Our jihadis are about to get BTFO’d by Assad in Idlib


Nothing rounds out a family like a good pet. A Beagle, a Doberman, even a cat. Maybe a Pomeranian.

Scratch that. All Pomeranians should be deported.

Pomeranian abomination
This is not a dog. It’s an abomination.

Even intelligence agencies need pets. In their case though, they go more for the Middle Eastern breeds.

Mi6 supplying ISIS

ISIS and the other jihadis did not spring like subhuman genies from the sand of the Middle East equipped with Toyotas, munitions and advanced propaganda techniques. They were created by the intelligence agencies of the Western-Israeli-Saudi deep state nexus.

And the lying media has been complicit the entire time.

This practice of using radicalised Wahhabi Muslims as proxy forces in Eurasia goes back at least to Operation Cyclone during the 1980’s, when Trilateral Commission Director, CFR Director and globalist scumbag Zbigniew Brzezinski masterminded using the mujahideen in Afghanistan to push back the Soviet invaders.

The CIA, along with the Mossad and other intelligence agencies, created Islamism. They bred these savage mutts and sought to use them to advance the interests of the globalist elite.

That means we did too. We helped to create them. If you’re still unwilling to face that bleak and crushing reality, take the blue pill and go back to laughing along with canned laughter in TV normieland.

I’d rather face the truth; and the truth is, our intelligence agencies are out-of-control psychopaths who have created the motherload of all clusterfucks in the Middle East.

The jihadi proxy forces which the West and Israel have been using to try and overthrow President Assad have been getting bludgeoned ever since Russia entered the conflict on the side of the Syrian government on September 30, 2015. Our pet jihadis are now boxed in to a small zone in the province of Idlib, in the north-west of the country.

Military situation in Syria 9-18
Our pets are in the green area, top-left.

If the Syrians, backed by the Russians, are successful in putting our pets down, this will mark the end of Israel’s ambitions to overthrow Assad and break Syria up into more easily controlled puppet states, in preparation for a war with Iran.

War with Iran is the endgame here for the Zionist deep state who control our foreign policy through their control of the US political establishment. And war with Iran means war with Russia, which has been made more possible thanks to the endless propaganda campaign against Russia waged by the deep state-controlled MSM.

And, for us, war with Russia means war with China. That’s where these mad bastards are taking us.

But surely President Trump wouldn’t do such a dangerous thing, right?

I know many XYZ readers are fans of Trump because he is hated so hard by people we hate so much. But when it comes to the Middle East, Trump does not put America First. On domestic issues, President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the United States. On foreign policy, Trump is the best thing that ever happened to Israel.

And it is Israel, and the Zionist zealots who control the US establishment, who want these wars. It’s been planned for a long time.

Trump’s attacked Syria twice already on the false pretext of fake chemical weapons attacks. He’s ready to do it again.

With this little Zionist handler right behind.

Although it seems the Russians have exposed the plan sufficiently to prevent it happening again.

The Zionists might not even bother using the jihadis to stage a chemical false flag attack. It seems Trump might just defend our terrorists in Idlib anyway.

All of this is happening while Russia are carrying out naval exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean with 26 ships, two submarines and 34 aircraft.

Russia has also announced massive joint “Vostok-2018” military exercises with China in Eastern Siberia from September 11 to 15. The exercises will involve 300,000 troops, 1,000 military aircraft and two naval fleets. The MSM is claiming that these will be the biggest military exercises since the Cold War. That’s incorrect. These will be three times the size of the largest exercises conducted by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and the largest in Russian history.

And after weeks of preparation, it seems the Syrian offensive against our pet jihadis in Idlib is about to begin.

Will Trump and his Zionist circle stand by and let Israel be defeated? I doubt it. Sanctions on both Iran and Russia have been increased recently, and the rhetoric is ratcheting on both sides.

But while the world would lurch even closer to nuclear calamity should the US strike, at least the fake news might go Trump’s way for once.

And Europe will be even more enriched.