It’s time to get our womenfolk in order


In an article at XYZ magazine, Matty from Matty’s Modern Life argues the case against ethno-nationalism, which is a fancy term used to describe what nations used to be before the great betrayal of civic nationalism.

“After all, if Japan, Israel, China, Korea and other nations are allowed to have a state based on ethnic origins, why not Australia? It’s a fair question without an easy answer. While I’m not opposed to Australia becoming an Anglo-ethnic state I’m also a pragmatist. The horse has bolted and it ain’t ever coming back.”

First of all, those nations mentioned have not gained permission from some outside entity for their respective nation states based on an ethnic origin. They have simply seen fit to preserve their cultures by not ceding to the triple monstrosities of civic nationalism, mass immigration, and multiculturalism. It’s an important distinction. To say that China “has been allowed” to have its nation state is ludicrous. But herein lies the seeds to the capitulation of the West. We now suffer under a mindset of powerlessness.

By writing that the horse has bolted, Matty is implying that this situation cannot be reversed. This is untrue. Any situation can be reversed; it just depends on how badly you want something. A recent example:

1.4 million Afghans have 30 days to leave Pakistan.

Matty continues:

“Nor is that to say that the demographic decline of Whites in Australia should be welcomed. Whites tend to have relatively high IQ’s and, aside from notable exceptions that we will discuss in this column, tend to value true individualist liberalism. The more White people in a society the safer, richer and healthier that society tends to be; this is a fact.”

Matty can acknowledge this biological reality but still believes in the magic dirt theory of civic nationalism – anyone can become a Westerner; it’s just a value system.

The consequences of this lie are now being experienced by lower class whites in Melbourne, with home invasions, muggings, and public brawls and beatings by African youths now so out of control that even some of the deeply deluded are being forced to admit the awful reality of what happens when you bring in Sudanese immigrants en masse.

The fact is that one cannot become a Westerner. To say otherwise is to demean the entire Western value system. If it is so easy to adopt then by default it must also be so easy to discard. In its supposed universal accessibility it becomes worthless.

Multiculturalism is a failure because civic nationalism is a lie. Western values, and specifically Anglo-Saxon cultural values, are hardwired into our DNA. They cannot be pap-smeared onto new immigrants. I once attended a business breakfast in Melbourne where the keynote speaker was Chairperson of the Victorian multicultural commission, Helen Kapalos. In her speech she spoke at length about how wonderful it was to grow up in a Greek household in Australia and how much at home she felt when she visited Greece for the first time. This woman was born in Australia, but she sounds more like a Greek than an Australian. Remember, there is no such thing as a Greek-Australian, for the exact same reason that there are no Australian-Greeks.

“For Helen Kapalos, one of her greatest gifts has been growing up in Australia immersed in the richness of Greek culture. Born to Greek parents, Helen grew up in an incredible close, tight-knit Greek community that fostered a love of not only her own roots but also instilled in her an innate curiosity and desire to learn about other cultures.”

What about the richness of Australian culture? Does that count for anything for Kapalos or was Australia merely the surrogate parent for a cultural bastard child? You cannot change demographics in this way by transplanting people across the globe. The graft does not take, even after multiple generations.

But back to Matty’s piece. The reason that I decided to respond to it in this way was the astounding turn in the article when he identifies the greatest threat to a free society in the West as being white women, and Australian women in particular:

“Obvious childishness aside, my point is simple: White women are the biggest enemy to a free society. Yes, this is a generalisation and there are plenty of great White women out there, the majority most likely, but let’s look at the facts.

“White women are the loudest and worst feminists, have the most disgusting public policies, and run the most dangerous and violent political parties in the country. When White women get into power they distort the truth and flat out lie in order to push their political agendas. It’s no coincidence that Hillary Clinton is a White woman.

“White women are at the forefront of the assault on Western civilisation. They are actively doing all they can to tear down the system that gave them a voice in the first place.”

All this is true but Matty is putting the cart before the horse. Our women are out of control, of that there is no doubt. But is that any reason for then wallowing in the fictional wonders of civic nationalism?

“So no, I’m not a white ethno-nationalist and I don’t think I could ever be one even if I tried. What matters isn’t race, what matters is culture (this includes religion, language, ideas, art, etc…) and right now our culture is dominated by State-worshiping Marxist White women who complain at every offence taken. The true enemy are overly sensitive, pandered, whiney and privileged White female snowflakes.

Race is culture. The two are inexorably intertwined. It is really important to understand this biological fact. Sudanese immigrants will never become Anglo-Saxon westerners, much the same as the Greek immigrants to Australia never became Australian. If I were to turn up in China and declare that I were Chinese I would be laughed out of the country, (or more likely thrown out.) But anyone can rock up to Australia and suddenly they are an Eritrean-Australian, or an Italian-Australian, or a Bangladeshi-Australian. So many variants of being Australian. Why, it’s almost like being Australian means nothing anymore.

But Matty is correct about one thing; Anglo-Saxon women around the world are completely out of control. Society and culture do not operate in a vacuum, nor are they binary. Everything is intertwined and connected. Break one strand and the entire edifice can unravel. And the first step in the unraveling was giving women the vote.

“I’d imagine most developed welfare states have a similar pattern. You let women vote without conditions, you get increased spending on welfare. Not that giving women the vote was the wrong thing to do, just that it should have come with caveats such as “if you take money from the State you lose the right to vote.”

No Matty – giving women the vote was indeed the wrong thing to do, and particularly with regards to Anglo-Saxon women. We don’t have our house in order. We have lost control of our women and this has flowed on to just about every area of our societies. The ludicrous and hypocritical #MeToo campaign is one of the final consequences of letting women into the workplace.

“In my experience, young, unmarried progressive women are progressive because they want taxpayer-funded abortions, taxpayer-funded contraception, no-fault divorce, single mother welfare, student-loan forgiveness, etc. Taxpayer-funded bailouts for problems caused by their own free choices. They feel that if society is paying for something, then it’s “normal” and they don’t have feel guilty about making poor choices. Their primary concern about politics is being able to do what they feel like without anyone disapproving. Everything bad that happens is “unexpected”, and so society should have to pay for it.”

The primary difference between men and women is that men are rational in their behavior while women rationalise their behavior. There are no limits to what women will rationalise and we are seeing the results of this all around us.

We have lost control of our women, allowed them to pervert and degrade our cultures and societies, and now apparently this is the main reason why we should let in hordes of immigrants that will never assimilate. Cultures and people are not static. If our culture is so weak that we cannot control our own womenfolk then eventually one of the foreign cultures that we have imported will supplant us. There will be no live and let live. They will see weakness and move to fill a void before some other culture gets there first. Or perhaps two different imported foreign cultures will move at the same time. That sure sounds like it will be a load of laughs and giggles.

The secret to us regaining control of our cultures is by regaining control of our women. We cannot justify the continual erosion of our nations by foreign immigrants just because our women are revolting. We let them revolt and we need to get the genie back in the bottle before it’s too late.

This article was originally published at, where Adam Piggott publishes regularly and brilliantly. You can purchase Adam’s books here.

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  • John Sheppard

    I have seen you make the case that race = culture, and I find myself disagreeing based on my experience. If you were to raise a Sundanese child in a white Australian home, they would be far closer to the Australian/Western culture than they would be the African culture. I had a recent example last week working with a guy who looked Chinese, but if not for his appearance, I would never have known. Everything about him made me feel like I was talking with a fellow Aussie, even though he was born to Chinese parents up near Dubbo (running the Chinese restaurant out of a local RSL). Other personal examples come from my time in the military, where people of different races all follow that same army culture (for the most part).

    Where there are biological realities from your race, culture is something that is passed down from your parents primarily. Those parents who espouse their cultural beliefs onto their child will produce a child of that culture. The problem lies, when in your example, a child is raised based on the culture from a different country to where they reside. They will not have the Australian culture, but the Greek culture as was the case in your example.

  • Jael

    Interesting article. When you say that the solution is to control the womenfolks, how exactly is that to be done?

    • Micaiah

      I propose we immediately abolish centerlink and allow all non-government employers to employ whoever they like based on whatever criteria they feel like without explanation. Then let the evolutionary market forces work their magic.

      • Jael

        Hmm. Feminists will then flock to the government as a bastion of human rights in a sea of sexism. You’ll have all your government services turn feminist.

        • Micaiah

          Fine. Abolish most of the government services, and subcontract out all other services to the private sector.

          The reason you can’t deregulate government employers is because they don’t aren’t in danger of going out of buisness and therefore don’t have a financial motivation to hire the best person for the job. This is why government services are always inefficient and terrible and shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

        • entropy

          Wouldn’t the Government be obliged to hire equal numbers of men and women? Why do you think feminists would have an advantage?

          • Jael

            I think the feminists would convince them that they needed affirmative action to counteract the widespread sexism everywhere else.

          • entropy

            I’m sure they would try, but the hypothetical seems to indicate that the public sector would still be subject to antidiscrimination laws.

            I don’t think people should be denied a vote because of their sex, but if this is the proposal we have to moot to demonstrate that we’re done with feminist entitlement, victimhood and hyperbole, then I’m okay with it.

            Hopefully, sensible women such as yourself understand that this isn’t directed at them.

      • killer3000ad

        It’s interesting idea Mica but you have to remember that a sizable chunk of the population have been on the tit of government handouts for so long that welfare seems like a right now to a lot of them. It’d be political suicide for any party to want to abolish welfare or even nip away at it slowly. The socialist-minded left will jump on any attempt to take away Centrelink and portray the other side as attacking the people, and when a lot of the populace are on Centrelink, then there goes a good chunk of the votes.

    • killer3000ad

      I want to know as well what he means when he says regain control of women. Does he want to remove their right to vote? Does he want them to have less rights than men? Does he want them to be subject to the will of their father, husbands, uncles, brother or the village chief? Or does he merely mean that we ought to better raise women to NOT be feminists and teach them that they have a special role as mothers and child bearers that only they can do?

      • Cate.

        I’m not sure either, perhaps it’s meant to be open to interpretation.
        I do wish I’d not been so mercilessly indoctrinated at school, home, church, in front of the tv./media etc. I hated me (Freudian slip- I meant to write men) by the time I’d finished university, but loved them too.
        I like their rationale, generally. They’re easier to talk to about complex subjects. Women tend to glaze over.
        I had to go through about four long term boyfriends and others besides to realise they were leftarded non-providers who, like me, thought I should be out working even with their potential child to look after. I kept waiting to be “steered” properly but felt I had to steer, as per societies imperative.
        Eventually I found a good one. But it is a very hard road with the casual every-day 24/7 brainwash.
        As for women and the vote. I believe it was a very bad idea. Not because I think they’re ‘inferior’, but because they don’t give a shite about politics. It’s all ego and illusion. They only care about how they’re perceived by other women. They dress for other women. ‘Go along to get along.’ And the PTB would simply time elections with moon cycles to ensure their least stable emotional state. They need to be feeding their children good nutritionally dense food, teaching them to be wild, free, thoughtful and give them a solid foundation based on this world and the world we don’t see but is there.
        We needed Jonathan Bowden as our leader to help readjust the culture- to turn the ship. His recordings are still around. The Nietzsche one is excellent.
        Women need to pipe the heck down and let men rise back up. We’re all doomed without them.

    • gwallan

      The original deal was that men control men and women control women. Men built huge infrastructure for that purpose. Women preferred a more socially inclined means.

      The women folk have reneged on that deal. There are signs that change is underway with more women arking up about the behaviour of feminists. It’s probably about fifty years too late for many of their sons who have grown up hearing little but venom.

  • SamSammy

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: white women are not the real problem, they are only behaving the way they are because some cohort of men are enabling them to. Piss a feminist off enough and the muscle she calls on to deal with you will inevitably be of the male variety. But even this muscle only belongs to the mindless order-following grunts. So who is letting white women get away with their degeneracy, and why? Ultimately it is degenerate men: be they male relatives, social media orbiters, politicians, academics, educators, legal professionals, businessmen or celebrities, they all are united by their self-serving cowardice and hunger for a piece of poon pie (in one way or another). It is certain men who have weaponised women against other men because those certain men have decided that throwing the whole of society under the bus is a good way to get ahead in life (pun intended). The only way to truly fix the degeneracy of white women is to shut down the men who are enabling it.

  • Mattys Modern Life

    “Western values, and specifically Anglo-Saxon cultural values, are hardwired into our DNA.”

    If this is true then we don’t need to set up an ethnostate or stop non-whites from migrating here, we only need to set up the society I advocate for and it will take care of itself.

    I’m not against strong borders and encouraging assimilation, I’m against excluding people based on where they were born.

    I don’t care what ethnicity someone is, if they believe in freedom of speech, small government, free markets and other classically liberal ideals they should have the opportunity to become Australian.

    If these values are largely genetic the vast majority of people who make this choice will be White and the discussion is pointless.

    “Race is culture.”

    Not true at all, I’ve met plenty of people with two Asian parents who are as Australian as it gets.

    They also tend to marry white people and have mixed kids, what do we do with all the mixed children in the ethnostate, including my own mixed kid?

    Race (as in genetics) certainly influences culture a lot but to say they are the same thing is provably wrong.

    Again, fix the welfare/taxation/voting system and the problem takes care of itself.

    People from other ethnicities will be “white” anyway because it will be the dominant culture.

    “No Matty – giving women the vote was indeed the wrong thing to do”

    Not going to argue with your points on women and the vote, maybe it was the wrong thing to do.

    Again, my solution of removing the right to vote for anyone who receives taxpayer money negates the issue anyway.

    If women had their voting rights removed I’d argue against it but I wouldn’t be concerned if I lost that one for obvious reasons.

    “The secret to us regaining control of our cultures is by regaining control of our women.”

    Totally agree on this one, men need to become men again if we are to save this nation and Western culture.

    To do this we need to glorify masculinity again the way we used to.

  • Deplorable!!!

    Control de womenz? Hey bruz duz dis mean I c’n smack mah bitches up?


  • entropy

    We need to stop treating children as commodities owned by women and start treating them as family responsibilities.

    Any parent with a child outside of a nuclear family unit should be banned from further procreation (exceptions apply). Offenders should face compulsory sterilisation. That goes for both men and women.

    If we can raise future generations in families rather than in a marriage between the State and unwanted single mothers, we can slash welfare spending while promoting family responsibility and gender cooperation.

    • Jael

      I agree with the part about “commodities owned by women”. Just look at abortion – women are allowed to kill their own unborn children and nobody is supposed to lift a finger. Even the father.

      But do you think your arrangement would encourage abortion, so as not to produce a child out of wedlock, thus avoiding sterilisation?

      • entropy

        Quite possibly, although you could always include abortion in that framework. We have reversible sterilisation procedures and long-term contraception that could be used for offenders who plan to have future families. When they’ve demonstrated they’re in committed, heterosexual relationships, they can apply to have their reproductive privileges restored.

  • Shabbos Shekels
  • Moishe-the-Beagle

    Secondary point: I agree that there should be no hyphenated Australians, but you’re not wanting to send the Greeks back, are you? Let’s assumilate the whites and kick out the rest.

    • Yeah,nah…we shouldn’t go Greek….

  • Well, we don’t have to worry about Africans causing issues for our women in Melbourne:

  • Jael

    Also … I agree with the author that our cultural values can’t be “pap-smeared onto new immigrants”. Actually, I’d be rather concerned if we were to try. The pap-smear is a women’s medical procedure that tests for cervical cancer.

  • Goo gler

    Well said! I have been saying this since I arrived 15 years ago. Men need to take back their leadership role. Most real women want strong men to lead the family, community and country. Aussie men have given away their roles for the sake of some silly ideals. Time to turn the tide. Great article!

  • I can’t disagree with this. White women still drive most movements and consumer level commerce in society.

    Unfortunately feminism gives them ideas that they should do this without reference to men or their family.

    Mrs Brown recently said to me that she would happily give her vote to me and that she considered voting should be a household affair. She willingly voted as I asked the last election. She is now against the idea of individual voting. I should mention that she is gainfully employed and earning more than I have in the last financial year. As an Asian lady, she’s always been dubious of elections, but always voted as I suggested. She’s sick to death of most politicians, and considers them all corrupt.or most white men (I’ll wager).