigator would: motive; capability; access; presence at the scene; and control of the subsequent investigation.


The first question to ask is: cui bono? Who benefited? This is usually the first clear indicator of guilt. There are several clear beneficiaries of the reaction to 9/11, but foremost among them has been the neoconservative (neocon) deep state which has run US foreign policy since the WTC attacks.

Neocon Jews such as Paul Wolfowitz and Rabbi Dov Zakheim were writing about their desire for a massive terrorist attack on the United States back in the 1990’s. The hallmark document produced by this group of neo-Trotskyite democratic imperialists was ‘Rebuilding America’s Defences: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century’, written in the name of the Project for the New American Century in September, 2000. The document is prescient.

Calling for an expanded US military presence in the Middle East, the document says “while the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein”.

Why would America have had an “unresolved conflict” with Iraq in September, 2000?

‘Rebuilding America’s Defences’ also called for a massive upgrade of the American military, with a focus on unconventional warfare and a move away from aircraft carriers. The type of military which, it turned out, America would need to fight the future war on terrorTM. The document stated that this process would be sped up by “a catastrophic and catalysing event… like a new Pearl Harbour”.


Two men who benefited enormously from the destruction of the World Trade Centre were Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy. Silverstein bought the formerly public buildings in April, 2001 from the New York Port Authority, and promptly doubled the insurance coverage to include terrorism. He also put a clause in the contract to ensure that if the buildings were destroyed, he and Lowy’s company Westfield would have the sole right to reconstruct them.

Every morning without fail, Silverstein would have breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant on the 107th floor of the North Tower. On the day of 9/11, however, he was absent from the towers due to a fortuitous doctor’s appointment. Two of his children, who also worked in the building, were also absent when the planes hit.

Later in the day on 9/11, Larry Silverstein was on the phone to his lawyers to see if two separate attacks could be claimed in order to double his insurance payout.

Most damningly, Silverstein is on the record that day as having given instructions to “pull” WTC 7. This phrase is specifically used in building demolitions, and is a technical term used to describe a controlled demolition.

How would Larry Silverstein had known to use that term unless the building had been wired for demolition?

Out of a $15 million investment plus borrowed funds Silverstein and Lowy reaped over $4.5 billion in insurance claims.

Both Israeli-American Silverstein and Israeli-Australian Lowy are good friends with Benjamin Netanyahu, Rupert Murdoch and Ariel Sharon. Every Sunday for years, without fail, Netanyahu would call Silverstein to talk on the phone.


The complexity of the attacks on the WTC that day, the creation of the false narrative and the subsequent cover-up require that state actors must have been behind the planning and conduct of the attacks. It is absurd to believe otherwise. If al-Qaeda did it, why have their follow-up attacks consisted mainly of young fanatics detonating themselves in public places with low-tech suicide vests?

Of all the state actors who had the capacity to carry out the attack, none of them are on the list of countries outlined by the neocons for invasion which have been destroyed by the United States and its allies following 9/11.


After the 1993 WTC bombing, security for the WTC complex was given to Kroll Associates, owned by two Zionist Jews Jules and Jeremy Kroll through their company Marsh & McLennan. If anyone wanted to put explosives inside the Twin Towers prior to 9/11, they would have had to do so with the cooperation of Kroll.

The first plane which hit the WTC North Tower did so directly where the offices of Marsh & McLennan were located, thus ensuring that whatever evidence may have existed was destroyed.

The managing director of Kroll, Jerome Hauer, gave an interview to Dan Rather on the morning of 9/11 stating that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks. As we shall see, he was among a group of prominent Zionists who appeared on TV news shortly after the attacks blaming Osama bin Laden.

The company responsible for airport security where the 9/11 hijackers are reported to have boarded the planes was Huntsleigh USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS International ICTS is owned by Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon. Both are Israeli Jews and widely rumoured to be Mossad operatives.

Presence at the scene

As well as Jerome Hauer, L. Paul Bremer and Ehud Barak also made sure to place themselves front and centre in the media spotlight just after the events of 9/11 to declare that bin Laden did it.

Paul Bremer appeared on NBC at lunchtime on 9/11 to cement the narrative that bin Laden was responsible. Bremer benefited greatly from the war on terror, being in charge of the disastrous ‘reconstruction’ of Iraq after the 2003 invasion.

Ehud Barak, a hardcore Likudnik, appeared in the London studio of BBC World one hour after the first plane hit, declaring that not only was bin Laden responsible but that travel would now become more complicated and that a new “war on terror” had begun. “Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea. This is the only way. Without this clarity of purpose there will be no world order”.

Two of those four countries have already been invaded by the United States to advance the neocon agenda. The other two may well precipitate World War III.

Within hours of the towers going down, reports began circulating in the US media about white vans being seen around New York with Middle Easterners in them acting suspiciously. In one instance, a New York woman reported scenes of jubilation among five of these suspicious people as they watched the towers fall.

These media reports vanished when it was discovered that these were not Arabs but rather Israelis. The Israelis who had been detained were released on the orders of Michael Chertoff, chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division, an Israeli-American who later went on to become the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The Chertoff family were among the founders of Israel and Michael’s father was a prominent Talmudic rabbi in NYC. Michael was also the author of the Patriot Act.

These ‘dancing Israelis’ later appeared on Israeli TV and stated that they were there to “document the event”. How could they have been there to document a surprise attack?

The white vans seen with Israelis around New York on that day belonged to Urban Moving Systems. The owner Dominik Suter, according to WikiLeaks, was an Israeli spy who immediately fled to Israel after the attacks.

Inexplicably absent at the scene of 9/11, however, was Israeli company ZIM Shipping. ZIM decided to vacate their office space in the WTC North Tower shortly before 9/11, forfeiting $50,000 by doing so. The company was half-owned by the Israeli government.

Control of the investigation

There were many lawsuits following 9/11, most prominent of which were with the families of the victims of the attack. Many families refused to accept the official version of events, and held out against a court decision. All of these cases were settled forcibly out of court, with gag orders placed on all involved.

All of the appointed chief judges for 9/11 cases in New York were Zionist Jews: Alvin K. Hellerstein; Michael B. Mukasey; Sheila Birnbaum; and Kenneth Feinberg. The Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow, is also a Zionist Jew.

Almost immediately after Ground Zero was secured, the evidence of the crime was destroyed. The metal from the site was quickly sent to a scrapyard in New Jersey by Jewish-owned SIMS Metal Management, combined with other steel and shipped to China.

Unsurprisingly, none of this information was covered for the American people by the overwhelmingly Jewish-owned mainstream media. The glaring holes in the official 9/11 Commission Report also went unremarked.


When you do your own research to fact-check this article, and I hope you do, you’ll probably come across a series of articles by the Popular Mechanics website. They get a suspiciously high rank on Google. The guy who runs the website, Benjamin Chertoff, is Michael Chertoff’s cousin and also a Zionist Jew. He denies it. He’s lying.

‘We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq… [these events] swung American public opinion in our favor.’ – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing students at Bar Ilan University, April 2008.

At every point along the way in the preparation and carrying out of the 9/11 attack, there is either an Israeli citizen or an American or Australian Jew. Saying this isn’t ‘anti-Semitism’. It’s pro-Americanism, and pro-Australianism.

For too long, our sovereignty has been compromised by our liberal openness to foreign influence. This has to end, or else Australia will end far before it should.

Of course, the Zionists and Jewish opportunists who carried out the attack did so with cooperation from the Saudi and US deep states. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have their bloody fingers all over this treasonous operation. The rogue elements in the US shadow government may have been happy for the Israelis to carry out the operation, providing them with plausible deniability.

Ultimately though, 9/11 was an Israeli operation to advance Israel’s foreign policy agenda. It has led to the loss of enough Aussie blood and treasure. It’s time to bring our boys home from that accursed region, before our interference there sends us all up in flames.

We also must call out neoconservatism for what it is: A globalist ideology with roots in international Marxism that has been used to deceive the West into using our arms to fight for Israel.

Neoconservatism is a front for Zionist Israeli foreign policy using the power of the USA to advance the interests of Israel and establish Greater Israel across the Middle East. It is also driving us headlong toward World War III.

Toxic Zionism had its genesis prior to World War I, the Balfour Declaration and the manipulation of Western public opinion to support the creation of Israel. The current, highly aggressive and openly criminal culture of the Israeli elite began in earnest with the election of the Likud coalition in 1976 in Israel, comprised of terrorists and war criminals.

They remain in control to this day, and their criminal operations have destroyed not only the Middle East, but the economies and demographics of the West as well.

israel 911 netanyahu photo
Our greatest ally. Photo courtesy of DarkMoon

If there was an architect of 9/11, the most likely candidate is Benjamin Netanyahu. A diehard Likudnik and Jewish supremacist, Netanyahu founded the Jonathan Institute in the late 1970’s to study ‘terrorism’ (by Muslims, of course) and in the early 1980’s wrote a book entitled ‘Terrorism: How the West Can Win’. He has been at the heart of the Zionist project throughout his career.

9/11 was a declaration of war. Israel has been at war with the American empire ever since. We just haven’t known it.

And they’re winning.

  • David Hiscox

    I disagree with this one. Aside from steel beams not needing to melt for them to lose their structural integrity and buckle under the weight of what’s above them, Occam’s Razor tells me that there is enough evidence to prove the much simpler explanation that it was Muslim terrorists supported by Saudi Arabia.

    • Joe

      What’s up with this Moses fellow? Sporting a Hitler hair style and now blaming the Israelites for things they clearly are not responsible for. Has the left’s success deranged him?

      Moses will be the death of this blog.

    • Noachideous

      Would you believe that Israel was required by “prophesy” to be made undead on the date 1948….. and that WW1 and 2 were fought for that purpose. Or that perhaps WW 11 exists in the shape of a temple menorah, with 3 candle holders either side of the central, it being 1942 ?…….. 42 represents the number of letters in the name of (((THEIR))) deity.
      Confirm that if 420 are added to the 888 246 PoPPies of London’s Tower, that 888 666 amounts to 24 18…. or 42.

      • entropy

        If you put 5,318,008 in a calculator, it spells boobies.

        • Noachideous

          If the gematria of GOD amounts to 7 15 4 or 26…. and that… if 26 is counted in a six based number system or senary…. then there are 42 letters in the English alphabet… and 42 becomes the number of GOD…. The gematria of ODIN for instance amounts to 42… Read … you’ll find the evidence you need to suggest that Truth is not subject to the forces of entropy…. In fact, the allegories suggest that Time is in fact the Father of Truth…. So why then is it that those who occupy the space created in 1948… derived of the +x of 42 58……appear to be a nation of deceivers… who claim that number entirely for themselves… and behave in ways and advocate for outcomes that will see the extermination of all others not quite so (((chosen)))…..
          Why are the 3 Parentheses so perfect ? For the fact that the +x of 3P.. or 3 16… amount to 19 and 48… or 1948…
          Are you……cHoZeN ? …….. perhaps

    • Daniel Watts

      Give the engineers some credit. If a few beams fail at the impact point it would not cause a global structural failure resulting in free fall collapse, ever. The failure would drop and shock load the floors beneath equal to the floors above that failure point but it would be resisted nonetheless. It would never (ever) collapse at free fall speed useless the resistance is cleared beforehand.

  • Questioning taboos leads to interesting times to be living in. One observation I made concerning some of the burnt vehicles missing the door handles, and the unusually selective burning of the metal panels, missing windscreens etc , was that it reminds me of a automobile wrecker’s yard.

    Standard OP is to strip the windscreens and other saleable parts off the wrecks. Assembling “wrecks” for photo shoots then comes to mind. I wonder if the automobiles were sourced from a wrecker’s yard? And then if it was all contrived, how on earth could anyone get away with it. Pass on this for the moment.

    Then the collapse of the first two buildings and the enormous emission of smoke and dust. Reminded me of the St Helens volcanic eruption and the emission of pyroclastic volcanics or volcanic dust. Those natural occurrences could be explained by electric plasma mechanisms, but for the WTC? Pass again, for the moment. What the non-thermal fire effects do remind me of are the reported spontaneous combustion effects associated with some people, where such individuals seem to burn but leave no thermal effects in the immediate environment. Another mystery.

    Cui Bono? The driving force for this can be traced back historically to the Bronze Age catastrophes and the emergence of religion that I interpret as a manifestation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Gunnar Heinsohn’s explanation for the origin of religion would be a starting point. I would add that the Bronze Age peoples were so traumatised by the global catastrophes that engulfed them, that the only escape from those events was to retreat into the imaginal world of the mind, fabricated by the brain as a reaction to overwhelming environmental stress. The development of speech and hence memory allowed the survivors of those catastrophes some respite from the collapse of their civilisation. Religion became, as Karl Marx might have hinted, the intellectual analog of substance abuse, where chemically induced dream states allow the individual to escape from the here and now into some, albeit temporary, imaginal paradise or utopia.

    Humanity’s problem is that for many that escape into the imaginal became habitual, and since then they have been searching for a release from the catastrophic past but aiming for a utopia or paradise in the here and now as a return to a previous golden age. Except we can never return to those times. Religion has thus become the intellectual vehicle of escape from the here and now that many find unpleasant.

    So policy is driven by the urge to set up the circumstances for a return of the Messiah. And that longing for paradise can be traced to the Bronze Age calamities and the ones that followed, including the major one of the 1st millennium that terminated the Roman and circum-Pacific
    civilisations associated with the Comet of Justinian. It is the rejection of those past catastrophes while anticipating future ones, today the Climate Change Catastrophe, that is driving human behaviour as a species, and not as individuals.

    Hence the population explosion to ensure enough remain to restart the process after the passing of the next environmental catastrophe.

  • It’s a disturbing thing to realise the truth of this. I thank the goys in Baked’s chats for gently red pilling me towards this conclusion.

    Like the holohoax, it will never be legitimately or competently investigated officially, as the narrative is so far from the truth it will shatter easily.

    Our nations are occupied by our blood enemies.

    • Data Scientist


  • Earl Conner

    9/11 is a tough one to discuss, be it psychological warfare and all. The cognitive dissonance between seeing the laws of physics defied that day, and trust in the government and media of that time is too much for most people. Whodunnit? is irrelevant if we can’t come to terms with what happened. I’ll point you to the architects/engineers/pilots/patriots for 9/11 truth groups websites if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

  • Al L

    9/11 stinks to high heaven. All of the inconsistencies point to a power much better organised than a bunch of raghead extremists. Zionists, Israel and other Jews are the only ones that profited handsomely from this terror attack. I once read an article on the web, that stated this attack was planned as far back as 1990. At the end of the day, never trust somebody, who’s religion precludes them from eating a bacon sandwich.

  • I have spent many many hours across many years looking into the 9/11 “attack”.
    All the evidence I have scrutinised, and there is a vast amount available, points to a false flag event. Clear as day.
    Israel most certainly involved, if not wholly responsible.

    I could link you to a gorillion articles that would leave you in absolutely no doubt.
    What does your gut feeling tell you ?
    Are you going to wake up, or remain in a coma ?
    Blue pill, or red pill ?

    Examine the evidence for yourself.
    Here is a tidbit, I have attached a photo of the ground beneath the WTC towers. Solid granite: melted.
    More than 1000 first responders have died from cancer since 9/11…..radiation linked cancers…..look it up.

    Moses, great article, more strength to you, sir.
    I imagine the JIDF will be here soon…….

    • The hunted child

      You are clearly a complete moron. Regards, Jonathan – 20 years in military intelligence, degrees in Law, Education, Politics and Engineering. Investigator, arbitrator and barrister.

      • Jono, thank you for your kind comments, which I have archived. I will look carefully into your background and will be in touch with you.

  • Ryan Fletcher

    Bloody ripper write-up Moses!

  • entropy

    Nah. Cui bono cuts both ways. You can make the case that Israel stood to gain, but it would lose more if it was found to be involved with that kind of false flag.

    Like David said, Occam’s Razor. I don’t think Israel or the warhawks are playing 4D chess, here. Too big a conspiracy and too complex an operation to risk the consequences of failure. Someone always talks.

    • Occam was an optimist. Or was that Murphy ?

    • Of course, (((fellow white person))).

    • Earl Conner

      I guarantee those demolition engineers and remote pilots haven’t been around to talk for quite some time. For everyone else involved, a nice blend of threats and bribes seems to have worked well.

      • entropy

        Not credible. Where do you find all these supposed professionals who would be stupid enough to take part in this conspiracy without some sort of dead man insurance? Threats and bribes haven’t worked on other leakers over lesser crimes. Nothing to see here.

        • Earl Conner

          I imagine offering millions of dollars would be enough to get individuals to enter into an activity, and then threats to murder their loved ones would stop them backing out. They’d be preselected for agreeable character traits, and then killed off afterwards anyway.

          I’m curious though: What type of whistle blower or evidence would it take to convince you of such a conspiracy? How would you even hear about it? If you can’t answer those, then why would anyone risk coming forward?

          • entropy

            What type of whistle blower or evidence would it take to convince you of such a conspiracy?

            More than none.

          • entropy

            Ain’t nobody got time to read 8,170,000 web pages, brah.

          • ahhhhhh, it was just to demonstrate info available on murdered 9/11 witnesses……

    • Dan Flynn

      Totally agree. There would have needed to be a lot of people involved and no one has come forth, not even on their death bed. The only ‘whistle blowers’ cited by the truthers are external people who have raised doubts about the official story and were not ‘inner circle’ people.
      Having said that, I do have respect for the 9/11 Truther movement as I personally don’t believe the official story. It makes perfect sense to me that the government was under intense pressure to serve up a ‘boogie man’ so people would think things were under some sort of control, hence the 19 hijackers.

      • entropy

        So if it wasn’t Israel and it wasn’t the Religion of Peace, who do you think did it?

        Right-wing white supremacist Nazis in collusion with Russia?

        • Dan Flynn

          I honestly cannot fathom what actually happened. It’s hard to even comprehend the competing interests that are at play. However I’m not closed off to the idea that it was terrorists from the middle east who were somehow aided or abetted by forces within the US government, but that is purely conjecture. I do not believe however that George W had any knowledge of it. I don’t think he’s that smart or that organized.

          • entropy

            So what about the other 31,646 Islamic terrorist attacks that have been perpetrated since 9/11?

            US govt was behind them, too?

            You’re in a safe space here, Dan. No-one is going to call you an Islamophobe for acknowledging the obvious.

          • Dan Flynn

            Ha, yes I know it’s safe. I’m certainly not saying that I think the US government is behind terrorist attacks generally. I’m just open to arguments that suggest that 9/11 was seized upon as an opportunity by certain forces within the US to satisfy the growing needs of the military industrial complex and to secure some oil.
            I tend not to develop too many personal theories as I’m likely to be wrong.
            Both of my brothers are right into conspiracy porn regarding 9/11 but personally I don’t see the value in getting in too deep. Too many other things to think about!

          • entropy

            Well, that’s a different argument. I’m sure we can all agree that interest groups shamelessly leverage tragedies, but that’s hardly the US govt being complicit in an attack on American soil.

            It’s certainly interesting to see a conspiracy being embraced by both sides of the political spectrum. And here I thought it would take an alien invasion to unite us.

          • Dan Flynn

            Oh yeah, plenty of leftists I know who embrace conspiracy!
            The thing is that both sides of politics are opposed to the 1% who control the 99%. Sometimes I think that immigration, gender, religion etc are all just meant to distract us while we allow the 1% to do what they please.

          • entropy

            In a YouGov poll, 59% of Democrats said Russia ‘tampered with vote tallies’ to influence the election for Trump. This despite no evidence, and denials from the FBI.

            Simple question. Is the Russian election hacking story you’ve been force-fed by your beloved left media for months now a conspiracy theory or not?

          • Dan Flynn

            I have no idea. To be honest I have not read much about it. I imagine Democrats are looking for a justification for why Trump got elected. In denial I guess. But who the fuck really knows.

          • entropy

            I’d suggest you’ve hit the nail on the head, but the point being that Russia is a classic leftist conspiracy theory, believed by millions.

      • Enlightened Truth Seeker

        No people involved. Just Jews and Arabs.

    • Enlightened Truth Seeker

      They got away with something as gratuitously treacherous as the USS Liberty attack. Why, pray, would they worry about being exposed (by their own (((media)))) for the 9/11 attacks, which were at least mostly committed by their proxy forces through Saudi Arabia?

      • entropy

        A good point, but the USS Liberty was a military target attacked (with trademark Israeli incompetence) specifically to bring the US into the Six-Day War. Killing thousands of US civilians to start a new war on Afghanistan is a stretch, particularly when Israel was already getting away with their colonial agenda in Palestine.

  • Wide Awake

    Love it!! Next can we have an article on Port Arthur?

    • That is another can of worms….

    • Earl Conner

      Well if we need reminding just how gullible us Aussies are; I vote the Bali (nuclear) bomb.

  • Shabbos Shekels

    Wow Moses, maybe you’ve woken up from your “muh NatSoc is Marxism” bullshit, you’ve been pretty honorary lately, keep it up and we just might not gas you after all.

  • Interesting video here, it is illuminating to read the comments as well…..worth the effort.

  • LyovMyshkin

    Always found this Italian doc a very good summation of the ‘inside job’ position. Great article. Very brave, Moses.

  • chucky

    Islamic terrorism has infested the earth for centuries before the Twin Towers were even built.

    • But Zionist terrorism has always been more effective.

      • Jonathan

        David. Need to do some articles re: Christian Zionism. You Tube John Hagee/Russia/Iran/Syria. Hagee is in the ear of Trump, did the benediction at the Jerusalem US embassy opening. It’s all scary stuff. People like Hagee have almost 1/3 of the US population following them and lapping up their Zionist End Times garbage. I think the wheels are in motion for WWIII and we are all truly fucked.

      • chucky

        Of course Zionists are “more effective”. They’re higher up the evolutionary ladder, so when they retaliate against their hateful, irrational, hypocritical islamic attackers, they’re more than capable of making it count.

        I for one aren’t going to play the bitter, jealous left-wing snowflake ‘victim’ simply because Zionists are good at what they do.

  • Jonathan

    I am more open to this 17 years later seeing how things have transpired re: the Axis of Evil Israel-Saudi-US vs Iran, Syria and Russia, but the question I have for 9/11 revisionists is why not frame the hijackers as Iraqis or Iranians in the first place? Why Wahhabists from Saudi and why waste time on Afghanistan when Iraq and Syria were the main goals?

    Plus this, yes “Aside from steel beams not needing to melt for them to lose their
    structural integrity and buckle under the weight of what’s above them”

    They don’t need to melt like jelly, just become ductile like plastic. Also the impact would have taken out a lot of the external supporting matrices and the central concrete core.

  • Panadechi Santiago
  • Andrew Thompson

    Jokes on you

    everyone know the weebs did 9/11

  • Jai_Normosone

    I’ve never really gone in for the whole conspiracy side of things associated with 9/11 but you certainly make a compelling argument.

    My stance on things like this is that, unless I was involved and know exactly what happened in an event, I just have to leave it in my head as “unsolved”. This is one of those situations because it’s not like we can believe the major information-sharers (mass media & politicians) due to their own agendas and inability to lie straight in bed (on one side) and what is left is people presenting comment on the internet as fact without actually having done any research other than obtaining the opinion of someone else via Google (I’m not insinuating this about this writer or article though).

    There are some things I have to resolve to myself that I will probably never know.

    • Enlightened Truth Seeker

      Bit of a cope, though, isn’t it?

      I would suggest the work of Ryan Dawson. Has some historical training, looks into this stuff, isn’t a jackass.

      Also very happy to point out that the ‘hologram missiles’ crap that some large portion of the ‘truth movement’ push is obviously dishonest and intended to smear those looking into the very real and well documented Israeli and Saudi Arabian connections by association.

      • Jai_Normosone

        I agree – it is a coping mechanism.
        From my perspective, it has to be – because there are three different types of people in the world: Dicks, Pussies and Assholes (*oops* wrong movie 🙂 )

        The people who tell you things range from those who tell you everything (and maybe too much) through to those who tell you nothing, with the added bonus of those who tell you stuff that is intended to create confusion for you and humour for them by seeing you run around with some horse-shit that they made up.

        The internet has a lot of information on it that was created by people who think it is funny to see how far their creation-of-shit will go. There are also those who read this crap and use the belief of “I read it. It was in colour. It was on the internet. It *must* be true!”
        Then there is the information that is definitive in nature and precisely correct. There is also a lot of info that is created by opinion and presented as fact.

        The hard part is working out the fact from the fiction from the outright lies – and sometimes it is only the people who were involved that will ever know.

        Perfect example is the Moon Landing.
        There are those who believe it happened on a sound stage and there are those who’ve been punched by Buzz Aldrin for daring to say same to his face. I do not have the resources to prove the argument one way or another.

        … until I manage to steal my own TARDIS, that is…. 🙂

  • Wobbegong

    Watch Massimo Mazzucco’s doco on 9/11. Five hours long with great content. His debunking of the the phone calls on the hijacked plane is excellent.

  • Enlightened Truth Seeker

    Excellent, good to see this reposted.

    While the ‘steel beams’ stuff is specious, and certainly two planes flown by towelheads hit the towers, noone can dispute that the dancing Israelis were there. Moreover, if you look into things further, there is Israeli involvement at every step- other small Israeli moving companies (fronts for Mossad) were even involved in moving the hijackers around.

    If Bush wasn’t completely controlled, he’d have nuked Saudi Arabia and Israel before the end of 2001.

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