Kanye v His People: Can he make them Great


There is something strange happening here, and what it is, is not exactly clear… so stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look around….

Yes, sometimes music captures the essence of an era of change, where prevailing orthodoxies are overthrown.

We think of the 60’s and the hippies and Woodstock and the ushering in of the age of Cultural Marxism – hence those intro lyrics.

Well, something revolutionary is going on, and somehow Kanye West – the man who is married to some Kardashian – is an unlikely revolutionary in an unlikely revolution.

Simply put, he has broken out of his mental prison, reactivated his Twitter account and literally incited the downtrodden African Americans to a revolution. A revolution he may well lead, wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

I urge you all to follow this topic – it’s going to be fascinating.

As an intro – have a listen to his recently released track Ye vs The People:

Check out his Twitter feed:

Have a listen to this fascinating commentary from Scott Adams of Dilbert fame:

Basically, Kanye is being simultaneously threatened and talked down by his fellow rappers and African Americans. He addresses this to an extent in his song lyrics:

  • He is leading through love not hate
  • He is urging African Americans to break free from their mental prisons – and actually think for themselves
  • He retorts that should he just rap about drugs, shooting and buying luxury brands because he is rich (which is what they want him to do, which is the mental prison from which he is escaping)

This guy just might be the next president – hopefully 2025 and not 2021.

Unlikelier things have happened, so tune in and watch the seismic waves of this ripple out and change reality.

Watch this space.

Photo by rodrigoferrari

  • thegentlemantroll

    Welcome to the Sanity Express Kanye, there’s still plenty of vacant seats

  • Craig

    The greatest impediment are the people you are actively trying to convert, have an average IQ of 85. IQ 85 will take the flow of least resistance.

    Most of them probably don’t even vote. Even the mighty propaganda machine of the MSM, and the silencing of the alt-right over social media will not change this outcome. Even with king Kayne waving his dick in the wind.

    Of course reality is what you want to make believe it can be.

    Make Believe America Great Again.

    Demoralization of the enemy. Showing the path to build the wall, deportation of illegal aliens, before the 2020 election, is the only way. If the base is not rewarded, then it will not hold, the 2018 midterms will reflect this outcome. The voting base that put Trump in power has been betrayed.

    Other wise keep enjoying the decline.

    Watch the Han monolithic empire rise, guided by the hand of the Orthodox Russians. Maybe that is why Israel has been passing on all those patented military secrets to China and Russia, our greatest ally in the middle east sees where the fate of nations is heading.

    Post western civilization is headed to the dust bin of current South Africa.

  • Fokker TISM

    Why should I support some rapper who married one of the biggest sluts in the world (her sex tape inspired him to marry her) just because he shares political views with us?

    This is probably a publicity stunt to promote his new album, just like the “Kid Rock for Senate” thing was.