Jordan Peterson “DESTROYS” feminists on Q&A


Jordan Peterson recently ventured onto ABC Australia’s flagship political program Q&A, and the panel was stacked in the fashion you would expect from the ABC.

He did well but in the end he wasn’t the most interesting part of a show that was actually quite boring in the end.


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  • Bucky Redux

    I enjoyed the video, Matty, loved the content and editing. Great stuff.
    Peterson skewered those ABC intellectual pygmies, they were pwned well and truly.
    Q & A collective IQ, including the rent a crowd NPC audience, is about 35 at most.

    Tony Jones, can’t stand him. Obsequious smarmy little ABCucked inbred meat-stroking fuckwit.
    He’s leaving Queers & Arseholes at the end of 2019 supposedly……

  • Bumpstock reloaded

    Never heard of JP before now but that bloke is based. So much dignity and intelligence in the face of such garbage.

    Van Badham. Claims to be Marxist AND Catholic. I’ll just leave that here.